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The "real" reason why you should brush your teeth before bed.
Brynndolynn Brown- The Super Spy for the Real Reasons Why
The Real Reason Why You Should Always, Always, ALWAYS Brush Your Teeth Before Bed

         Brynndolynn Brown here again. I sure had to use my Super Spy powers on this one. My Mom told me that I had brush my teeth before I went to bed. She said it was to help fight cavities. Sure Mom, I know that's what you want me to think but it's more than just that. I have discovered the real reason you should always, Always, ALWAYS brush your teeth before bed.

        What parents don't want us kids to know is that your teeth can grow hair- really ugly, fuzzy, green hair. During the day when you are awake and you are eating and talking, your lips and your tongue keep the hair from growing, but at night when you go to sleep you don't move your lips enough to stop it growing.

        The only way to keep the really, ugly fuzzy green hair from growing on your teeth is to make sure they are protected. Inside of the toothpaste that you put on your toothbrush are little, tiny, so-small-you-can't-see-them people called CeMint people (that's why most toothpaste tastes like mint.)

        When you put the toothbrush in your mouth and start brushing your teeth, that wakes up the CeMint people. Then they go out and attach themselves to your teeth and wait for you to go to sleep. As soon as they know you are asleep, they start up their lawn mowers. By the way, most of us don't really snore, that's just some of the loud CeMint people at work. They work all night long mowing the really, ugly, fuzzy green hair that is trying to grow on your teeth.

        Mowing your teeth all night long is really hard work and makes the CeMint people really stinky, that's why you have bad breath in the morning and need to brush your teeth when you get up too. If you don't brush them the night before, then you'll have to go around all day with ugly, green fuzzy hair on your teeth, so you should always, Always, ALWAYS brush your teeth before you go to bed.
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