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Describing the negative effects of television on the population of North America.
Negative Effects of Television

Television today has actually made many people very reliant on its content. The sponsors also pimp their commercials with sexual tones, even to sell gum. The negative aspects and effects of televison show the discourse and analyzation of a less than normalized life. Television has also become a babysitter for children as young as one year of age. Television has had an adverse effect on the daily lives of the greater population with sex drugs and immoralities.

How stimulating is it to just sit there with eyes glued to the television screen? It's not The brain and body need to keep active on a on going basis and in most cases this is not the fact. While watching television people have put off things to do such as paying bills, dishes, yard work, even going to the washroom for fear they will miss something and due to this people have become zombies where the televison is involved. Then there is the immoral explicit sex that airs on television. Why have X - rated movies when you can watch it on prime time? You see just about as much as you would see on an X - rated movie. Children are exposed to this type of programming and the fact is there are many parents that do not supervise or police the channels their children watch. The violence that is on televison today subjects children to a certain mind set. When something violent happens you can hear out of the mouths of babes, Wasn't that cool? or Awesome.

Another negative issue is the addictive hold it has on the viewer. The adverse affect of this addiction stems from having to have the television on just so someone can fall asleep, or it becomes background noise that has to be heard. Other signs of addiction is the habitual need to watch certain series or shows, such as day time soap operas or a continuing night time series. It also contributes to laziness and obesity to the point of ' becoming a couch potato ' in the literal sense, which also goes hand in hand with obesity. Eating in front of the television has become a ritual in most households across North America. If the person doesn't start to eat when they first sit down to watch television, a commercial about food will suggest they do and that is called the power of suggestion. Usually it is a commercial about fast foods which leads to obesity, lack of physical activity and an unhealthy body.

Finally there is escapism which also has a negative effect on some people that watch television wontedly. They want to escape from the real world and wish they could lead the lives of the characters, or wished they had the characters life. This can be taken as far as doing less of everything because the persons life is boring or uneventful for whatever reason. Doing less of everything isn't living and losing ones self is counterproductive and could lead to serious medical and mental health problems. Leading an unhealthy life due to television could also cause a potentially significant negative effect on ones life.

Television in itself has become extremely boring with its ridiculous slapstick comedies, copycat reality shows and movies. It shows the mind set of the viewers from immaturity to greed and power. It shows the mind set of the people producing the shows and movies as uncreative, status hungry, power hungry and money hungry.

In conclusion, television has control of people and their lives today, young and old. With the sponsors brainwashing the public and television dictating violence and immoralities, it is very difficult to have a normal and functional life. The care giver also needs to give the children more attention and mirror a healthy and productive life away from the television and the negative affects it has, so children will have a loving bond with the care giver instead of the television. I watch television also, but in very small doses. The population needs to find alterative activities for a healthy body, mind and soul for a more normalized life and leave television to an occasional hobby.
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