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Sc-fi Story A man is transformed into a woman

I woke the next morning to find the James was not with me and Barbara was there with a cup of tea for me. I sat up in bed and she held the cup to my lips for me to drink. Once I had drunk my tea Barbara led me to my bathroom where she undressed me and then got undressed herself and led me into the bath. We were joined by Ann and Carol who also undressed and joined us in the perfumed water filled tub. The ladies began to wash me all over and I loved it when Barbara put her head underwater to suck on my pen-s. James came into the bathroom and began to undress; he was wearing sweats as he had been jogging. James went over to the single bay in the tub and began to wash himself.

Eventually my bath came to an end and I was led from the bath and the maids dried me off. James also finished his bath and came and joined us in the bedroom. The maids who were all in the nude got me positioned on the bed ready for my husband to deposit his seed in me. His pen-s was already hard and erect.

James got behind me and began to thrust his pen-s into my cavity. I was by now used to his large pen-s invading me and was enjoying it. I moved back eager to have James’s pen-s in me. He said, “Darling you are keen this morning darling to have me in you.”

James began to thrust in and out of me and soon ejaculated into me. Carol was at hand to get a pad into place and put a panty on me. Carol continued to dress me.


I just enjoyed it when everything was done for me. A suspender belt and stockings were put on me and then I wore my usual bra which was followed by two petticoats. My makeup was done for me as well as my nails.

My dress for the day was put on me. It was a delightful gold lame dress that was strapless. I loved to have bare shoulders. The other maids were busy packed my and James’s clothes into suitcases as we were to leave the mansion and start our honeymoon holiday. I was all dressed and ready and then James took my hand and led me from the room. We went down to an underground garage where we got into a limo. Our chauffeur was Jane who was to drive us to the airport. Ann and Barbara were to accompany us in the limo while the other maids were to follow us in a van after they had loaded our entire luggage. We left the mansion and began our drive to LAX airport. Our mansion was in Beverly Glen in Delfern Drive. We arrived at the airport and proceeded straight to a hanger and which we entered. A large jet was waiting for us. James told me he owned the jet. The pilots and stewardess, June welcomed us and we got on board and waited for the rest of our maids to arrive. We did wait long and they all got on board and our luggage was loaded. A tractor pulled the jet from the hanger and the jet began its trip the runway. The pilots who were women invited me up to the cockpit for the takeoff. We soon reached the runway and were given the go ahead to take off. The jet was soon in the air and I enjoyed the takeoff.

Once we had reached cruising altitude and speed I went back to take my seat on a couch next to James. Jane brought us drinks and we sat back and relaxed as the jet continued on its westerly flight. We were expected to take 5 hours to reach our destination.

We had left at 2 p.m. and were due to land 4 p.m. Hawaiian time.
Awhile into the flight Daisy assisted Jane to bring us all a bite to eat. We landed and then were taken in a limo to the mansion. The route was a long winding road up a mountain.


We got to the mansion and I was helped out the limo. I was led by Ann and Barbara inside. There was a wonderful view from the deck. James and I sat down and relaxed while the maids went about their tasks of unpacking. Florence and Gail brought us drinks and Gail insisted on holding the glass for me as I drank. The maids were still dressed in their traveling clothes. Florence left saying she was going to change into her maid’s uniform. The other maids came dressed in their uniforms. They were particularly short with lots of petticoats and also were very low cut giving James and me eyefuls when they bent in front of us. I enjoyed the view of the deep cleavage.

We enjoyed a spectacular view of the sunset and then dinner was brought out to James and me by Gail and Hester. Hester and Gail insisted on feeding me again. I felt a bit like a baby being fed. Any way I didn’t mind, I knew they were there to pamper me. After dinner we went inside and to the bedroom and my personal maids began to undress me and helped me into a bath. I was washed by them as usual and after the bath I was taken to the bed where James was waiting for me, he was just dressed in his boxer shorts. I was told to remove his boxer shorts with my teeth which I did. Next I sucked on his tool and got him ready. I assumed the position and James deposited more of his seed into me, A further step in my feminization. A pad and panties were put on me and then James and I watched a movie on DVD. Later we went to bed after Barbara brushed my teeth for me. I lay on the bed and Barbara tucked me in. James was at my rear and he held my developing breasts. I feel asleep aware of his hardness pressing into me.


The honeymoon was wonderful; we spent our days exploring the island and its surrounding islands. James arranged many activities for us including helicopter flights over the islands including the big island. We had could touch down when we wanted to. I enjoyed all the new experiences and enjoyed using the video camera James gave me. Most of all I was enjoying it with the man who was busy turning me into a woman. When we ate out in restaurants it was just James and I. The maids also enjoyed time to do things. When we were at the mansion they were at our disposal.

The two weeks passed quickly and day after day James deposited his seed into me. It was starting to have an effect as towards the end of the honeymoon I noticed a tingling in my breasts. I had been told to expect this. It was a sign of my impending full womanhood. During my daily massages the maids concentrated a lot on my new development. I was looking forward when I could wear a shop bought brassiere.
My tool was also starting to shrink and my male organs were beginning to draw up into my body. I knew I would reach a point when I would be neither male nor female. I had been told the female experience was better the male so I did not mind. I was looking forward to when James could insert his tool into my female orifice. I was also enjoying the constant attention for my maids; they would bathe me, dress me and put on my makeup. I did not have to lift a finger except of course when I choose to.


We had returned to our mansion in Los Angeles two days earlier. Today I was due at the Gender Reform Institute for a checkup. I wore my usual underwear and a pink satin dress. That morning James had deposited another load of his seed into me. We were on our in the limo. Barbara accompanied James and me. I had just loved it that morning when my maids dressed me. As my brassiere was put on me my erecting nipples gave me a tingle that continued for a while.

We arrived at the Institute and went straight to see the doctor that was to examine me. She had me up on a table and my feet in stirrups after I undressed and put on a hospital style gown. My tool and friends were checked and measured and my sack was checked for an opening. This would be the start to my new female development. The doctor said I was on my way to be female. She also checked my chest and said it was fine. I was measured completely and these measurements were compared with what I was before. The doctor said I was progressing well.

After the examination Barbara helped me dress and then we left to have lunch at a restaurant before returning home. At home Barbara undressed me and dressed me in a negligee and gown in spite of the fact it was early afternoon. I was just going to relax for a while watching a DVD while having my muscles exercised by a machine that was strapped to me. Next I went to have a sauna to sweat a bit after Barbara undressed me. After the sauna I dived into the indoor pool and swam for a while.

Later I was dressed again for dinner. James had invited people over and we had a grand meal and afterwards we danced. The evening went well and afterwards the maids got me ready for bed and James made his usual deposit before we went to sleep.


The process of my turning into a woman was going to take about 6 months. Another two weeks passed and I was beginning to feel changes. My shoes were getting looser on me and my hips were expanding making my panties fit better. My tool was continuing to shrink and my balls were busy drawing up into my body, my tool was now the size of a 4 year olds. My melons continued to grow and were requiring an “A” cup brassiere. Today we were due to visit a corsetiere to hay a bra fitted. I welcomed it and could not wait for the fitting. We arrived at the shop and I was escorted to a fitting room where I was measured and given a choice of bras to choose from. I selected some satiny ones, satin being my favorite material.

Barbara assisted to get the brassiere on me. I just loved the way my melons now filled the bigger cups. Also it meant some of my clothes were now a little snug. I was well on my way to being a woman. My facial features were also changing becoming softer and more feminine. James was delighted in the changes. My tool of course was no longer capable of giving me any pleasure. Soon it would retract entirely into my body. I welcomed it as I would no longer have anything between my legs.
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