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by jemini
Rated: E · Poetry · Fantasy · #1163743
Lovers separated by two different worlds.
Look Into My Eyes


In a dark and lonely corner of
your world
you huddle within yourself
A victim in the extravagance
of your own desires

You’re frozen in your shell—
a veritable land of empty space
You stare blankly at your window
seeing only darkness
Bars of steel around you
where emptiness awaits beyond

Like a fish in a dark cave
your eyes serve no purpose
Gazing out but not seeing
beholding nothing


Suddenly, behind your eyelids,
a vision in a blue dress
blossoms forth
"Look into my eyes."
The voice, angelic in your ears

Dark irises return in your eyes
You gaze at the vision so bright
It fills your room with light
Alas! It is dark no more

"Strange, I am blind but I can see"
You wonder about my reality
You question my truism
"Look into my eyes
They offer you their power to inspire,
They give your eyes the power to see
They offer you hope. . . and love"

"I am looking in your eyes
I see the smile I see in my
nightly dreams
But still, I do not know you"


"I am the iris in your eye
The substance in your soul
The nourishment in your dreams
and fantasies
I am your hope, your love
I am everything that you want and need"

I am the wings that will fly you
to the kaleidoscope of your dreams
We’ll travel through layers of distance
Explore time, space and
unchartered realms

I will be your vision
Through my eyes you will see
Take my hand and together we’ll bathe
in the blue of the earth
and disappear in the transparency
of the sky

Come and explore the depths of
the ocean with me
Let us stand on top of Everest,
an IMAX theatre in the sky
Through the portholes in the clouds,
we will glimpse at the fiery eruption
of a volcano--the heart and blood
of the earth

Through the rugged terrain, we will
ride the swirls of snow
at Shasta, Rainier and St. Helens
We’ll trace the steps of ancient explorers
and discover the
cities of lost civilizations

We will travel through continents
In Asia, we will search your ancestors
In a land when freedom and pride were
a celebration of the human spirit
We will penetrate the ruins
of ancient civilizations
We will battle the evil forces
that threaten my ancestor’s existence

Our tenacity will mark our places
in history
In the dark and bright realms of
dreams and fantasies


In a small and dark corner
of your world
You huddle within your shell
The room a vast landscape of painted
hopes and dreams
The door opens and closes
at your wish
Where at once you can step
into an infinite galaxy where
stars put on a show of grand fireworks


Through the window you peer
into my eyes
And in my smile you see who
I really am
Understanding what hope is
and what love is . . .
for the first time

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