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nothing won out. Soggy Souls Float so many possibilities unblurred by unfaithful hope.
I am Asra
Fay needs like a body needs sins all the needs for prdence, honesty, perserverence, gluttony, lust, modest, sins
Oride of back-handed compliments
What if front-handed insults aren`t
The only problem is none. Asra lived. He watched life and found nothing good about it, but he enjoyed it.
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1. Discovering New Magical:
 What story is starting to form in your heart?
       Patient, hopeful, wild despair. You want a character who gives up, but what does he really give up?        
       Desperate, happy, a character whon gives up and goes blankly into life with magic in their heart.        
       Take the world in your hands, Nothing can stop you, moon you adapt to uneven ground and Take the smoothest Course Surprised        
       Confused, Ready for Help and Patiently Being Impatient in a Hopeless Hopeful way. Love Marooned, trapped, in Lifesaving Hedonistic Hope.        
       Determined, upset about something, Desperately Trying to Find a Something Nothing. You Cling to Fun Things Caringly.        
       Twisted into Real What? You know exactly what you are doing and are lost. You care but it feels normal to hurt people like the pain of the pain through apathy and retreated hope pulp.        
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