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Today, 15th of August is celebrated as Independence Day in India. To remember the brave deeds of the soldiers and the martrys, this is a tribute.

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1. Games:
 Which country discovered games like 'snake and ladder' and 'chess'?
2. Olympics:
 In men's javelin throw, Tokyo Olympic 2021, who won the Gold medal?
       Neeraj Chopra        
       Pankaj Chopra        
       Russel Singh        
       Ravi Kumar        
3. Google:
 The C.E.O. of Google is an Indian. What's his name?
       Kailash singh        
       Indira Nooyi        
       Sundar Pichai        
       Kamala Harris        
4. President:
 Who was India's first president?
       Dr. Rajendra Prasad        
       C. Rajagopalachari        
       Narendra Modi        
       Dadabhai Naoroji        
5. Language:
 According to its constitution, how many languages are spoken in India?
6. Democracy:
 Which is the largest democracy in the world?
       Hong Kong        
       United Kingdom        
7. Mathematics:
 The approximate value of pi was discovered by an Indian mathematician who also discovered 0 (zero). Can you guess the name?
       C.V. Raman        
8. Political:
 Who is the current President of India?
       Shri Narendra Modi        
       Atal Bihari Bajpayee        
       APJ Abdul Kalam        
       Ram Nath Kovind        
9. Geography:
 India has variety of natural features that's why it is regarded as 'Indian Subcontinent'. It is the only country having an ocean named after it. Can you tell that ocean?
       Asia Ocean        
       Pacific Ocean        
       Indian Ocean        
       Artic Ocean        
10. Independence:
 When did India get its independence from British Rule?
       26 January, 1946        
       15 August, 1947        
       26 January, 1947        
       15 August, 1946        
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