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Short stories I wrote for my fiancee.
Part One
Last night I had a dream, it wasn't a normal dream, with friendly elves, or the occasional enemy, it was a dream of passion, of love, of desire. It started out we, you and I, were barefoot in the center of a meadow. It was a lush green grass damp with the morning dew, and it was just the beginning of sunrise. I was clothed in a sleeveless black silk dress, that seemed to melt to every curve. You were wearing white pants, made out of the softest of leathers. Each of us was full of passion each for the other as if Aphrodite herself had touched us with her passion. It was as if we were on fire, heat flowed from us, and burned anything that happened to be in arms reach. We laid in the lushness of the earth, and the passion burned. A layer of sweat seemed to coat us, as if it could stop the heat from burning each other. When we touched, you pulled me to you, and the slightest touch of my body against yours, burned away the silk. We kissed, and it literally seemed as if we traded fires, yours a burning red, mine a flaming orange. Slowly, almost mercilessly, I trailed my fingers down your chest, slowly, down to the softest of leather to the blood that pounded underneath. Slowly, very slowly, I pulled them off, letting my fingernails lightly scrape your thighs as I did. When they were off I threw them to the side to be burned in the fire of our passion. Lightly, very lightly, and oh, so slowly, I trailed my tongue up your calves, tasting the barest hint of your sweat, lightly over your knees, and slower over your thighs tasting just a little more as I trail ever upward. Slowly, I slide my tongue upward until I reach the center of your passion, and taste barely the tip. Slowly I slide my tongue along the length, gently sliding from side to side. I do this slowly, the tasting, the licking for several seconds that seem like minutes on end, before I slip it into my mouth. I swirl my tongue in circles, gently teasing, gently licking low to high, and high to low, slowly darting my tongue until I taste the salty flavor of your pleasure.

Part Two

I had another dream last night. We were on the beach, and the sun was just rising. The sand was a brilliant gold, and the water seemed to shimmer from the light of the sun. We lay in the cool sand, you next to me, and I next to you, and the only thing covering us was the suns brilliant light. Neither one of us wanted to move. We lay next to each other for hours, and the sun never changed. Eventually though, my dream switched, and we were no longer on the beach. We were in the middle of a depthless crystal clear lake. There was water on all sides, and we didn't care. We were simply focused on each other. We would kiss, and the smallest of air bubbles would rise endlessly upward. We still wore nothing, yet it seemed as natural as if we were fully clothed in the middle of town. But, we were there. You and I. You floated before me, barely moving. I stared. I could not speak in the water, so I tried to tell you in my touch of my love. I touched your cheek, and slid my hand down to your chest, leaning forward to kiss your lips allowing another bubble to escape from mine. I smiled at you, and it was as if I knew peace, something, I had only ever felt once before, I kissed you again, and slowly trailed feather-light kisses downward. Slowly I went downward, and told you through touch, exactly how much I loved you, until I felt you had felt the love Aphrodite herself could have shown if she were in my place.

Part Three

I had another dream, yes, yes, I know what you're going to say. Why so many dreams, why every night? I don't know why, I don't question why, I simply enjoy. This time, we were flying. It was a pure blue sky. I wore a simple white silk dress, and you wore simple white doeskin pants. We seemed to be laying in the sky, the wind blowing us whichever way it may. My hair swirled around my face as if little angels were flying by causing gusts of wind. We were happy. We paid no attention to anything around us, there was only you and I. I couldn't stop looking at you, and you couldn't stop touching me. You slid your hand up and down the front of my dress, every movement teasing. Yet you still moved your hand slowly cupping my breasts, swirling your fingertips until you saw my nipples harden in arousal. Constantly though, you stared into my eyes smiling a soft smile. Seconds passed and you continued, swirling and sliding, sliding and swirling, until one gust of wind made my dress flutter upwards. When it did, you slipped your hand under my dress, and slowly up my thigh. Just barely, you trailed your fingertips upward, until you reached my hidden treasures, and slowly, entertainingly, slipped your fingers inside, being sure to stare into my eyes. Slowly, you slid your fingers up and down very carefully and very slowly teasing me. When I couldn't stand it anymore, I reached down towards you, and slid my hand into your pants to tease the warmth that was there.

Part Four

Do you sometimes wonder why I have so many dreams? So many dreams filled with love, lust, and desire? Well I can tell you why. It's because my days are filled with more passion than my nights. Each dream is just a small representation of my day. Of our passion, of our wild entertainment. You want an example? Well I'll just use yesterday, or perhaps this morning, either way, my point would be adequately proven.
We were in the bedroom. You were standing at the foot of our four-poster bed, I was kneeling at the center, and we were both naked. I smiled at you, and slowly moved forward to reach out and grab the full length of your desire, and gently begin to tease my tongue along the length of it. Gently, very slowly, very gently, I trailed my tongue around and around slowly tasting, slowly sliding. Slowly I started sucking, sliding from top to bottom, and bottom to top. Tasting, licking, as if you were a tootsie roll pop and I was trying to find the center. Slowly I sucked, slowly I licked, sliding my tonge around barely touching as if by feather touch. Slowly I continued, barely touching, carefully sucking, teasing your tip, until I was satisfied you had reached your height of pleasure.

Part Five

Hello. I had another dream last night. This one was new, unlike any other dream I've had so far. It was actually very intriguing. The first thing I remember in my dream, is chocolate. My husband and I were sitting on a luscious red carpet in our living room and I was wearing a mid-thigh spaghetti strap red dress. There were candles all over the room. They were lined up along the mantle, scattered over the coffee table, and placed on every available surface in the room. They were all an ivory color, and no matter how long they burned, the wax never melted. They were perfect. He and I sat by the coffee table where he had set up an elaborate arrangement of rose petals and heart shaped boxes of chocolates. Each one, we went through tasting the various chocolates, and feeding them to each other when we came across the other's favorite. We did all this in silence, and I just kept staring at my husband. His face just seemed to glow from within. Perhaps it was love, perhaps lust, or even just the light from the candles causing my small hallucination. Anyway, this went on for several minutes, until finally we began to kiss. We kissed slowly at first savoring every taste of chocolate that we could gleam from the other's lips, until finally we couldn't stand it anymore, and stood making our way to the bedroom, never parting our lips from each other until we reached the bed. There I saw to my surprise and delight, he had set up the bedroom as well. The room was lit only by flickering candles, the same ivory color, on the window sill, and along the headboard of the bed. On the bed though, was the true surprise. He had set up what appeared to be a giant mesh spiderweb to which was attached four sets of handcuffs. Willingly, I slid onto the bed, and allowed him to cuff me to the web. One set for each hand, and one set for each ankle until I was lying spread eagle on the bed. When he was done restraining me, he began to undress, first his shirt, then his belt, and then his pants, until he was completely nude. Then apparently satisfied at my position, but not at my still wearing my dress. So he grabbed the top of the dress barely allowing his fingers to slip underneath, and ripped it down the middle. So there I was, I had no bra, and only the thinnest of a black sild underwear on underneath, and he was completely happy. He leaned forward, and slowly began to kiss me from the topmost curve of my breasts down, until he reached silk which he slowly tore in two, still slowly kissing, licking, tasting. Happy, he removed my torn clothing, and kissed me on the lips. As he kissed, and made his way back downward, he slowly reached his fingers in, sliding them in and out, glad to be teasing me. When I closed my eyes though, he pulled his fingers out, and slid himself in, and I opened my eyes again staring into his, as he slowly teased me, going all the way in, and then pulling himself almost all the way out until I couldn't stand it anymore, and asked him to please stay inside. So he did, sliding back and forth, sliding, extending our pleasures and emotions to the breaking point.....

Part Six

I know, I know, you believe I am going to say I had another dream last night or the night before, but no, this time it happened. I understand how you would think I am overly interested in sex, but who can pass up a good thing? I certainly wouldn't if it were offered especially by the one person I love above all others. So if you must think so yes and no I am addicted to sex if being addicted means wanting to make love to the person I love most almost every time I see them. Well anyway, I'm here to tell you what happened, and not explain myself so here goes. It was yesterday afternoon, and I had just gotten off of work, and went to lie on the bed for a nap. I was hot, so I took off my clothes, laid down on the bed, and fell asleep. Don't be mistaken yes, I had a dream, but no I was not dreaming when I woke up. I had been dreaming of us together again an office, but what I woke up to, was being tied face down and spread eagle on the bed with a blindfold on, and a gag in my mouth. There was no sound in the room but the soft thwacking of a flogger being lightly slapped on my back and rear. If it were not for the fact of knowing my husband well, I could very well have thought someone broke into the house while I was asleep. So, I lay there quiet and still, waiting as he slapped my rear and back with the flogger gradually hitting me harder and harder, and as he did, I got more and more aroused, and started squirming a little in the bonds. He continued for several more minutes until he believed I was virtually on the breaking point, when he moved upward, and I felt his shaft just barely enter me slowly, and then slide out, to slowly rub it up and down over the opening teasing me more and more until I was on the breaking point, when he slowly entered again, a little more this time, then out again, then slowly in, and then out, then slowly a little more, then out, then slowly he slid in again, and out again with agonizing slowness until I finally coudn't stand it anymore, and flung myself backwards as much as I possibly could to cause him to enter completely filling me up inside, with pleasure and desire. We then went on a wild tide of passion speeding up to the point of explosion, and slowing down to the point of orgasm, and speeding up again. This continued for some time until we were both exhausted. He untied me then, and pulled off the blindfold, pulling the blanket over us, as we lay in each other's arms exhausted, and seeking sleep.

Part Seven

Hello, here I am again. I know you expect me to say I had a dream last night, but no, this was not a dream, and I am glad of it. I enjoyed it very much, too much for it to just be a dream. So, I suppose I better tell you what happened now, after all, that is what I came here for. It started out in the bedroom. My husband and I were both on the bed, naked and fully aroused. I was tied face down onto the mesh spiderweb, and he was on top of me holding a thick leather flogger in his hand, and a leather collar in his other. Slowly he began to hit me with the flogger, soft at first, then gradually harder, and harder, and gradually harder until my back was covered with thick red welts and I was squirming in my bonds. When he was done with my back, he started on my butt. Slowly he hit me with the flogger, softer than when he hit my back, gradually hitting me harder and harder until I couldn't stand it anymore, and was squirming in my bonds anxious for him to let me up. Satisfied with his work, he untied me, and turned me around to face him so I was sitting on the bed, and extremely excited.
"What to you want me to do?" he asked me, knowing full well exactly what I wanted him to do. I didn't answer.
"I said, what do you want me to do?" he said, and lightly hit my breasts with the flogger and I flinched.
"Make love to me." I told him, and again, he hit my breasts with the flogger.
"Make love to me what?" he asked.
"Make love to me my lord." I said, and he smiled.
"Yes, that's better." he said, and took the collar putting it around my neck and locking it in the back. It was a leather collar, about two inches wide, and it had a loop on the front, and the lock to which he had the key, on the back.
"Now, come here." he said, and he slid backwards off of the bed pulling me with him, to where we were standing together, close enough for me to feel his phallus, brushing up against me.
"Down." he said, and pushed lightly on my shoulders, forcing me down in front of him.
"Now what do I want?" he asked, and I didn't answer, I just began. I trailed my lips over his tip, and down the sides, flicking my tongue out until I reached the base of his shaft, and slowly began to lick it as I made my way backwards to his tip. As I did, I brought my hand up, and began to gently stroke his balls. Slowly, I slid the tip of his shaft into my mouth, and swirled my tongue around it, until I heard him moan. Slowly I went up and down his shaft, sucking, and teasing, alternately flicking my tongue and swirling it around him. Slowly this continued, until he grabbed my collar, and began to pull me forward in the speed he desired, and I matched, licking, and sucking, satisfying his desires until he exploded, and I tasted the fruits of my doing.

Part Eight

Hello again. These meetings are beginning to be a regular thing. Anyway, I didn't come here to discuss our previous meetings, I came here to discuss my latest dream. I liked it, and in many ways wish it really happened. It started out simple. My husband and I were in a house I had never seen before. It was a small house, and we were in the living room. I was kneeling in the center of the room, on the bare wooden floor. Around my neck was a bright red leather collar, and leading from it was a thick leash attached to a post only four feet away, barely long enough for me to stand. In front of me stood my husband, naked as well, his penis erect and just barely touching my lips. Slowly though, it developed from him barely touching. He grabbed the back of my head, entwining his fingers in my hair, and pulled me forward. I had no choice, but to open my mouth and allow him entrance.
"You know what I want." he said, and pulled my head forward more. Slowly I began the task assigned to me. Carefully, I teased my tongue down his manhood, slowly flicking it from side to side, and swirling it around alternating sucking and licking, licking and sucking. Slowly I slid his shaft into my mouth, sucking, and slowly I pulled back, and slowly I slid forward again, continuing, and gradually moving faster as I felt his desire mount, slowly slipping my tongue around him, and pulling back to tease the tip, flicking my tongue over it until he moaned and pulled me forward, forcing the whole of him into my mouth as I continued. I licked, and I sucked slowly, and then matching his speed as the agonizing slowness began to be too much for him to take and he took control, pulling me forward, and sliding me back, my lips constantly around him, and my tongue constantly at work, until I felt the tide of his passion, and he released me, slowly sliding out of my mouth. I swallowed, and darted my tongue out of my mouth taking in the last of his passion. His desire temporarily abated, he pulled me up, and unchained me, leading me over to the wall, where there were manacles attached to the wall. He released his hold on my collar, and manacled me spread eagle to the wall, taking up the leather flogger from a table beside him. Slowly, he paced in front of me, back and forth, occasionally flicking the flogger at me, striking me in the breasts, stomach, or legs. Each time he hit it was harder than the last, and each time he hit, he got more excited, transferring his desire into every blow, determined to get what he wanted.
"Tell me. You know what I want you to say." He said, and as I refused, he continued to strike me, each time it hit, it hurt more, and he continued, hitting where he'd already hit, causing me double the pain.
"You know what I want. Just tell me, and I'll stop." He said knowing the desire he'd created in me, and I looked at him, and gave a small smile.
"No, my lord." I told him, and he continued with the flogger, and each time he hit again would be soft at first, then harder, until my stomach, and legs, and breasts were nearly covered in welts, and he stopped.
"Tell me your signale." He said, coming closer to me, until his shaft was teasing my opening, and I couldn't stand the desire anymore.
"Hyacinthe." I said, and he smiled with victory, and sheathed himself in me as deep as he could, and I sighed filled with him, he then slid himself out, and back in, then out, and in, slowly at first, then faster as our desire mounted he slid in and out, and even if we had wanted to stop, I don't think we could have. When our passion was exhausted, and our desire abated, I fell asleep and he unhooked me from the wall, and carried me to the bedroom, where we lay with his arms around me as I slept, until he fell asleep as well.

This was written to my fiance, so it will be more like I am writing it directly to him...

We are at home in the bedroom. I am naked kneeling before you as you sit in your computer chair, and hold out a pink deck of cards, spread and the faces down. My hand is hovering over the deck, trying to choose the best possible reward. You smile at me, knowing the excitement I feel, knowing that I may get out of the rules for the next day, or that I may get a flogging like you’re hoping, and knowing that either way, I would be happy.
“Well slave, are you going to choose your card?” you ask me, and I smile, biting my lip, and finally pull a card from the deck. I don’t look at as you put away the other cards, because if I look at it before you give your permission, I may earn a punishment instead of a reward. So I sit there silently, my impatience growing, as well as your humor. You make me wait there kneeling for several minutes, holding the card in front of me, while you smile at me. Finally though, you relent and take the card from me, allowing me to replace my hand on my bare thigh.
“You have earned a reward today slave. Your master is very proud. As an added bonus to this reward, you may feed yourself tonight.” You say, and I smile.
“Thank you master…Your slave is very grateful for the extra reward.” I say, and you smile, finally turning over the card to look at what it says.
“9h- Take a bubble bath and pick out pajamas for bed, loose pajamas!” You say, and I smile even wider.
Forgetting myself, I stood, and hugged you, almost immediately realizing you hadn’t given me permission, and that I was going to earn a punishment, and almost definitely lose the reward I had just earned.
“Well slave,” you say grinning, “it looks like you will be picking a punishment as well…”
“Yes Master.” I say, all my happiness at earning a reward suddenly gone, and only disappointment at having a punishment remains. Still grinning, you move silently forward, and hold the rewards deck out to me.
“Go get the punishments deck slave.” You tell me, and I reluctantly take the deck from you, silently standing and retrieving the punishment deck and leaving the rewards deck behind on your dresser. I made my way back to you, and kneeled in front of you, knowing that one small incident could cause me to get a drastic punishment, and that there was nothing in any way, I could do about it.
“Give me the deck slave.” You say, your grin gone, and only a disappointed look on your face, as if you too would have been happier with me getting a reward. You shuffle the deck slowly, almost seeming to regret having to give me a punishment. When you’re finished shuffling, you hold the deck out to me, and I wait for you to give your permission before I move.
“You may choose your fate slave.” You tell me, and I slowly reach forward, and take a card, holding it still in front of me. I don’t move as you put the rest of the deck on the desk next to you. I simply wait, my hand holding the card in front of me, waiting for you to take it and reveal to me my punishment. Finally though, you reach forward, and take the card from me, not looking at it, only holding it for several seconds. Eventually though, you look, and read to me what the card is.
“3c- Stand in the corner until Master says otherwise.” you tell me, and I close my eyes, knowing that basically what the card says, is for me to stand in the corner, until I basically pee on myself. Possibly the worst out of all of the punishment cards. And the worst part of all was that I already had to go to the bathroom.
“Yes Master.” I say softly, my eyes still closed, and you put the card next to the deck on the desk. You don’t speak for several seconds, and I open my eyes thinking perhaps you may relent and allow me to choose a different punishment card, but the next words you say to me completely destroy my hopes.
“Well slave, go into the living room, and kneel waiting for me there. I will be in there momentarily.” You tell me, and I close my eyes for a second before responding.
“Yes Master.” I say to you, and obey your command, making my way to the living room, where I kneel silently beside the couch, knowing that in very little time, my punishment would begin. You come then several minutes later, and are no longer naked, but are wearing your favorite pair of blue jean shorts, faded from many times of being worn. You do not speak to me yet, but instead move to the couch, sitting, and picking up the day’s paper from the table in front of you. Finally though, you speak your tone a mixture of boredom and command.
“You know your punishment slave, now move.” You say to me, and nothing more. So I move quickly, knowing that the sooner I obey, the sooner my punishment will be over. I quietly and quickly assume the attend position in the corner, and wonder how long it will take before I finally end up not being able to hold it in any longer. So I wait. You sit behind me reading the paper as if you don’t even remember that I am in the room. I try to focus on something in the room; anything to keep me occupied, and find nothing. I stand there, and only a half hour of standing still, my neck and feet begin to hurt, and my legs are going to sleep from lack of movement. I resist the urge to move, knowing that even the slightest wiggle of a toe could cause you to increase my time of standing in the corner. I have to move, but I don’t, the urge to even just lift my feet for a few seconds almost overpowering. So, I stand, as an hour goes by, and I begin to realize that while I had to go to the bathroom earlier, I really have to go now. I allow several minutes to pass, the need to go to the bathroom getting stronger, and I start to clench my legs together, trying to resist. Knowing the true punishment, and the likelihood of you agreeing, I decide to ask you anyway.
“Master?” I say quietly, and you don’t answer, I hear only the rustling of the pages of the paper as you read. I wait a few minutes more, and close my eyes as the need to pee almost causes me to go on myself. I again try to get you to respond.
“Master?” I say louder, and I hear you stop moving the pages of the paper.
“What do you want slave?” you ask me, I open my eyes as I start to shake slightly.
“Master, may your slave please use the restroom Master?” I ask you quickly, my works coming out in a rush, almost as if I say anything else, I won’t be able to hold it in anymore, and I would pee all over myself, and the floor.
“No.” you say simply, and I again hear the rustling of the pages of the paper. I try not to move, but I start shaking more, and I silently cry as I feel a small trickle of pee slowly make its way down my left leg, warm and wet. I squeeze my legs closer together, trying to stop the flow of urine down my leg, but I only succeed in causing it to flow down both legs, instead of just one.
“Please Master!” I say quickly to you, and again the same answer.
“No.” you say, and more tears flow down my face as my bladder lets loose, and a river of urine flows down both legs, pooling at my feet. I can’t stop the flow, I can only wait until my bladder is empty for it to end, and so I close my eyes, tears falling, mixing with the puddle I stand in. Eventually though, my bladder is empty, and I quit squeezing my legs together, since I no longer have need to. I stand there in my own urine then, not moving, no longer caring about the pain in my feet, or neck, only feeling the wetness from the urine having flowed down my legs, and the pool of it I stood in. I stood there, the smell of urine strong, and overpowering, and I cried silently, hoping you wouldn’t notice, but knowing that for a fact you did. Finally though, I think maybe after half an hour, you spoke.
“Clean it up slave.” You say to me, and I moved slowly, lifting my feet out of the puddle one at a time, trying my best not to trail it to the closet as I got the mop. I mopped the floor then, still crying, bleaching it clean, and mopping it to a shimmer I cleaned it to where the only smell of urine came from me as I stood next to you, still naked, and still soaked in urine. After only a few minutes of being subjected to the smell of urine, you speak to me, this time your voice soft, and kind.
“Prepare yourself a bath slave, and when you’re done preparing it, you may get in, and clean yourself.” You tell me, and I did so, making it hot, and soapy. I climbed in as you sat in the living room, and scrubbed my legs until they were red. I sat there then, silently crying, my eyes closed and my arms wrapped around my legs. I felt then something soft on my back, and opened my eyes to see you sitting next to the tub, gently washing my back with a sponge…..

The story:
“Are you ready Pet?” you ask me, and I nod. You are standing before me naked holding one of the hobby knives firmly in your fingers with an excited look on your face. You look happy, yet also very determined.
“Yes Master. I am ready.” I said, and smile, ready for what has been denied me for so long, I am standing before you, immobile and cuffed to the door with your home made doorjamb kit.
“Good my Pet, I am looking forward to getting your signale.” You say, and step forward, closer to me. I shudder with excitement, and when I do, you grin as if pleased that I am looking forward to both the pleasure and pain you plan on inflicting.
Slowly you take the blade of the knife, and press it gently onto my left breast, just centimeters away from the nipple, I gasp as you cut a smooth straight line from there to the curve of my breast, and a thin layer blood seeps slowly from the cut. You smile and glance at me as if pleased, and I can see your penis stiffening.
“Do you wish to give your signale my pet?” you ask, and again I smile and shake my head.
“No Master, I am very stubborn.” I said, and you smiled as if glad to be able to continue with your exquisite torture. You continued then, pausing before deciding where next to go. In seconds you decided, and moved to my stomach, taking the now bloody knife and pressing it gently against my skin, hesitating before cutting a small line about two inches long. As you did so, I closed my eyes shuddering, both from pleasure and pain, glad to feel the blade of the knife parting my skin, and the smooth trickle of blood flow from the cut.
“Again I ask you my slave, do you wish to give your signale, or shall I continue..?” I hear you say to me, and I open my eyes to see your face.
“Master,” I whisper, “do with me as you wish. It is my honor to serve you as your slave, and be all that you wish me to be.”
“Very well slave, but I will get your signale before the night is over.” You say, and again move the knife this time to my right breast. You hesitate before cutting my skin, looking into my eyes, and smiling a small smile of satisfaction. I feel the cut, the sharp blade of the knife, the smooth straight line of pain inflicted by your touch, and I sigh closing my eyes again, at last in the company of someone who understands me perhaps better than I understand myself. You do not stop after this cut to ask me for my signale, but you continue, moving on to the top of my breast, and making a small incision there. We do not make a sound; we simply luxuriate in our roles as Master, and slave. You move the blade from place to place on my stomach and chest, not pausing, only continuing to make small incisions. Finally you pause, and look into my eyes.
“Slave, do you know what I wish to do to you?” you ask me, and I open my eyes to see you standing before me, fully aroused.
“No Master, I don’t know.” I told you, and you grinned.
“Good, now close your eyes slave and keep them closed until I tell you otherwise.” You say, and I do as my Master orders closing my eyes, and waiting for what is to come next. I feel nothing for several minutes, and am beginning to get nervous as I wait for what is to come. Finally I cannot stand the excitement any longer, and I open my eyes to see you standing before me still, the hobby knife gone, and something in your right hand that I can’t see.
“Slave! I told you to close your eyes and keep them closed. You have disobeyed, and that means you WILL be punished!” you bark at me, and I am suddenly tense. I think I know what is in your hand, and I do not want to know for sure what my punishment is to be.
“I will untie you slave, and you will immediately get in the down position. You will not move one centimeter after that until I tell you to. Is that understood!?” you ask me, almost seeming angry, and I nod.
“Yes Master.” I say, and as soon as you untie me, I hasten to get into position, trying not to move.
“Your slave apologizes for disobeying Master, and wishes to know her punishment.” I tell you, and you bark at me again.
“Did I tell you that you had permission to speak slave? I don’t recall doing so, so that will double whatever punishment you do receive. Now do not say one word until I tell you that you may, and do not make one sound.” You tell me angrily, and I see your feet as you walk away from me towards the foot of the bed.
“You will do only as I say, and now I say to go to the bed, and lean forward, stretching your arms as far to your sides, and spreading your legs as far apart as you can get them. Move.” You say, and I almost run to the bed anxious to keep my punishment as small as possible, especially because I think I know what it is going to be……

It’s late, and I sit at home waiting, a mead composition notebook in my lap a pen in my hand, and the lights dim around me. There is no sound, because my daughter is spending the night with my parents, her grandparents. I had cleaned the house earlier that day, and so it was spotless, but for the glass of iced tea sitting on the table before me. I wait writing in my slave journal as I wait for my master to come home. I know he will be pleased. I know I will probably get a reward, but I don’t know what kind. So I write about my day, and what I hope my reward will be in my journal. For several minutes I write, until at last I hear the sound of footsteps coming up the walkway to the porch. I quickly close my notebook, setting it and the pen neatly on the table. I stand just as you open the door, ready, and waiting in the attend position.
“Good evening my slave-wife. How are you tonight?” you ask me stepping forward, and closing the door behind you. You look tired, yet happy, and your tie is loosened.
“I’m okay Master. How was work?” I ask you, and you smile, stepping forward to kiss me gently on the cheek.
“Fine. Not great, but fine. Do you have my drink ready slave?” you ask me, and I reach down to the table, and hand you the tea just as you sit on the couch where I was sitting. We stay that way for several seconds… me standing beside you, and you sipping your tea, before you see my notebook and pen on the table before you.
“You can sit you know.” You say to me, and reach forward taking the notebook off of the table, and setting your tea down in place of it. So I do sit down next to you, laying my head in your lap, and watching as you open the notebook, and begin to read my latest entry. You read slowly, blinking every so often as your eyes water from lack of sleep, and I smile, knowing that if you are well enough pleased, you won’t be getting much more sleep tonight either. So I wait, lying there, taking your tie in my hands and looking at it. It’s one of my favorite ties that you have… a shower of silver McDonald’s french fries, a tie you could only get out of the store catalog. I stay looking at it for several minutes before finally realizing that you had finished reading my journal, and were simply watching me as I lay playing with your tie.
“So you think you’re going to get a reward do you? You’re that confident in your work today?” you ask me, and I grin, in fact knowing I have earned a reward.
“Yes Master, I am very confident. Terribly confident. Supremely confident.” I say smiling at you, not paying attention as you slip your hand under my skirt, until I feel your fingers just barely teasing at my openings.
“Very good slave… if you’re so confident, then let’s go check your work.” You say, and slip your fingers inside me before very quickly standing up exciting us both, and jolting me out of your lap.
“Not fair!” I say to you, and you smile, standing in front of me as I sit on the couch.
“I say what is fair, and what isn’t fair. And you simply obey. So slave, Attend!” You tell me, and I hasten to assume the position, until I am standing before you.
“Very good slave, now, you will go prepare my bath while I change clothes, and check your work. Move.” You say to me, and smack my behind as I make my way to the bathroom. I hear you drop my notebook on the table and make your way to the bedroom, but then my thoughts are distracted as I lay out your towel and run the bath water, testing it with my fingers to make sure it’s the warmth you taught me that you liked. When it’s ready, I turn, and make my way to the bedroom, where I see you lying naked on the bed as if asleep. Knowing your favorite way to be woken up, and knowing that you are in fact awake, I move forward, kneeling at the foot of the bed. I leaned forward, and slowly flick my tongue over the tip of your shaft. I slide my tongue around you, in circles, alternating sucking with licking, and licking with sucking. Slowly at first, and then faster as your passion, and shaft rises. When you’re fully aroused, I slide my mouth over the tip of your penis, and suck lightly, while with my hands, I stroke your balls, and the base of your shaft. Slowly, I slide more of you into my mouth until at last, you’re fully in my mouth, and I still suck and lick, and finally swallow, feeling you shake as you shoot into the back of my throat. Slowly, I slide you out of my mouth, licking and sucking you clean as I do so. Finished, I kneel at the foot of the bed, waiting for you to sit up, and take your bath.
“Very good slave. You have earned a reward. If not from your chores being completed to perfection, then from your exquisite talents.” I hear you say, and you sit up, facing me.
“Is my bath ready slave?” You ask me, and I glance up at you from my position.
“Yes Master, your bath is ready, and your towel is laid out by the tub for you. The water is exactly the temperature you prefer.” I say, and you smile, nodding.
“Good. I will go take my bath, and you will wait here while I do so. When I get out, you will be wearing nothing but your collar, your pink thong, and your pink tank top. If I see you wearing anything else, you will be punished. You will also have the rewards deck out and ready. Is that understood slave?”
“Yes Master, I understand very well.” I said, and you smiled, leaning forward.
“Good.” You told me, and stood, walking out of the room, and into the bathroom. As soon as you were gone, I changed from the outfit you had assigned me to wear that morning, my green peasant skirt, and black peasants blouse, with no underwear on underneath, into the outfit you had just ordered me to wear. Finished changing, I pull the small pink rewards deck from the top of your dresser, and set it on your computer desk. I lay on the bed then, listening to the small splashing of water as you take your bath, waiting for you to return to the bedroom for me to pick my reward. Soon though, I fall asleep, and the next thing I hear is your voice, and feel the pain of a switch across my back.
“Wake up slave. I didn’t give you permission to sleep.” I hear you say, and again feel the slap of the switch against my back. I slowly open my eyes to see you sitting in your computer chair at the foot of the bed the switch in one hand, and the rewards deck in your other. Immediately, I get into the kneeling position on the bed, apologetic for falling asleep.
“Master your slave begs forgiveness; she did not mean to fall asleep while you were in the bath. She accidentally fell asleep waiting for you.” I say to you, and you nod, as if accepting my apology.
“Very well slave. You did all of your chores today so you can have a little lax today. But now it is time to choose your reward.” You tell me, setting down the switch, and holding the deck spread out in front of you. Slowly I reach forward, cautious at picking my reward. I want a particular one, and I want to be sure to pick the one I think is it.
“Well slave, are you going to choose?” you ask me, and I finally take one, and hold it in front of me, not yet looking at it. You take the rest of the deck, and put it on the desk, and take the card I chose from me. You look at the card for several seconds, and a small smile forms on your face. You still do not show me the card.
“Master? Your slave requests you tell her what her reward is please…” I tell you and you smile wider.
“Very well slave. Your reward is the Queen of Diamonds. Which means, you win one day of no bondage, with the exception of a few rules.” You say to me, and I smile. I love being your slave, but occasionally I love being free of rules, being able to feed myself, sit where I want when I want, wear what I want, especially the bras you hate so much.
“Is my slave happy with her reward?” you ask me, and I nod, very happy. One day, I can tease you, and you can’t do too terribly much about it.
“Yes Master, your slave is very happy. Is my Master pleased?” I say to you, and you smile at me, putting the card on the desk with the others, and leaning back in the computer chair.
“Your Master is pleased with your chores being done well, which is why you got a reward in the first place.” You tell me, and then come forward, lying on the bed next to me, and pulling me down to lay next to you.
“Yes Master.” I say, and snuggle closer to you, warmed by your body next to mine.
“I love you Master…” I say, and we lay there silently for several minutes before we fall asleep in each other’s arms, sure to wake up later and play perhaps, several games…

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