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Quantum physics may indicate that death IS NOT the end of life.
Quantum Physics

In the twilight of modern science, Sir Isaac Newton's classical physics stated that in the laws of motion, the motion of the bodies is determined by the action of the forces upon them and that all matter has a - precise - location in space and time.

However, as science progressed, Albert Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity proves that everything is relative. Therefore, speed, position and acceleration, (which Newton thought as absolutes) actually exist only in relation to something else and are "not" in a precise location in space and time. Relative meaning time is relative and that energy and mass are intrinsically linked.

Basic physics teaches us that quarks are the elementary particles of the building blocks of all matter. Physicists have proven the existence of at least twelve different kinds of quarks. Although there are twelve different kinds of quarks, all matter in our reality consists of up and down quarks and another quark-like particle called a lepton. They are not really matter, they're energy. Also, of the twelve quarks and twelve leptons that make up all matter, only a handful exists in our universe.

According to Quantum Physics, matter does not actually exist. Some modern physicists believe that matter exists as waves rather than specific points in time and space but can be affected by such phenomena as black holes which may create rifts in the space time continuum. What classical physicists (such as Newton) previously thought of as matter, are just compounds of elements that are made up of atoms that are made up of quarks and leptons, which are - energy. Ergo, we do not exist as matter.

All of our conscious and unconscious thought is created through neurons firing off electrical signals in our brain. Therefore since all matter is in reality energy and all thought is in reality energy, all matter and thought is interconnected as - energy.

Since time is relative, the only thing that is faster than the speed of light is the speed of thought. And, since time slows down as particles approach the speed of light relative to those standing still, the unconscious mind is in effect - eternal - alleged proof of life after physical death. However, since thought can travel faster than the speed of light, time travel may not only be possible but also probable and matter transference is a certainty.

Among the Far Eastern beliefs, the great Buddha taught that everything is impermanent. He taught that all suffering in the world comes from people's desire to cling to objects and ideas instead of simply accepting the universe as it flows, moves and changes. Therefore Buddhists see objects not as things (matter) but as a dynamic process of participating in a universal movement that is constantly in a state of transition. They see matter as energy, just like Quantum Physics suggests.

The Taoists also see the universe as a system of energy, called chi, that is constantly changing and flowing; as such they believe that the individual is only an element in the whole universe, or a small part of that energy. Their doctrine, the I Ching, teaches that personal stability can be achieved only when harmony is reached through a person's yin and yang, which are seen to be opposite but related forces in the universe. How these ancient teachings come to be compatible with the modern discovery of Quantum Physics is a mystery.

However, mysteries abound. For example, the Christian Bible itself gives examples of time transference and Quantum Physics. Ecclesiastes 3:15 "That which is has already been. And what is to be has already been." According to the Bible there is nothing new under the sun.

Jesus himself also proved that time is relative. "Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am." (John 8:58.)

How could a living person have existed hundreds of years before his present generation? How could events of the present and events of the future have already happened? Through the application of Quantum Physics?

This brings forth the next equation, what is the mind? Is it simply a local collection of electrical impulses pushing energy around or is it connected to the energy of the entire universe? Could it be something we think of as - the soul? The universal spirit? Part of the Holy Spirit?

Can we actually control the energy that is our mind as the Taoists believe? Could we, as the Jesus notes, move mountains through faith (with mind power)? Since all matter is in effect energy waves that do not exist in a specific time and space, why not?

Not only could Jesus redirect the flow of energy and time to seemingly create miracles; such as the multiplication of fish and bread, changing base elements like water into wine, healing the sick, and defying nature by restoring the dead to life and controlling the weather, he could also foretell the future and travel through time!


Because Jesus said, "You are of this world; I am not of this world."  (John 8:58.) For Him, Quantum Physics was child's play. For Jesus to explain his otherworldly powers to the people of his era would be as difficult as if we tried to explain Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principal to a donkey.

And, since flesh and matter are in effect energy, the resurrection of Jesus back into physical form through energy and matter transference could be done in the blink of an eye. His physical body may have been killed but His Holy Spirit was (is) still around. All He would have to think is, "let it be so," and thought would become (as we understand it) physical matter! A new physical Jesus reborn in the blink of an eye!

We will also be brought back to life from our (energy state) to our physical state as Jesus told Martha (Sister of Lazarus) in John 11:25 "He who believes in me shall never die."

So, it could be that when we die, our spirit (energy) is stored in a cosmic battery (the universal mind) until it is time for Jesus to return those who believe in him to their physical state.

I would like to point out that these scientific ramblings are purely speculative fun on my part and not intended to provide definitive proof of any specific religious doctrine or scientific theories.

Make sense?

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