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by partie
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This is an adult erotic story of teen discovery.
'I'll show you mine if you show me yours' Patrick White had said to Mary Smith in the school corridor.
They had been smiling at each other every time they had passed and eventually he put this question to her.
'Mmmm...When and where' Mary smiled without blinking an eye.
'behind the town hall after school' said Patrick suddenly blushing.
'I'll be there' She smiled and turned and walked away.

Mary Smith was the hottest girl in the school.She was cool and from the more affluent part of town. She had long black hair, blue eyes and a beautiful smile. She was tall and slim with a curvy bottom and small but perfect breasts. Patrick couldn't believe his luck. He was fom the poor part of town and he certainly didn't consider himself good looking or cool either.He couldn't wait until school was over.

Patrick sat on the grass behind the town hall waiting for Mary to come. He waited for ages and was almost considering going home when Mary came around the corner. She was beautiful and sexy in her school blouse, uniform skirt and white socks. 'I didn't think you'd come, Mary' he said smiling.'i wouldn't miss it' Mary grinned back.

'you first' Mary said smiling and sat down on the grass. Patrick could see her white cotton knickers up her skirt as she sat there.
'ok' said Patrick.
Patrick Stood up and opened the belt of his uniform trousers. He then opened the button and pulled the zipper down slowly. Mary watched on eagerly.
He pulled his trousers down to his ankles and stood there in his white Y fronts..'And your pants' Mary smiled.
Patrick pulled his white underpants down to his ankles revealing his as yet hairless body. He was a little shy of showing his little penis to Mary.He knew it was pretty small. No girl had ever seen it before. It was just over two inches long including the foreskin. But there it was on display to Mary. Patrick began to feel it stirring with the cool summer breeze and the excitement.
Mary watched on and went a little red as she saw her first ever real penis. She watched for ages as Patrick's penis started to stiffen and raise up. Soon it was pointing for the sky and at it's full five inches long. 'Very nice' Mary said a bit shakily and hoarsely 'now turn around'.
Patrick turned around slowly because he was tied a bit with his clothes around his ankles. When he was turned around he lifted his shirt so she could see him better. Mary watched his pale, muscular bottom. She could find herself getting hot and damp between her legs.
After a while she ordered Patrick to turn around again. He did and she watched his fully erect penis again. 'very niced indeed' she smiled 'my turn now'.
Patrick pulled up his trousers and underpants clumbsily and buckled his belt again.
He could feel the top of his penis was wet from pre-cum. It wet his underpants slightly. He sat down on the grass in anticipation.
Mary stood up and opened the button of her uniform skirt slowly. She unzipped it and it slipped off her hips to the grass. She stepped out of it and stood there in her tight, white, cotton knickers. Patrick watched hungrily. He had never saw a real fanny before and could see the outline of mary's slit through her damp knickers.
'And your pants' he said smiling, copying Mary from earlier.
'but of course' said mary smiling back.
Mary caught the band of her knickers and edged them down slowly to her ankles, revealing her hairless fanny. 'very nice' grinned Patrick and couldn't get enough of her naked body.'this is even more beautiful than I had imagined' he thought to himself.
'Turn around' he said eventually.
Mary turned around and held up her uniform blouse so Patrick could see properly. Patrick had a huge erection in his trousers now as he watched Mary's perfect, pale, rounded bottom.
Eventually Patrick told her she could dress again.
She bent over slowly to pull her knickers up again. Patrick had a beautiful view of Mary's spread bottom.
'Yahoooooooo' shouted Patrick.
'like what you see, Patrick??' Mary winked at Patrick as he ejaculated in his underpants.

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