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Welcome Gift Certificate Holders!

You have an exclusive pass to the shop in its final hours of operation!

I hope you find a signature to call your own. Remember, when you order your new signature, the cost of the sig will be deducted from your WDC GP account. I will reimburse you when I send you the personalized sig, attached to the email.

Your GC is valid until 11:59 p.m. WDC time on January 31, 2010. If you have not used your GC to purchase one of the sigs listed on the Awesome Signatures page by then, I will forward you GPs in the amount of your GC.

Thank you so much for all the support you've shown me with your sig and banner orders! I appreciate the business more than you know!!

Happy Writing!

Nicki D-Zigns has expanded! This fabulous new department store has something for all your imaging needs. Let me explain how to browse and order, and you'll be on your way!
How To Navigate This Shop

The types of images available are organized into "departments" of this virtual store. Look at the left margin. Do you see "Shop By Category"? Among the choices under this heading are: Banners, C-Notes, Gift Certificates, Signatures, and Text Only Signatures.

Click on a category and a new page will open. (Sorry, the music doesn't follow *Frown*). You'll find a colored box with important information for that page, and below you'll find the selections for sale. Want to see an image bigger? Click on it and a new window opens. (Ordering information will be to the right of the image.) Want to see it BIGGER? Click on it again and a pop-up window opens with a large, gorgeous version of the image.

What You'll Find in the Left Margin Under "Shop By Category."

I love the yin yang duality of life. My signatures embrace light and dark, earthbound reality and other-worldliness, masculine and feminine. You'll find everything from 3-D digital art to clip art. Signature themes you may find include fairies, angels, motorcycles, wildlife, hobbies, etc. Some images are sultry, others are playful. All are gorgeous!

Brand New! These banner templates can be used for contests, activities, portfolio folders or static items such as poems, stories, campfires, etc. I use your image and message ideas and work them into the template for a fabulous, 100% customized banner. The examples I've provided with each template will inspire you, and help you see how incredibly flexible they are!

C-Note shop owners, these are for you! Have you been thinking about updating the c-notes in your shop? Would you like to add variety to enhance what you already have? Perhaps you'd like to set up a new shop as a prize to donate in a fundraising auction? This is your one-stop shop for brand new c-notes for every occasion.

Sometimes all you really need is a signature or banner without an image. I have a large variety of fonts and colors, with the option of background color or imagery to set off your message. These are great for portfolio banners and elegant signatures.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/shop/item_id/1548186-Nicki-D-Zigns-SigBanner-Shop-CLOSED