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Block Content by Content Rating

The Writing.Com Content Blocker provides members with a means to help reduce the possibility of accidentally viewing inappropriate material. The blocker can be set to exclude any level of content from being viewed.

Please remember: The Content Blocker is not a substitute for the adult supervision required by children surfing an internet web site! We make a sincere effort to ensure all content has the correct content rating, however, we make no guarantees that all content is rated accurately.

Block Items By Their Content Rating:

A passcode must be set in order to use the Content Blocker. The Blocking Passcode is required anytime the Content Blocker's level is changed. The Passcode will also be required to override the Content Blocker on any individual item.

Please choose a numeric passcode between 4 and 8 digits in length. Passcode may not start with a zero.

Blocking Passcode:
Confirm Blocking Passcode:
If this passcode is forgotten, it can not be recovered.
Please don't forget it!
Confirmation And Additional Information

You certify that you are of proper age and/or have received proper consent from a parent or legal guardian to view content classified by rating you have chosen. The action of changing your content blocker will be logged along with the time and your IP address.

Parents and guardians are warned, advised and should understand that this content blocker is not intended to be and should not be considered a substitute for parental supervision. Writing.Com strongly urges parents and guardians to monitor their child's use of this (and any other) internet destination at all times.

To confirm that you have read, understand and agree to the above, please enter your IP address into the box below:

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Please Note: Since you are not logged into a Writing.Com account, this rating filter will only be set for this one session (or visit) to Writing.Com. If you leave Writing.Com or are inactive for a long period of time, your rating filter may no longer work. If you wish to set a permanent rating filter, you can signup for a FREE Writing.Com account by clicking here.

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