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This is a new word called "Math-equation (Me)" and its definition.
The word Math-equation(Me) is not found in any popular standard dictionary; it’s not listed as a word.  We can find and define the word “math” and the word “equation,” but not the word  Math-equation. 

Now before I give you the definition what the word Math-equation means of this new word entry; let’s look at those two words that are already posted in the dictionaries and see how those words are defined.  We will start with the word “math;” which will refer us to the word “mathematics.”  I will use Merrian-Webster Dictionary as my reference point.

Mathematics: 1. the science of numbers and their operations, interrelations, combinations, generalizations, and abstractions and of space configurations and their structure, measurement, transformations, and generalizations. 

Equation: 1. the act or process of equating (to make equal).

The word math and equation goes together in the world of mathematic; both compliment each other; but when both terms are used together it usually referred to a particular math problem. 

For example, what is the Math equation of 2+2, or some other mathematical subject matter is how it is usually addressed.  How is gravity created, would be a physics math equation, would be another example of how these combination of words are used.

On the other hand, put both of them as a single word; the meaning becomes much more powerful and meaningful.  Here is how I defined this new word called Math-equation.

Math-equation (Me): is a specific and precise calculation(s) of anyone or anything that represents a balance between two equal parts (mental & physical) from its beginning to its ending without error.

Of course this could be defined even further by showing you the thirteen (13) “Characteristic Principles” in which I discovered Math-equations are governed by; that would give you an insightful look on how they operate.  They go as followed: 

Principle One: “Math-equations” are specific and precise calculations; they can never change their original calculations or character no matter how many Existences It (Math-equations) exist in.  H2O is one part Hydrogen and two parts Oxygen, a bee is a bee, twelve inches is twelve inches, a flower is a flower, and 2 + 2=4 is 2 + 2=4; Math-equations “are” what they “are” without diversion.  Math-equations can measure up to anything and everything specifically and precisely without error; they are specific and precise in their calculations.

Principle Two: “Math-equations” must have a beginning and ending to them in order for them to exist.  It doesn’t matter what it is or who it is; any Math-equation must have a starting point and a finishing point.  For example; 2 + 2 is a beginning of a “Math equation,” and = 4 is the ending of that “Math equation.”  So two and two logically matches four, and four logically confirms that two and another two add up to four.  All Math-equations haves a beginning and ending to them.

Principle Three: “Math-Equations” are “structure oriented;” their purpose is to bring design structure to things, thoughts, and actions.  Everything in our existence is structured-based; if we had the knowledge and technology we could measure and calculate everyone and everything in our existence. 

Whether you just making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or someone got caught-up in some kind of bad situation, or a person is building an office, or some great “God” wanted to create a universe; all must be done by instilling different and various Math-equations; whether they are physically manifested or not.  Infinity, eternity, or forever are NOT Math-equations and does not have structure to them.  Math-equations are the only thing that can manifest itself in a physical or mental form of structure.

Principle Four: “Math-equations” are balanced calculated. The beginning of a Math-equation will always lead to its ending; and the ending of a Math-equation can always lead to its beginning.  Even when things that would seem off-balanced to us; would be considered a balanced calculated Math-equation in the true mathematical nature of things; even chaos is just organized confusion in action.  Math-equations are balanced in their calculations.

Principle Five: “Math-equations” are omnipresence; they are present everywhere in our existence.  A man in Japan can walk “twenty-five steps (Math-equation)” on a dirt road; and the same “twenty-five steps” can be duplicated with a different man in Mexico. If a black woman “sneezes (Math-equation)” in New York, the same Math-equation for a “sneeze” will apply to a child in Greenland as well.  2 + 2=4 is just as present and relevant in Russia, China, Germany, Iraq, Canada, Brazil, and Africa; as it is in the United States.  We don’t have to pack-up the Math-equation of 2+2=4 into a suitcase to take it oversea in order for it to exist. Math-equations are present anytime and anywhere there is any kind of an Existence.

Principle Six: “Math-equations” has longevity; they exist from the very beginning of something to the very ending of something.  For instance, 2+2=4 is just as present and powerful today as it would be 3 billion years ago; it just that three-billion years ago humanity didn’t exist in order to be able to apply the intelligence to manifest such an arithmetic problem.  Human beings live and die every day; but the numeric time and dated calendar’s math-equations still moves on without stopping.  Math-equations can go the distance with anything and anyone; and could repeat itself if it wanted to.       

NOTE: don’t confuse “longevity” with infinity or eternity.

Principle Seven: “Math-equations” are NEVER “created” and can only be “discovered.”  Math-equations have always existence within an Existence because they were used to create the Existence; they have no Master because they rule all Masters.  Nothing is more powerful than “Math-equations.” 

When Colonel Sanders created his 11 herbs and spices for his chicken recipe, in actuality he really only “discovered” those eleven special ingredients (Math-equations), because those specific calculations existence before the Colonel were even born.  A man in London could have easy been made to come up with those special eleven instead of a man from Kentucky. 

We use the word “create” as human beings because it adds a personal bond to the creator (discoverer) and its creation (the discovered).  Einstein didn’t have to be the person to discover the Math-equation E=mc2; a polish man named Bazyli could have been dealt the honors.  All Math-equations are always discovered and never created.

Principle Eight: “Math-equations” are not “living forms;” they can exist without needing an operational process. The mental aspect of 2+2=4 is always there whether we are thinking about it or not; it doesn’t need anything in order to be 2+2=4; unlike animals where they need air to breathe.  Math-equations are not living entities; they are just forms of calculations. 

Principle Nine: “Math-equations” by themselves has no emotions are physical traits to them; but they govern everything within the Existence that displays such traits.  “Math equations” don’t care if your mother died, or your brother fell in love, or your cousin broke her leg, or your uncle got robbed, or your dad won the lottery; “Math-equations” has no feelings or physical traits that it relates to.  Math-equations are unaffected by feelings or physical actions. 

Principle Ten: “Math-equations” cannot lie or misrepresent itself; Math-equations are true to their precise and specific calculations.  2+2 could never equal 5 no matter how many times you do it or for how long you do it for; 2+2=4 and that just the way it is.  The only thing that could misrepresent or lie about a Math-equation is “mind-consciousness;” and even that would be for a calculated purpose.  Math-equations can never lie or misrepresent its self.

Principle Eleven: “Math-equations” are "present" in every entity, thing, action, emotion, thought, and physical description of everything that exists in an Existence; nothing can survive without some specific Math-equation attached to it.  From a person yawning to a bird flying; from a chemistry concoction to a signal light, there is a specific “Math equation” for every action, thought, purpose, or feeling that any entity (living or non-living) use to exist. Math-equations are present in everything that goes on in an Existence.

Principle Twelve: “Math-equations” govern everything that is in an Existence; Math-equations are the blueprint, the law, or the rules-of-the-road to everything that is manifested and operates in an Existence.  It don’t make no different if you are going to make a crusty apple pie, a steel Cass for some mechanical gear, running for political office, or making an atom bomb; Math-equations are the calculation behind everything that exist.  Math-equations govern everything.

Principle Thirteen: “Math-equations” cannot manifest themselves.  In order for Math-equations to become present or valid, Math-equations need a “conscience mind” to put “It” in order and to bring It into existence.  It (Math-equation) can’t make itself into a tree; It (Math-equation) can’t make itself into a car, It (Math-equation) can’t make itself into a human running in a park, and It (Math-equation) can’t make itself into a written law; Math-equations must have some sort of “conscience vehicle” to carry out these calculated functions.  Math-equations cannot manifest themselves.

Here is an overall view of the 13 Characteristic Principles of Math-equations (Me) in their short form.
1. Math-equations are specific and precise calculations

2. Math-equations has a beginning and ending to them

3. Math-equations are structure oriented

4. Math-equations are balanced calculated

5. Math-equations are omnipresence

6. Math-equations have longevity to them

7. Math-equations cannot be created

8. Math-equations are not living forms

9. Math-equations haves no emotions or physical traits

10. Math-equations cannot lie or misrepresent its self

11. Math-equations are "present" in every action, emotion, thought, physical description of everything that exist in an Existence

12. Math-equations governs everything in an Existence

13. Math-equations cannot manifest its self

Here are a few examples of Math-equations within our existence.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917 at a precise time and he died on November 22, 1963 at a precise time. 

Although in the actual math calculations he was conceived around nine months or so before his May 29th birth date, but we only calculate the birth day.  Here would be John F. Kennedy’s “lifecycle” Math-equation; from August 1916 to November 22, 1963 would be when JFK existed.

Here’s another, there is sixty (60) seconds in a minute and there are sixty (60) minutes in an hour.

Last one, McDonald serves its breakfast menu from seven (7) a.m. to ten-thirty (10:30) a.m.

Notice that all of the above “Math-equations” has a beginning and an ending in their description. 

There are myriad of “Math-equations” that exist and operate in our existence.


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