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Rated: XGC · Short Story · Erotica · #1296627
Girl on girl, aka Femslash. Uh what else to say. Gym! Locker room! Um... girls?
Not very sober when written, so do forgive any errors. Other than that, please be of age when you read this, though I personally think it's rather short, and mild! (Fishes brain out of gutter) 

Wam Bam Thank you Ma’ams

It was unbearable. Torturous. Samantha’s fingers were cramping up and yet there was no indication that the woman wanted her to stop. Samantha silently swore at her own stupidity. It was amazing, the amount of physical brutality she would willingly partake, simply because a woman shouted encouragements right into her ear.

“COME ON! Give me a fierce punch right on the nose!”

Pushing tired muscles that were promising a world of pain later, she swung hard. The punch connected with a satisfying thud, and she felt her knuckles biting into softness for the barest of an instant. Her partner winced and inadvertently cried out.

Samantha was flustered. “Sor-”

That’s when Kay came charging over. “No sorries. Fighters don’t apologise for punching hard. Why don’t I take over for a bit. Show me what you’ve got.” With that, Kay pulled on the sparring pads that Sam’s poor sparring partner was already slipping out of, wringing her hands as she did so.

“Hit me!”

Now Samantha really was aghast. Disconcerted, her next few punches landed all over the pads, missing the centre white circles.

Focus Sammy! Jab-crosses were things that she knew she could do well after all. So maybe her heart was beating crazy fast right now, and maybe the adrenaline was roaring in her ears, but she could focus on those two white spots on the pad, they were right at Kay’s chest level…

The thought was only half-formed, but her eyes didn’t need further directions. They zeroed in on Kay’s breasts, which were curvaceously ample, and still very much visible even under a unrelenting sports bra. Too late, Samantha fantasized about running her hands around that bra, slitting a finger right along the edge below teasingly, slipping a hand under it, feeling a mound fit snugly into her palm, and squeezing…


She tried to tear her eyes away and readjust her sights. Unfortunately, Kay’s breasts weren’t letting her attention go so willingly. They were hopping towards her like flopping rabbit ears, only ball-shaped. Distracted, her ears hardly registered the line “Come on, I want to see you doing that four-letter word…”



F fucking great. Sam cursed again as she vigorously shampooed. She had been such a klutz and clown the moment Kay had taken over. She almost stumbled over her own feet trying to move back as instructed. Her weaves were nowhere fast or low enough. She… ah well. Less she brooded over it, the better. It was just a class after all. It was just Kay. Just Kay, but Kay was the reason Sam attended this class. Otherwise there were plenty of non-violent ways of getting fighting fit at the gym. Yoga, for one, didn’t require frantic foot work. 

Still, there was just something about Kay. Sam had gushed on and on about Kay so frequently, that Rene, her best friend, had even started referring to it as “Kay say”. According to Rene, “Kay say” time begun the moment Sam started a conversation with “Kay says” or “Kay said” or “Kay did”. But there really was just something about Kay. At least to Sam. Sure, all the other gym instructors looked as great as she did (with bodies like demi-gods how could they not), and externally at least, they were all friendly to a fault. Kay through, had a smile that was infectious, she was serious and professional when called to be, but hopelessly witty and flirtatious on default. Kay was committed and fiercely focused. Kay was…

Kay was not here in the shower with her. She sighed. Kay doesn’t think of you that way Sam. Get over it, get your head out of the gutter and get back in your closet. Shaking her head, Sam pushed the shower lever to ‘cold’, and yelped.

When she stepped out of the shower, it was to a very quiet locker room. Taking a cold shower had been unpleasantly effective, and so Sam had taken her time. The gym wasn’t going to close for another hour, but hardly anyone worked out on a Friday night. Meeting deadlines, boozing and puking, having sex and dancing the night away were the more favoured sorts of exercise on weekends.

Yet Sam was hardly all alone. She jumped in fright, as smoke billowed and an angelic form appeared. An angel, here for the Second Coming.

Her mind refused this interpretation and made her eyes take another look. The smoke was actually steam escaping from the steam room, rising upwards and spreading out into the much cooler air. The figured that had emerged wasn’t wearing white robes, but a white bath towel, wound tightly around a person. Whether it was an angel though was still debatable.

“Sam! What a surprise. I was so sure you were long gone, you were in such a hurry to leave class today!”
“Oh um, well you know, just wanted to grab the showers first in case there was a queue…”

That caused a mental wince. So lame Sam, So lame!

“I see. That’s one long shower, you must like getting wet… You know, I’ve always wanted to tell you that you’re pretty good in class, and I’m not saying this just because I’m the class instructor…”

Kay’s smile must have been distracting. That could be the only reason why Sam’s reply slipped out without being vetted.

“That’s because I’ve got a long reach!”

Mental cringe. She was definitely cringing mentally.

“I bet you do…” That sideway smile looked so seductive that Sam’s heart was already straining to gallop out of her body. The phrase, delivered in a low husky half-chuckle was making parts of her body buzz along the same frequency. If she was to touch her now it would cause-

Electric currents ripping through her arm flashed down her torso; earthing themselves in a distinct part of her body that was starting to get quite damp.

“Your biceps are toned alright, you must work out really hard!” The words were hardly noticed by Sam. The finger tracing a line down her arm was getting all her attention. The contact of skin to skin, so often dreamt of, was sending currents of what felt like pure electricity coursing through her.

“It’s just you.” Sam vaguely registered the words and mentally slapped herself. “I mean- it’s uh just your classes!”. Straight as an arrow Sammy, she chided herself, Kay’s as straight as an arrow so make for an exit straight as an arrow too before you have an accident all over the floor. She could almost imagine the warm liquid spilling down her thighs and pooling on the tiles. “I gotta run! Sorry!”.

What happened next was a classic klutz move. She moved left, and ran right into Kay who had moved to make way. Reaching out for balance, her hands fumbled for the first solid object it could grab. It touched something rough and soft, and pulled instinctively.

As Kay’s towel flowed to the floor, Sam felt all the breath in her body follow it. She forgot to inhale. Breathtaking wasn’t a sufficient description. Abs were sculpted to perfection. Breasts were free of all restraints and perkily pink about it. There were long and creamy legs so endless that they cried out to  have a hand run over every inch of them.  She felt empty of air, and full of blood. It roared in her ears, swirled in her stomach, then naughtily travelled downwards… before her conscience stepped in and redirected some back to her face for a brilliantly crimson blush.

She shut her eyes and held out the towel. “I’m so sorry!”.

Nothing. Her ears must have clogged up, or Kay had ran off.

Then. There was a definitely a purr next to her right ear. “Fighters don’t apologise”.

Urgent signals were being sent by her senses. Her nose detected a exotic heady blend of perspiration, hot air and the musky undertone of pure lust. The sensitive skin between her thighs were announcing that it had visitors; there was a bare leg nestling its way in between them. The skin behind her neck tingled with agreement. Fingers were caressing them, sending little shockwaves all over. And she tasted- She tasted Kay. Two pillowy soft lips were pressed against hers, slowly parting as something hot, moist and hungry skimmed across her own lips before plunging in, teasing her open, exploring a humid new territory.

She froze for a moment, trying to process it all, before her libido and body conspired to block out any of her brain’s vetoing power. Her body rebelled and took over. One arm circled around Kay’s waist, pulling her still slick and freshly steamed body even closer to her own. The other hand ran amok, thrillingly touching every bit of skin available, amazed at the lack of friction or resistance. Her tongue encountered a creature very much like itself, and mated with it in a dance that was wet, heated, insistent, and yet yieldingly tender and soft.

Kay tightened her grip, cradling the back of Sam’s head with her left hand, pulling Sam even closer even as she deepened her kiss. Her other hand rested on ridge of Sam’s hip, rubbing itself against the hard protruding form of her pelvic bone.

Kay moved in slow gradual steps, and Sam’s body followed, hungry for more and desperate to stay pressed close to that warm sensuous being. She tugged desperately, and successfully extracted her towel trapped between them. Skin thrilled at the touch of kindred skin, and already she could feel the areas in contact set ablaze and moisten with their perspiration.

Sam felt a blanket of fine dewdrops settled upon them. Kay had led them into the steam room. Water droplets were condensing on every available surface, making Kay even slicker to the touch. Her body seemed to skate upon the thin layer of liquid between them.

Calf against calf, thigh against thigh, pelvises grinding in rhythm, breasts pushing against another pair, tongues in a twisted engagement; they were a hot riot of motion and sound.

Soft moans. Then louder, more insistent. Animal expressions of pleasure and desperate need were issuing from Kay. She pushed Sam down on a ledge. The cool marble sent contradictory chills along Sam’s back. Deftly, she flipped on top of Kay. Her right hand trapped itself in Kay’s hair, pulling back her head to reveal the smooth white expanse of her neck. Lips travelling, she lapped up the briny mixture of sweat and cooled steam all along her neck, and felt lips and tongue reverberate with Kay’s low growls of desire.

A thigh slid up sensuously, lodging itself comfortably right in the centre of where Sam’s legs parted. In movements minute but full of intensity, the thigh taunted and teased and flirted with hyper-alert flesh. Sam found her legs gripping the intruder, riding it such that that area of hers was lighting up with heat. Moist, she could feel herself beginning to leave trails of liquid along Kay’s thigh that had nothing to do with the steam…

Long and firm, something entered her, before exiting just as suddenly. Senses awoken, it was a jolt of shocking excitement, and she craved more. She kissed Kay’s neck, inadvertently biting in ecstasy when she felt Kay in her once more. Thrillingly, she felt Kay’s fingers explore her thoroughly. Taking her time, each bump and ridge was caressed and circled, before finally resting on that spot that made Sam want to cry out as her brains abandoned her and all her senses flew south. Time ceased.


And Time flew by with incredible haste. They had barely made it out of the locker room before closing time. It was a wonder that they hadn’t been spotted by anyone. The steam room was in such an accessible area and furthermore, it had a fully transparent glass door. Even now, thinking about that made Samantha blush. Thinking about Kay made her blush even harder. She never had such release, and she also never had sex. So publicly.

She paused at the gym’s exit, reluctant to leave the site of such recent satisfaction. Shaking her head, she started to move off. Sammy, don’t be a fool, you were probably nothing more than a convenient fling. You had what you wanted, time to move on and get a li-

“Coffee? Or supper?”

“Life actually.” Sam mumbled. Then jumped.

Kay was standing right behind her, so close that she had been almost whispering into Sam’s ear, the tips of which were now turning a dark shade of red.

“Silly Sammy. Standing here muttering to yourself? I hope muttering isn’t a bad habit of yours. I usually prefer them much louder!”

A cheeky wink of teeth and dimples, as Kay continued, “So coffee? Or we could do one better. How about supper? Always advisable to eat after a workout Sammy, gives your body something to burn instead of muscles…”

Sam could only nod wordlessly. Unbelievable. It was as if Samantha could now put a tick on her wildest fantasies checklist.  It was just so, so, so…

“Muttering to yourself again? Habit I’ll have to work on. And I’ll so enjoy working on you.”

That grin again. Dazed and still bemused at her good fortune, Samantha let Kay lead the way. Some days, fighting technique wasn’t that important, you can still score a knockout just by flailing around.

Some days you can score just by wishing.
© Copyright 2007 Ms.Kafuffle (ms.kafuffle at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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