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by JohnAK
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A list of characters to use in stories
Character list
Roberto Adalletti
Lucy Aislebarn cousin of Bathsheba Everdene lives in Paston Leapsley near Westlangton she is niece of Jane Maplen 
Reginald Artose
Roger Avonwick 6 Aubyn Gardens, Barston Solicitor
Simon Barton: Sharston Meldom has antique shop in Barston next to the Whole of the Moon Folgalt Street Barston drives a Crosby Garret 340 BL
Harold Beanster lawyer for Beryl Handean 
Detective Sergeant Stephen Bell of the Brolmar CID
Ronald Blight owner of Blight transport
John Bodel sexton of St Chad’s Sharston Meldom 
Kay Brimcombe 
Melinda Brimcombe
Tobias Brimthrope boyfriend of Stella Halstead
Paul Castack famous writer: now dead statue was in the square in front of the railway station in Brolmar. Bur had to remove after head knocked out. Now in the care of Brolmar city museum.
Edith Calstock works in the Cedars pub
Ellen Calstock works in the Cedars pub
Karen Calstock sister of Edith, Ellen and Louise 
Louise Calstock works in the Cedars pub
Harry Cantell servant to Edward Wartell, had been in prison
Barbara Carseford romantic author lives in Halsfon Quigten neighbour of Jane Maplen
Fredrick Chavington
Mildred Chavington Sharston Meldom
Hannah Chrinside
Sam Cleckheaton Simon Barton’s assistant in antique shop lives 13 Garlban Road, Barston
Arnold Colldot businessman
Thomas Colehurst: runs Cosley’s on High Street Barston
Robert Colstream
Elaine Coltishall Kartal, Barston
Robert Cosley owner of Cosley’s bar High Street Barston
Harry Cotter auctioneer
George Crakenthorpe Sandran Manor Sandran Hampstor is just outside Sharston Meldom
Holly Crakenthorpe (nee Partwith) Sandran Manor
Lucy Crakenthorpe Sandran Manor
Poppy Crakenthorpe Sandran Manor
Bill Cromer solicitor
Stella Cudwell
Estelle Dalston, Station Road, Barston, works weekends in the Merry Monk Square,
Judith Danvers housekeeper for Edward Wartell at Halstone House
Harry Darrow
Bathsheba Everdene cousin of Lucy Aislebarn owns land at Galsdon outside Barston only child inherited a large farm.

Anne Fairford works in the Cedars
Chloë Galdrom
Henry Galdrom Chloë’s father
Grace Garstang
Detective Chief Inspector Oberon Galway Brolmar CID
Jason Grantleigh Roberts’s son
Robert Grantleigh owner of Grantleigh's Fuel and Hardware resides at 4 Harktom Road Barston.
Timothy Grantly dean of Shalborough Cathedral 
Peter Greenaway Bishop of Shalborough
Kate Greene captain in navy commanding the research vessel ‘Voyager’
Martha Greene wife of Richard Greene
Richard Greene Admiral retired living in Sharston Meldom, Kate’s father 
Rodney Guisboro

Charlie Hackbridge retired politician 
Maude Hackbridge wife of Charlie Hackbridge
George Haldern driver with the Cantainian Midland & Northern Railway mostly electric but also experienced on diesels 
Jack Hall lives at Hawksmoor farm
Mary Hall his wife
Chloe Halstead
Frank Halstead
Kate Halstead works in the Cedars
Pauline Halstead 
Stella Halstead
Mrs Beryl Handean brother of Ronald Blight
Randolph Hanbred Edward Wartell's nephew
Alice Hanbred his wife
Ursula Hansford friend of Kate Halstead, Her mother Marion worked in Joe Shepton’s
Rev Stephen Harding vicar of St Chad’s Sharston Meldom
Tom Hardy; writer Roger Widford’s biographer 
Arthur Hastings no 10 Aubyn Gardens, Barston works in finance in Brolmar
Grace Hastings same wife of Arthur
Sabrina Hastings same eldest daughter
Victoria Hastings same youngest daughter
Mabel Hawroth engaged to Edward Wartell
Rodolfo Heltgon
Michael Henchard
Karen Henstridge; artist, first cousin of Calliope’s
Belinda Holmfirth
Rufus Hopplethwaite furniture factory owner
Bartley Ingleson
Harry Janus on the welfare lives in Sharston Meldom, and then gathering information works for George Shillingstone
Kevin Jarvis
Tina Kenyon Charlie Hackbridge’s mistress writes (use to) a column for the Sunday Inquirer
John Kingswear
Camilla Koldar (nee Solbert) mother of Daniel Koldar
Daniel Koldar married to Aurora Tregarron
Zoltan Koldar father of Daniel
Ursula Landis from Westlangton
Detective Sergeant Robbie Lewis
Leonard Lyle politician brown envelopes
George Mainwaring Manager of Marlets Bank in Barston
Caroline Mallet wife of Jasper brother of Bernice
Jasper Mallet owner and editor of the Barston Chronicle
Jane Maplen Aunt of Lucy Aislebarn lives in Halsfon Quigten
Gail Marden Walsfond Road works in Cosley’s; she is Tom’s Colehurst’s niece
Phoebe Marden, Walsfond Road, Barston no relation to Gail
Chris Marlow
Zoltan Maraz no.4 Garnsdale Crescent
Sophie Maraz no.4 Garnsdale Crescent
Bernard Marazion Kay’s older brother
Calliope Marazion family see separate file
Claire Marazion Kay’s older sister
Frederick Marazion Charles Marazions (Calliope’s father) first cousin
Kay Marazion Frederick’s daughter
Caroline Milsomer
Rachel Montcarlos Baldarren college classmate of Kay Marazions
Richard Newtoll
Linda Narlton
Gabriel Oak 9 Aubyn Gardens
Lauren Otley, Ashleigh, Barston
Alison Pargate
Zoë Palparro works in Marazion’s Art Gallery 
Jason Penwithers
Frank Pendennis 1 Aubyn Gardens Barston
Edward Piontree painter
Roland Poldark
Barry Potter
Beatrice Potter wife of Barry sister of George Shillingstone
Peter Potter son of Barry and Beatrice
Sarah Wartell daughter of Barry and Beatrice
Albert Proudie Naldron House
Mrs Violet Proudie Naldron House
Ben Quain friend of John Kingswear
Harold Radstock: Father of Edward and Paul head of the Radstock family, which have many interests including the brewery in Barston. He is a distant relation of Calliope Marazion
Edward Radstock eldest son
Paul Radstock next eldest brother of Edward, Paul is a solicitor
Simon Rastrick
Pearl Redcliff from Belcarron mother of Rachel works in Joe Shepton’s Bridge Street, Barston
Rachel Redcliff from Belcarron works in Joe Shepton’s Bridge Street, Barston
Albert Renfield Tarleigh Gardens, Gansten, Brolmar
Jim Reston: friend of John Kingswear big Malhaldron Untied fan.
Victor Risel painter
Herbert Rolston author
Joe Sangallon works in Caddlar marshalling yard Brolmar as a shunter
Edward Sarnford 2 Aubyn Gardens Barston
Arnold Schickelgrubber
Bill Shakespeare owns window cleaner and part time playwright
Henry Sharston author
Kezra Sheldon musician 
George Shillingstone auctioneer lives at 12 Aubyn Gardens Kansen Road Barston.  His office is next door to the White Hart Hotel
Betty Spencer
Frank Spencer
David Trecadon photographer, does work for Roger Widford
George Tregarron brother of James Tregarron lives at 7 Aubyn Gardens
George Frederick Tregarron son of James and Katherine Tregarron (nee Marazion) married to Susan Halcombe.
Harold Tregarron Father of James and George Tregarron
Aurora youngest daughter of James and Katherine Marazion
Calista oldest daughter of above
James Tregarron married to Katherine Marazion they live at 5 Wanstem Gardens and have a son George and two daughters Calista and Aurora 
Lydia Tregarron (nee Beauchamp) wife of Harold Tregarron
Stephanie Tregallon  college classmate of Kay Marazions
Susan Tregarron (nee Halcombe) wife of George Frederick Tregarron
Detective Inspector Joe Trevarra of the Brolmar CID
Alan Trevarry brother of Bernice
Bernice Trevarry
Bran Trevarry brother of Bernice
Frank Trevarry brother of Bernice
Helen Trevarry Bernice’s Mother sister of Frank Wellow
Paul Trevarry brother of Bernice
Thomas Trevarry Bernice’s Father
Julie Trevarry friend of Anne Fairford from Hallamount no relation to Bernice Trevarry
Harry Trotter Landlord of the Horse and Plough that is on the main street of Sharston Meldom
Natasha Vanetti: friend of Claire Marazion whom John Kingswear and Calliope Marazion met in Pengarton
Delphine Vedlon
Selena Vedlon
Shirley Vedlon
Edward Wartell murdered businessman
Gwen Wartell daughter from first Marriage to Rebecca
Harold Wartell son from marriage to Rebecca married to Sarah Potter niece of George Shillingstone

Rebecca Wartell first wife of Edward Wartell died from cancer
Sarah Wartell see Harold Wartell above
John Watson doctor lives at 10 Aubyn Gardens has his surgery in Barn Lane off Station Street Barston.
Richard Wedmore Karnbaran
Frank Wellow works for the Barston Chronicle brother of Helen Trevarry Bernice’s mother.
James Westerna 3 Aurdeon Gardens Dalweston 
Lucy Westerna his sister who is college with Kay Marazion
Roger Widford painter
Arthur Wilson Chief cashier in Marlets bank Barston 
Roger Wincanton friend of John Kingswear big Laversport fan
Ken Yardell
Alphonse Zabora

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