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by chaos
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Ahsoka gets really kinky with her master
Sonic Stantz (8:06:05 PM): From that night on, things were very different between Anakin and Ahsoka. They would make out while no one was looking, shamelessly flirt with one another when they were alone in their ship, some times on missions they would scout ahead and have quickies before the clones caught up.
Whether it was on the battlefield or back in the safety zone, the two of them were inseparable.
Anakin could honestly say he had never been happier. He had this beautiful, energetic, sexy girl who wanted him so bad and he did just as much. As the days passed, Anakin started to think that he was even falling in love with Ahsoka. He now considered what he had with Padme to be nothing more than a childhood crush. She was a nice girl, but she could never really hold her own on the battlefield. Ahsoka on the other hand, was quickly becoming as skilled with a lightsaber as he was. Someone who could hold their own in a fight, and was an animal in the sack, that's whom Anakin wanted to be with.
Ahsoka meanwhile was just as, if not happier than Anakin. When she first became his padawan, she considered it an honor. Now she was his lover, and she got goosebumps just thinking about it The incredibly powerful, the incredibly handsome, the chosen one, Anakin Skywalker, was all hers. Even as Ahsoka got past that excitement, she didn't find herself getting bored with what she did with Anakin. Quite the opposite, she only wanted to be with him longer.
No one, not even the Jedi council knew of their secret relationship. The only thing some people noticed was that Anakin seemed to be more lenient with Ahsoka's brash behavior. Other than that though, no one suspected what went on between them behind closed doors.

ChaosEvilD (8:11:55 PM): “Ugh So she won’t leave you alone even though you say you’re busy? Ugh ”
“She keeps…YES Saying we should spend more time together, but I caAAAAHHH Can’t convince her I’m telling the truth.”
“Just tell her to take a hint and…. Oh Yeah ”
Ahsoka and Anakin were trying to have a conversation, but it wasn’t going to well. They were in Anakin’s private shower together, but there was no water on. Ahsoka was bent over with her hands tightly pressed against the wall as Anakin pumped in and out of her asshole with his giant cock. Her round ass shook wildly as Anakin pounded into her, gripping both her sides tightly as he worked his way in and out of her. He had been spending a lot of time going in and out of Ahsoka, but he never grew tired of her tight, soft holes.

Sonic Stantz (8:20:23 PM): Anakin decided to drop the conversation until he was finished. No matter what problems he was having, Ahsoka's supple body always helped him forget about it.
Ahsoka continued to moan loudly, putting aside all notions of Padme behind for now at least. She felt so full with Anakin's cock in her asshole. She loved doing it anally, and her big and cushy rear made it Anakin's favorite position too.
Anakin started really ramming her now, making each thrust hard as he pulled his entire length out, and the slammed it back in. His Togruta lover was screaming like a banshee after that. He couldn't grin about it though; the tight inner walls of Ahsoka's ass were getting to him just as hard.
Anakin arched his head back and grunted loudly as he sprayed his seed inside her.

ChaosEvilD (8:34:47 PM): “Give it all to me baby. Right there,” Ahsoka whispered as she felt her bowels flooded with her lover’s seed. She loved it when Anakin came inside her because it left a part of him inside her. If she could, she whished that she could keep Anakin’s cock inside her forever, never parting with the feel of his warm flesh inside her body. Anakin was a great lover, but even he couldn’t keep it up all the time to keep her permanently full. Luckily, Ahsoka had other ways to live her fantasy.
“Master,” she playfully giggled, “Care to try something really kinky?” Ahsoka asked as she pulled herself off Anakin’s receding manhood.

Sonic Stantz (8:41:44 PM): Anakin: What'd you have in mind?
He smirked, knowing he was in for quite an experience. Ahsoka was always an animal in bed, and she had one of the most 'inventive' minds this side of the galaxy. There wasn't a part of her body that he hadn't explored. With the way, she was grinning though, Anakin eagerly awaited to hear what she would say.
Ahsoka: Well, you know how I can swallow people whole? I can do that with more than just my mouth.
Ahsoka saw that Anakin was confused by her cryptic words. She gladly explained herself. Let's see Padme do what she was about to.
Ahsoka: Picture this; you’re cock, and the rest of your entire body, sliding up here.

ChaosEvilD (8:55:38 PM): Anakin looked at Ahsoka’s pussy, trying to wrap his mind around what she was saying. He knew what she could do with her mouth, beside make his toes curl, but he had trouble believing the rest of her orifices could do the same. Mostly because he had such a hard time forcing his cock into one, it seemed unimaginable that the rest of him could follow.
“All of me, up there?” Anakin asked to clarify, getting a nod from his student and lover. Ahsoka knew it seemed unlikely, but it was true. Her race could stretch any hole, be it the mouth, cunt or anus, hell there were some that could stretch their tits wide enough to swallow a whole man. Since swallowing Anakin with her mouth would lead to digestion, her tits weren’t that elastic and her anus had already been fed, she wanted her cunt and womb filled by the man she loved.

Sonic Stantz (9:02:41 PM): Ahsoka: Yep, my pussy can swallow you up. Wow, it's excited about it's meal.
Ahsoka had juices pouring down her legs already. Her cunt was very excited about Anakin's body, and so was she. She could easily down anyone she wanted with her cunt, but she never had before. Anybody she forced would have been kicking and scream, and biting the whole time. Only someone she really wanted would be allowed in there, and Anakin was that someone.
Anakin's cock began to rise back up at this sight. A hot and naked woman who was pouring out cum just because of him, that was one of the most beautiful sights in the universe.
He may not know how her tight insides could hold him, but right now, he didn't care.

ChaosEvilD (9:07:32 PM): “Let’s give this a try,” Anakin said as he sank to his knees before his student and lover. He wasn’t a hundred percent sold that this would work, but as his face hung inches away from Ahsoka’s drooling slit, he didn’t care. Placing his hands on her hips, Anakin nuzzled the wet slit, feeling the hot juices rub against his face. His tongue moved out, going to work on the delicate folds before slipping in to lap at the rich cum inside her cunt. He moaned at the sweet juices, pushing his face harder against the overflowing slit. Right now, he didn’t care if Ahsoka could really swallow him with her cunt, he was just happy to taste it.

Sonic Stantz (9:15:09 PM): Ahsoka moaned loudly, basking in her lover's tongue tasting her inner reaches. She could feel the hot and rough surface along every inch it could reach.
Anakin lapped the cum greedily, letting it flow down his throat. As he continued, his padawan's pussy seemed to loosen around his tongue. He found himself able to push in deeper, seems that Ahsoka was right.
He buried his entire face into that pussy, making Ahsoka scream loudly. Anakin would not let up, he was going up Ahsoka's pussy and nothing was stopping him. Slowly the outer lips pressed against more of his face, and more and more of his face went past them.
Then, with a strong thrust, Anakin actually plunged his entire head inside Ahsoka.

ChaosEvilD (9:19:50 PM): The inside of Ahsoka’s cunt was extremely hot and increasingly moist, soft tissue pressed against Anakin’s face from all sides. Anakin moaned loudly inside the hot channel, his voice vibrating off the smooth walls. He had felt his cock and tongue inside Ahsoka’s sex hole and now he had felt his head held in the silky embrace. On the outside, his cock throbbed as he thought about the rest of him touched by the hot, slippery walls of Ahsoka’s sex. Ahsoka moaned as the muscles behind the soft flesh grip down on Anakin’s head, dragging him upwards. With a wet slurp, his shoulders wedge into her slit, sending shivers down his lovers body.

Sonic Stantz (9:26:48 PM): Ahsoka: ANAKIN
Her vaginal muscles were quickly devouring the Jedi Knight’s upper body. Visible lumps were quickly appearing on Ahsoka's lower belly. All she could do was moan and rub her lover through her body. Unbirthing Anakin felt so incredible, it was amazing Ahsoka could still stand.
Anakin lapped and licked the walls around him. Each time it made his environment vibrate around. Ahsoka's piercing shrieks could be heard eve in here.
As his chest came into Ahsoka's birth canal, his head soon bumped into something. It was Ahsoka's cervix, and it soon opened up, allowing Anakin to travel further. Quickly his head popped into the final destination.
Ahsoka's womb.

ChaosEvilD (9:33:04 PM): The scent of Ahsoka’s arousal filled every breath Anakin gasped in, while her sticky fluids soaked his skin. The soft walls tugged him, pulling more of his body into the velvety embrace of her sex. Every inch that was bathed in the warm, gooey flesh made him moan in pleasure. It was like he was lost in a dream world, barely noticing as he pushed into a slightly puckered opening. With a pull, Anakin’s head is taken through the cervix, entering a slightly more open area. His shoulders barely make it through when the back of his head pushes against the soft walls of the womb. He can feel Ahsoka’s stretched cunt lips around his waist, holding him tight enough that he can enter, but not back out. Not that he’d want to, he was in Heaven.

Sonic Stantz (9:40:00 PM): Ahsoka: Oh master.
Ahsoka smirked as she what was approaching the hot opening between her legs. Her master's cock was rock solid once more.
She reached down to it, stroking lightly gripping it with care. It throbbed every time she did.
This cock had given her such pleasure, and it was all hers. No one, not even that queen what's her name would change that.
Yet, despite the situation, where half of his body was shoved up her cunt ...Anakin somehow managed not to cum yet.
Ahsoka: I wish I had your self-control.
Ahsoka fingers moved over to the side and dipped into her stretched lips. She brought a light dab of her cum to her mouth, delighting in her own tangy flavor.

ChaosEvilD (9:54:48 PM): Being held tightly in the embrace of his lover’s cunt, Anakin moaned and cried out as her body pulsated around him. This was beyond anything he had experienced, more intense than even sex. He could make love to his sexy student all day long, but to be pulled into her divine body was something his soul couldn’t take. With a loud cry, his hips slammed up through the fleshy entrance and were pulled inside by Ahsoka’s muscles. He felt his cock gripped by the same slippery flesh that covered everything above it. All the contact and friction with sensual skin was too much, he came inside her, mixing his juices with the ones already bathing the rest of his body.

Sonic Stantz (10:05:35 PM): Ahsoka moaned happily as she felt her master's hot seed coating her birth canal. There was so much, it quickly began leaking out of her. Again, Ahsoka brought her hand down between her legs for another taste. This time she got the delicious concoction of her and Anakin's cum mixed together. It was more delicious than anyone she had ever eaten, even Ventress.
Ahsoka rubbed her expanding middle. The belly on her made her look like she was overdue with quintuplets, and a hutlet. With what and whom she had eaten in the past, the weight wasn't an issue, but given her position, it felt like her legs could give in at any time.
Ahsoka: Better.... wrap this up.
With a strong pull, her muscles dragged in most of Anakin's legs. Ahsoka's head reared back as she came with a scream. Everything, minus her master's calves were inside her, it was just too much. As her tongue hung limply in her mouth, and using the last bit of her strength, Ahsoka fed the last of Anakin to her hungry cunt. A loud squelch sealed him inside her.

ChaosEvilD (10:10:46 PM): All of Anakin was pulled in and he curled up inside her womb, swelling her belly out with his large body. He closed his eyes and bathed in the warmth and radiance of his true love. After this, the only person in his heart was Ahsoka and none other. He had known he cared for her very much, now he knew that he loved her with all his being.
Ahsoka gave herself a quick wash, cleaning the juices and sweat from her sexy body. Her eyes and hands kept drifting to her large belly where her master was curled up. She could feel him inside her, his every movement, his every breath, affecting her. She finished washing up and left the bathroom, letting her naked body be dried by the night’s air.

Sonic Stantz (10:21:52 PM): As Ahsoka lied on the bed, her enormous belly twitching with her lover's movements, she eventually turned her head to someone.
Ahsoka: You get all that Rtwoey?
R2D2 beeped as he emerged from the bathroom door. Ahsoka had hid the little droid in the bathroom. She was positive Anakin would agree to her suggestion, and she wanted to remember every detail of that experience.
Anakin: You really are perverted.
Ahsoka: What can I say? Aside from Jedi training, action in the bedroom is my other love. After all, I have great inspiration from you, baby.
She purred as she stroked her pregnant tummy. Feeling Anakin immersed inside her not only got her randy, it also gave her a very warm feeling. Having her lover all curled up in her womb, after going up one of the many holes he pleasures constantly, she could not have been happier.
Ahsoka's feelings were pretty obvious, but just to spell it out; Anakin was the one to ask.
Anakin: Is there another love in your life?

ChaosEvilD (10:28:40 PM): “Only you,” Ahsoka whispered as she petted her large orange blob of a belly. Having Anakin inside her was different from having Ventress inside her belly. There wasn’t fullness like from having the ornery Sith inside her, but a completeness that was completely different. She felt like an android without a head without Anakin inside her. Now she was complete, no more missing head.
“What about you?” Ahsoka asked, not trying to show how scared she was of Anakin’s answer. She loved him with all her heart, but all she was really sure of was that Anakin loved fucking her, not being with her. She needed to know how he felt, if he wasn’t certain after this, he would never be certain.
If he answered yes, she would always be by his side, being a loving spouse as long as he needed her. If he said he didn’t love her, she would still remain with him. As strange as it sounded, if Anakin couldn’t love her, she’d settle by being fucked by him. She only wanted to be close to him, and if that meant being his fuck toy, so be it. That was how much she cared.

Sonic Stantz (10:39:02 PM): Anakin had no problem answering this question. He hadn't told her, but he'd been thinking about this ever since that night. That first time with Ahsoka had been one of the greatest experiences of his life, and it hadn't been different any other time. Being with Ahsoka made him feel so free and unbound. He knew he had to abide by the other rules of the Jedi council, but whatever clause there was about not being able to do your padawan he was never going to obey. Besides, it's not like they were just fooling around, Ahsoka loved Anakin, and after all they had been through, all they had shared, how much they had fucked, he did not want to picture a life without.
Anakin: Ahsoka, you have shown me true happiness. I may be your master, but your little lesson made me realize what I truly want, and it's not Padme. It's you.

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