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A woman gets stressed by losing a job, and starts eating.....(merged Part 1, 2, and 3)
She was laying in her house watching TV, depressed..... Depressed because she recently lost her job......... She used to be a great maid, until a thief broke in and stole some jewelry. She was blamed and was fired......

So for the whole week, she was eating comfort food. She recently grew a small pot belly, but before she knows it, it will grow to immense proportions.........
Tuesday, January 20th, 2004

Jessica: "What!!!!! I'M FIRED!!!!!!"
Ricky: "Yeah. You stole my ansestors valuble jewels. Your'e lucky that i'm not arresting you!"

On that note, she stormed out of the house.
Tuesday, January 27th, 2004


Jessica sighed as she grabbed another chip from a bag on her coffee table and ate it.She looked at the clock above her TV. It was 11:49 pm.


Jessica sprang off the couch and went to the bathroom. She started bruching her teeth when she realized that she had a pot belly.

Jessica: When did I get a pot belly!!!!!!

Before she went to bed, she was curious of her weight. So she weighed herself before going asleep. The scale read 165 pounds. She had gained 15 pounds in a week!

Jessica: Oh no! If I gain at this weight, I will be the fattest woman of all time!!!!

Jessica went to bed and started having dreams where she would be perpously started gaining weight.
Wednesday, January 28th, 2004

Jessica searched for a job all day, but had no luck.....

Jessica: Forget this, I will have to find a way to get money some other way.

She went on her computer and was bored, so she searched for "Fat women" on a search engine, and came up with www.bigcuties.com.

Jessica; Wow........People can get money by gaining weight...........

Jessica saw a chance, and she decided to take it! She applied to bigcuties and was pending for aprooval.In the meantime, she grabbed a few pints of ice cream and ate them.

A couple of pints later, she was accepted. She was now an official gainer!!!!! She then started an F-diet for herself. SHe would gain 15 pounds per week until she was the fattest woman in the world!!!!!!!!
Thursday, Feburary 4th, 2004

It had been one week since the initial intention of stuffing, and Jessica had been stuffing herself like crazy! However, she was not satisfied. She had only gained 3 pounds. Her webpage had been gaining a lot of money for her to spend, but if she didn't start gaining faster, the subscribers would not be satisfied. Jessica decided to go on the internet to find a solution.

It had been 3 hours of surfing the internet and her eyes felt like they were burning. She was ready to shut down the computer when she came across an product to help her with her needs.

They were fat-gaining pills. When taken, they would let you gain an additional 15 pounds per pill!

Jessica was estatic! She could hardly control herself from excitement. She looked at the price. $30.00 per 30 pills!

She wanted to try them first, in case they caused side effects, so she bought only thirty pills.
Monday, Feburary 8th, 2004

Four days later, the package arrived! Jessica opened them as if it was a Christmas present! She looked at the container curiously, looking for instructions. She looked in the package, and underneath some wrappings was a note. It read:

To whoever is reading this, thank you for your purchase! Using this product is so simple! Just take one pill a day.

"Hmm......Seems simple enough" Jessica said to herself.

She twisted open the container and shook a pill onto into her hand. She opened her mouth with a smile and swallowed it down with a glass of water. She waited.

Jessica:"When is this supposed to kick in?"

She looked at the note, and noticed there was something on the back:
They may take 24 hours until they take effect.

Dissapointed that she would have to wait so long, she decided to do some stuffing. She started with a large pumpkin pie with a whole canister of whipped cream sprayed on it. Then she tried to eat a whole wedding cake! However, she could only eat the top two layers, not the huge bottom layer.

Being extreamly full, she decided to get some sleep. In her sleep, she had a dream where she weighed 1000 pounds and still eating. It was paradise to her.
Tuesday, Feburary 9th, 2004

Jessica woke up with glee when she remembered to check the scale! The pills worked! Along with the stuffing, she had gained 18 pounds! Knowing that the pills worked, she started taking 3 a day, one for each stuffing in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
Tuesday, Feburary 16th, 2004

One week since using 3 pills a day with stuffings, and she had gained a total of 465 pounds!!!

This was unbeleavable!

Her arms were like barrels! Her breasts were hanging on the side of her belly! Her thighs were like large tree trunks! Her ass was like two medicine balls! And her belly was so immense, it seems like another person was inside it.

But Jessica was not satisfied. Not yet......
Wednesday, Feburary 17th, 2004

Jessica was starting to have troubles eating her food because of her barrel-like arms couldn't get over her immense belly. So she decided to get a feeding machine and hire a person to come once a week and full the huge feeding container. She was starting to become the fattest woman in the world!
Thursday, Feburary 18th, 2004

The feeding machine had arrived and the person she hired came! The feeding began almost immediatly! 500 pounds of cake and other fatteneing deserts were placed in the device, along with all of the leftover fat-gaining pills, and was activated!

Jessica started eating. Every swallow was one step closer to her dream.....
Thursday, Feburary 25th, 2004

A week after the 24-hour eatings, Jessica felt really full! When she looked at her body, she was immense! The guy she hired to full the machine was now also hired as a photographer, video filmer, bather, and also had to get an industrial scale (of course, he would get paid extra)!

When he got the scale, he placed it under her now super strengthed bed. Jessica took 3 hours to waddle there due to her major amount of girth.

When she got in, she was sweating bullets all over her body. On her breasts that touched the floor, her belly that seemed to be the size of an lake, her thighs that were as thick as the most thickest tree in the world, her ass that seemed to jiggle on its own, and her cloud-sized arms.

The scale read 1020 pounds!

Jessica was shocked. She figured that she would die at that very moment. She was so happy. But then she realized that she would die soon at this rate. So she hired a scientist to make a special formula that would strengthen the heart, and clean cholesterol from her veins.
Saturday, March 3rd, 2004

The scientist had done it! He had found just what Jessica wanted and injected it in her immediatly. Now Jessica can weigh anything and not die from it!

Jessica was finally living her dream! She continued eating fattening foods and taking cases of fat-gaining pills every day! She was truly the greatest ssbbw in the world, and was until she died of old age.

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

Jessica is now so immense, she is considered to be a mountain! People can climb on her. The town could live in her bellybutton with ease if they wanted to. They could go up her ass and see what was inside if they wanted to!

Each breast could easily crush New York! Her Thighs were so fat, that if you walked into the fat surrounding it, you would be waking for days before hitting leg bone! Her arms are like cotton candy, cotton candy that would feed the world for an thousand years easily! And her belly, oh her belly, was the largest part of her! Everybody in Canada and the US could all live on it without running out of space!

That is how immense she is! And growing everyday!
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