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Rated: XGC · Short Story · Erotica · #1497235
A story of voyeurism and group sex.

I am a happily married man. Me and my wife have an opened sexual life. I know that she has sex with other

men and she knows that i have had affairs with other women. The thing that makes our marriage strong is that

we are always opened with each other. In fact i love watching my wife have sex with other men and she likes

to watch me. You might say we are swingers.

About a year ago we were having repairs done on our roof. We hired Mike our neighbor to do the work, which

was a lot cheaper than getting a private contractor. Mike is a tall blonde haired handsome looking man with

strong arms and a physique that could put him on the cover of men's magazine. Every time he would come in the

house for a drink or something i could see by the way my wife was looking at him that she a case of the hots

for this guy. One day she wore a string bikini around the house and out in the yard so he could see her.

She was giving him her best come on looks and when i saw his goggling eyes following the pendulum swing of

her ass i knew where this could be going.

One day i ask my wife point if she wanted to fuck him. "Yes honey, of course i want to fuck him," "but that is just

physical attraction," "you know that you are my only true love sweetie, she said, giving me a assuring kiss. I told

her that i would really like to see her fuck him. I could already feel my dick getting hard at the prospect.

She agreed that that would be nice so we came up with a plan. Mike usually arrived with his workers at 8:00 AM

in the morning and they worked until 5:00 PM. She would invite him to have lunch with her and then entice him

into the bedroom. She would tell him that i was out of town on business but i would really be hiding on the balcony

outside and peeking in. We live in a large two story frame house. The balcony is situated on the second story.

There is a window that gives a perfect view of the bedroom and every thing that would be going

on inside. There are also large pot plants that i could hide behind so i could watch the action without being

seen and the large trees surrounding our front yard would prevent me from being seen from the road. I ask her if

she was sure of him.

"Of course honey," "just leave everything to me," she said smiling.

We picked a Saturday, a day that i did not have to work but the roof men would be there. I parked my car down the

road so they would think i was really gone and at 12:00 noon i was in my hideout waiting to see what would happen.

My dick was already hard, just from imagining this muscular man fucking my wife.

It was 12:30 PM when the bedroom door opened and my wife entered the room. She was wearing jeans and a white blouse

that she quickly slipped out of revealing her sexy tanned body, with only two nylon strings, that barely covered her

round ass and breast. I was drooling as i watched her strut across the room. I could see her reflection in the mirror

as she ran a brush through her hair, sweeping the golden locks back over her shoulders, my eyes feasting on her sexy

ass, half exposed by the nylon string of her bikini, her round cheeks sticking out clearly and shifting around, as she

put on her perfume and lipstick. My dick was as hard as a rock just from watching her and from anticipation. I felt

like running in and fucking her right then.

She stood up and started calling Mike. "Mike where are you?" "Come here Mike i have something for you." As Mike walked

in, his eyes bug out when he saw my wife. Don't worry she said, my husband is not here and he won't be back today.

For a while he seemed to not know what to say and just stood there with his mouth opened. She walked over to him and

put her arms around him and started kissing him. Mike stepped back. "Did you know am a married man?", he said.

That is alright. "I am a married woman." "Honey you know you've been wanting this as bad as hell. "She then pulled off her

bikini top and tossed it on the floor, then slipped out of her panties, and stood in front of him naked.

"You have beautiful breast he said," as he stared at my wives mountains of pleasure.

"And i bet you are well hung," she said

walking up to him and grabbing his cock through his pants. I was beginning to feel the blood rushing through my cock as it

looked like he might actually fuck her. She kissed him again and this time he did not back off. She slipped her tongue into

his mouth and he returned her kiss. Soon they were devouring each other, their tongues thrusting in and out of each others

mouths. Without ever breaking the kiss, she removed his shirt and pants, and grabbed on to his cock.

"Oh honey," "Its so big," she said, with a devilish smile.

"Oh baby i have to have it inside me."

He was heavily endowed. His cock must have been ten inches long.

twice as big as mine. I was holding my dick now and it was rock hard. She backed away

from him, moved over to the bed, and spread her legs wide apart. For a while he just looked at her. Without a word he walked

over to her and spring between her legs. He pushed this cock all the way inside her and begin fucking her with long deep

strokes. My wife brought her legs up over his shoulders as she writhed and undulated her ass to meet each of his trust.

She pulled Mike's head down and kissed him deeply. Their bodies seemed to move in a common sexual rhythm as though they

were meant to fuck, their tongues darting, flickering, and exploring. I was masturbating as i watched them, and trying to pace

myself so as to climax at the same time they did.

Suddenly i saw the bedroom door open and Mike's helper Bob walked in the room. He didn't seem a bit surprised. I was

certainly surprised as i knew that she must have invited him to join in without telling me. I didn't know until then what

a slut my wife really was, but i did not mind as this made it even better. Bob removed his clothes and stood there butt naked

watching Mike and my wife go at it. They did not pay a bit of attention to him as they were too immersed in their passion to

notice anything. I could tell my wife was having an orgasm as she ached her body upward, lifting Mike off the bed. She threw her

head back and screamed out her passion as her fingers dug in to Mike's ass. Her body jerked and stiffened as she climaxed.

I knew that Mike was shooting his load into her even as i shot mine on the balcony floor.

Mike rolled off of her and then it was Bob's turn to fuck my wife. He wasted no time as he climbed on top of my slutty

wife and started ramming her with his cock. Apparently she had not had enough from Mike as he brought her to another intense

orgasm. Before Bob had finished shooting off in her, he pulled his cock all the way and spilled a carload of cum all over my

lovely wife. Mike then crawled over and started a long kissing session with my wife while Bob watched. As they kissed Bob

came up behind my wife and begin to frig her pussy. This was better then a porn movie. My wife was so damn hot. The

harder Bob frigged her the deeper she would drive her tongue into Mike's mouth. She was moaning and sighing loudly as Bob's

Frigging drove her to another orgasm. Bob then moved over and begin to masturbate as he watched Mike and my wife continue

their protracted kiss. When they finally broke the kiss my wife took Mike's cock in her hand, and to my amazement, took his

whole member between her lips as he begin to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth. I could see my wife's head bobbing

up and down as she sucked vigorously on my Mike's cock. After five minutes he came in her mouth and she swallowed every last

drop, her tongue licking the rest off the tip of his cock. She then leaned over and kissed Bob who was sitting right behind

her, driving her cum covered tongue deep into his mouth. Then she brought the kiss back to Mike giving him a mouth load of

his own cum. Mike then pushed my wife down on the bed and fucked herlong and hard. My wife just kept having one orgasm after

another. Just like the ever ready battery she just could not run down. When Mike was finished, Bob took his turn at fucking her.

They just kept fucking her and they were still going at it when i left nearly five hours lately! I wondered how long they

went on after that.

When i returned my wife was asleep as she lay naked on the bed. Her hair was a mess and the room was full of a cum

smell. I removed my clothes and got into bed with her. I leaned over and kissed her until she wokeup. I pushed my

tongue in her mouth. She put her arms around me and she kissed me back deep and passionately, our tongues exploring and darting.

i entered her and we fucked like rabbits for hours. I wondered though if she was fucking me or Bob, but it really did not

matter much to me. She was a slut and to me that was alright.

© Copyright 2008 Richard Harris (darrel5000 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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