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An erotic tale best read when you're feeling a bit BEASTLY.

Ever since she'd been a little girl, Katy had been in love with horses. Having spent nearly every summer of her life on her Grandparents farm, she'd been smitten with them since she'd first laid eyes on them.  Tall, powerful, lean and fast, they seemed such noble beasts to her young eyes. 

She'd begged her Grandfather to teach her to ride since she'd been barely able to walk.  And being a kind hearted man who loved to make his Granddaughter happy, he'd agreed to do just that when she was old enough, provided that she agreed to do all the work related to grooming and feeding the horses she road and keeping their stables clean. 

Katy thought nothing of the hard work required to win the right to ride such magnificent animals and took to it happily.  She even agreed to begin doing the work a full summer before she was considered old enough to ride, just so she'd have the chance to be around her favorite creatures in the whole world that much sooner. 

When the time finally came, Katy took to her lessons with incredible aptitude and was soon an accomplished rider, easily able to do jumps and tricks with her mount that children nearly twice her age found difficult or impossible.  From that first summer of riding lessons, it would not be unfair to say that Katy spent every waking hour she could in or around the stables and as close to her friends with four legs as she could.  And when Katy couldn't be with horses, she was reading about them or watching movies about them or collecting pictures of them.  Horses were quickly becoming Katy's life. 

As the years past and Katy got older, when other girls her age had begun to show interest in boys, Katy seemed bored with them.  "What use do I have for BOYS?" she would laugh.  "They're rude, obnoxious, stupid and smelly ... I'll stick with my real friends."

And so she did, shunning the attentions rightly due a girl who was blossoming into quite a lovely young woman.  Katy had no time for boys so long as she knew that that time COULD be spent riding or grooming or studying horses.  That is, until the summer when her grandfather hired a young man to help him out around the farm.

"I'm getting on in years now, Katy, and I could use a pair of strong hands to help me with some of the heavier work here on the farm.  I think you'll like Josh.  He's a good young lad with a ready smile and a good heart.  And he's a hard worker.  You'll see. He may just catch your eye."

As Katy made her way out to the horse barn for her morning ride, she was not in the least interested in Grandpa's new hired hand.  Josh was just another boy in a world full of useless boys.  She was sure he'd prove no more interesting than any other boy she'd ever met.

But Katy was in for a surprise.  For when she got to the horse barn, the first sound she heard, aside from the normal sounds one hears from a horse barn, was that of her own breath being taken in with a rapid sigh of delighted surprise.  "Aaaaaaah!" she inhaled softly. 

Katy stood transfixed.  Standing there before her, in the shade inside the horse barn, was the second most beautiful thing she'd ever seen.  He was tall with a shock of blond  hair atop his head. He was muscular from his powerful strong neck to his rippled chest and narrow waist.  His blue jeans fit his behind as though the finest tailor in all the land had spent a year fitting them so they'd cling in all the right places to all the right muscles and drive every girl in the world to want to reach out and grab his buttocks with both hands and not let go.  He was as perfect as a boy could be. 

Covered in sweat and totally oblivious to her presence, Josh continued the work of grooming Katy's horse as she stood there, mouth open, eyes staring, just taking him in.

Finally, Josh finished brushing King (that was the name of Katy's favorite horse) and turned to put the brush away and saw Katy standing there, just staring at him … and at the prodigious bulge that appeared at the front of his jeans.  It must have been a reaction that occurred with some frequency, as Josh seemed to take her transfixed look in stride and simply smiled and said "You must be Katy."  He put the brush down right where it belonged and proceeded to get King ready to ride.

"Um, yes.  I'm Katy.  And, you.  You're Josh?" she managed to get out after a bit of struggling.

"Yep, UGGHHH," he grunted, getting the saddle up on King's back.  "That's me.  I work for your Grandfather.  Helping him out with some of the chores around the farm."  Josh finished strapping on the saddle and went to retrieve the bridle.  King didn't seem to mind Josh working with him and stood calmly as the boy slipped the bridle over his head.
Katy was amazed.  "I ... I'm ... I mean ... I'm very nice ... I'm ... very GLAD to meet you," Katy stammered in a very uncharacteristic way.  She'd never seen King take to a stranger so easily.  Moreover, she'd never felt like this about a boy before.  She was blushing wildly, heart pounding in her chest.  She suddenly wished for all the world that she wasn't wearing ratty old torn jeans and a sweatshirt, with her hair tied back in a pony tail.  Her Grandmother had TOLD her she might want to wear something else. 
Josh smiled, but didn't laugh as Katy stumbled over her words.  "I'm very glad to meet you too," he said in a polite and genuinely friendly sort of way.  Katy made her way toward an old stump they used as a bench in the barn and sat down, never taking her eyes off Josh.  She watched as he finished getting King ready and tried to think of something clever and sweet to say.  But mostly came up with nothing.

"I don't suppose you'd like it if I rode with you today," Josh said matter-of-factly as he finished his work and turned and walked over to where Katy was sitting.

"You ride?" Katy asked, feeling surprised, though not entirely sure why.

"You don't think your Grandfather would hire somebody who didn't ride, do you?" he laughed.  "Of course I ride.  You seem surprised."

"I ... I just never met a boy who could ride before.  We're from the city and nobody there knows how to ride but me," she smiled in delight at the prospect of a boy who knew about horses.  "I'd love it if you'd come riding with me."  She felt a strange tingling deep inside as she said the words.  She'd never felt that tingling just talking to a boy before.

Josh looked surprised.  He'd heard from some of the other boys in the area that Katy wasn't very much into dating or socializing, let alone sex.  As pretty a flower of a young woman as she was turning out to be, she seemed to have no interest at all in men, as boys of that age are want to call themselves.  None of the local lads had succeeded in experiencing the delights of Katy's flowering young body, despite their best efforts.

"Give it up, Josh," they teased him after he found he'd landed a job working for Katy's Grandpa." 

"Why?" he'd asked, "Is she spoken for?" 

"Yeah ... she's all about the horses.  Never gives a one of us the time of day when she comes into town with her grandparents to do shopping or catch a movie.  Treats us like we don't exist.  Imagine that.  A woman with a body and a face like hers acting like men don't exist.  Why, it's just not natural!" they other boys had teased.  "Give it up now, Josh.  Don't drive yourself crazy!  You'll spend all summer in Old Man Wheeler's barn whacking off by yourself.  That tight little filly won't give you a second look."

To say the least, Josh was surprised by Katy's positive reaction.  Pleasantly surprised.  For Katy was, indeed, a very attractive young woman in every respect.  Her hair was long and thick and straight and of a soft golden blonde that was neither brassy nor dull, but seemed to be woven of straw and gold mixed together in a perfect combination to catch the light and frame her soft, tanned face and deep green eyes.  Though the sweatshirt she had on that day didn't show it, she had been amply endowed by mother nature with what  her father liked to call the "Treasure of the Teller Clan", the most perfect breasts most men had ever laid eyes on, though very few men except her doctor and her family had ever seen them in even so much as a bikini, let alone fully exposed to the warmth of the summer sun.  Her waist and tummy narrowed and flattened in an hourglass landscape that swelled into perfectly feminine hips and a behind that was just round enough to catch every masculine eye within 300 yards without even hinting at becoming too round.  Strong muscular thighs and firm, trim calves tapered into delicate ankles and exquisitely formed feet that justified the creation of sandals on their own account.  Though she rarely showed it off, Katy was a striking beauty from head to toe.

And Josh had been observant enough during his visits to the Wheeler homestead to have noticed Katy's pictures on the mantle.  He'd been hoping the rumors of Katy's indifference toward men was overstated.  And given the blush in her cheeks and the look on her face at the idea of sharing her ride with him, Josh felt he was well on his way to having a MUCH better summer than he'd hoped for.

Before long, Josh had saddled up Ranger and was riding alongside Katy out of the barn and into a perfectly blue sky sunny summer day.  They spent hours riding around the expansive Wheeler farm, racing each other and testing each others skills one moment and just riding along slowly, enjoying a perfect day the next.  By noon, they were headed back to the horse barn, totally and completely and madly in love with each other.  Neither of them had ever met anyone even remotely like the person with whom they'd just spent the morning riding. 

Katy couldn't believe she'd met a man (he was a man, clearly, this one ... not a boy) who was every bit her match on horseback but as kind, considerate, thoughtful, brave, fun-loving and adventurous as her grandfather.  In short, he was the perfect man for her ... and he was nearly as gorgeous as King, though she'd never tell KING that.

It was a little different for Josh, but not much.  He'd hoped in his boyish heart that the girl who spent her summers living on the farm where he'd been hired to work would prove to be delightfully sexual scenery for the season, filling his days with her loveliness and wearing as little as possible.  With any luck, she'd be as interested as he was in spending a little time lost in quiet places on the farther reaches of the farm where no one could find them, exchanging a little healthy summer perspiration and other assorted bodily fluids.  But this was different. 

He felt something for Katy he'd never felt for a woman before.  And she was definitely a woman.  He didn't just feel himself getting lost in a whirlpool of lust and craving to enjoy the wonders of her spectacular body ... he liked her.  More than that, he liked being with her.  They'd spent the entire morning together and he hadn't once thought about having sex with her.  (Well, to be honest, he had briefly.  When the sun had risen high enough in the sky for her to remove her sweatshirt, she'd "accidentally" given him a clear view of just HOW MUCH of a woman she was under the t-shirt as it rode most of the way over her head with the sweatshirt before she'd caught it and pulled it down.)  He wasn't sure it was love, but to Josh, Katy wasn't going to be just another roll in the hay. 

Both of them went to sleep that night with heads spinning.  Neither of them had ever felt anything like this before and they couldn't wait to get through the night's sleep and start the next morning's ride.

Josh rose a full two hours early, and headed to the horse barn to get an early start on his chores.  He wanted to make sure he had plenty of time to spend with Katy without falling behind on the other work he had to complete by the end of the day.  He knew that Katy's Grandfather liked him and would not only not mind if the two of them started to get close, but might actually encourage it, as long as he kept up with his assigned tasks.  This was a job, after all, not just a place to live for the summer.

Josh made his way toward the horse barn while it was still dark.  As he grew closer, he was surprised to find a light on.  At first his heart jumped a bit, thinking perhaps he'd left the light on himself when he'd wrapped up his work late last night, as he had spent more time with Katy than he'd planned.  But he specifically remembered turning all the lights off and even looking back at the barn as he'd made his way to the house to be double sure they were all out. 

He was fairly sure Mr. or Mrs. Wheeler weren't up yet.  And Katy never rose before 7am.  Josh slowed his pace and changed his course to the barn to steer close to some trees that lined the path toward the barn.  If someone had broken in and was attempting to steal one or more of the of the horses, Josh would need to be VERY careful. 

He crept up to the far side of the barn, the farthest away from the light, and listened.  He could hear the horses moving about, and a sound that might have been a human voice.  But he couldn't be sure.

He moved along the outside of the barn until he was directly outside of where the light was the brightest.  He listened again.  It sounded like someone was grooming one of the horses.  He could hear a long, soft stroking sound, and a soft human voice gently talking to one of the horses.  It sounded like King.  But who would be grooming King at this hour?  He'd been groomed the night before so there was no need. 

Was Mr. Wheeler starting to lose his memory?  Josh had heard that sometimes the aged lost track of things forgot things that had happened that very day.  He'd also heard that sometimes they needed very little sleep, and had more energy than they knew what to do with.  Maybe he'd made his way out to the horse barn to do a little work to burn off some energy.  He didn't get the chance to do as much of that sort of work as he'd like, and perhaps he missed it.

Josh decided that whatever it was he heard inside didn't sound much like thieves, so he made his way carefully around to the front door of the barn and slowly pried it open.  He still wasn't one hundred percent sure, so he wanted to be careful.  Peaking inside, his eyes met with a vision he could not comprehend.

There, in the open part of the barn, stood Katy, naked as a jaybird, for all the world to see, her robe lying in a heap a few feet away on the ground.  She had King tied to one of the main support posts of the barn and was stroking his sides with a brush.  Josh froze and stared in confused and delighted disbelief.  He'd been able to tell through the t-shirt and jeans that Katy had a wonderful body, but to see it there now, standing so close, totally exposed, in all it's womanly glory, was truly breathtaking.  He looked around quickly to make sure no one could see him taking up his position of surveillance outside the door, then crouched down to watch.  Knowing full well he shouldn't, he did anyway.

Katy soon finished with the brush and leaned up against King, leaning her naked body against him.  "There, there King.  There's my boy.  Are you ready for your treat?"  Pressing her breasts into his sides, she stroked his main with her hands and gently rubbed herself against his warmth."  The horse whinnied audibly and stamped the ground twice with his right fore hoof.  Josh had know way of knowing it, but Katy knew exactly what King's whinnies meant.  "Twice?" she laughed.  "I don't know if we'll have time to do it twice."

She patted him on the back and proceeded to get down on her hands and knees, crawling under the horses belly, then sitting back on her heels.  Sitting there like that, totally naked, Josh found himself in total awe.  The arch of her back.  The perfect rounded shape of her behind.  She was incredible.

Reaching up, Katy began sliding her right hand along the  underside of King's belly and back between his legs.  Snorting a bit more heavily, it didn't take long for King to respond to the gentle touch between his powerful legs.  He whinnied loudly. 

"Yes, I know you like it.  But don't get in too much of a hurry.  You know if feels better when I take my time."  The horse's massive cock began to stiffen and grow and soon began to extend out from it's hiding place.  As his fist sized cock head protruded into the cool morning air, Katy wrapped both hands around it and began slowly stroking her fingers along the length of the massive shaft as more of it grew into view. 

"There's my good boy," she cooed, stroking it's incredible length from head to balls, slowly and gently.  "You like you're morning treat, don't you boy?"  The horse snorted in reply.  "If we have TIME," Katy laughed, "if we have time."

Josh couldn't believe his eyes.  He'd known for years that many women developed something of a fixation with horses.  He assumed it was due to their muscular physique, romantic image and rather incredible sexual endowment.  But he'd always assumed it was just a thing of fantasies, not something a woman would ever actually pursue in real life.

Katy scooted back a bit on her knees so that King's cock head hung a few inches in front of her face when she was sitting back on her heels.  She slowly and deliberately stroked his shaft as it became  harder and longer until it had reached it's full and incredible length and girth.  Easily as big as Josh's arm, she held the cock's head with great reverence before her lips ... and kissed it.  Josh's eyes felt like they would leap from his head

Katy proceeded to cover the head of King's cock with kisses.  Long, lingering, wet kisses.  He saw her lips part and her tongue extend outward.  Lavishing long lingering licks over this massive stud's cock head, Katy sighed and began to rock on her hips as she spread her lips wider and began to take the massive head into her mouth.  King snorted and whinnied in excitement as Katy's mouth closed around the front of his huge cock head and slid further onto the length of his shaft. 

Without gagging, Katy took inch after inch of the massive cock into her mouth and someway down her throat.  The horse was in no way threatening to Katy as she began to bob her head slowly.  He stood steady and still and simply snorted his approval as her long blonde hair swayed back and forth, her lips and mouth covering the sensitive end of the massive shaft in warm, wet attentions.  And Katy understood the meaning of every snort and every whinny.  These two understood each other, intimately.

Josh shifted his weight to a more stable position, afraid he might loose his balance and give away his hiding place before the show was over.  He couldn't believe what he was seeing.  Katy, one of the nicest, sweetest girls he'd ever met, a girl he'd found himself falling for so completely that sex had been the SECOND thing on his mind when he was around her instead of the first, was no more than fifteen feet away from him, giving head to a horse!

As Josh settled into his new position, he noticed that Katy had moved one hand from King's cock and slipped it gently between her own legs.  His eyes flared open as he saw her spread her knees to let her hand glide over her womanhood.  He could hear her sighing and then moaning as her hips rocked back and forth, her fingers working more quickly between her thighs. 

Josh looked around quickly to make sure no one else was up and about two hours before they were supposed to be, and unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned the front of his jeans.  His own very erect cock sprang out as he pulled his jeans down around his ass.  He grabbed his cock and began stroking it feverishly.  It was then that he noticed Katy taking her hand away from her pussy.  As she moved it, the light in the barn reflected off of her fingers ... they were soaking wet. 

"Ooooh FUCK," Josh whispered to himself.  "This is unbelievable."

But the unbelievable part had barely started.  Katy slowly withdrew her lips from around King's shaft, glistening strands of saliva trailing from his head to her lips.  She smiled, allowing them to fall and trail over her chin and breasts as she rose to a position on her hands and knees and turned around under King's tummy, facing the same direction as he. 

She crept a little forward and then pressed her face to the ground.  "Come on King.  I'm ready for you," she said softly.  The horse eased forward with small steps, as if it understood what she was saying.  It's cock soon pressed gently against the warm, slippery flesh between her thighs.  Pushing her ass up in the air, Katy used her right hand to reach behind her and take the horse's cock in her grasp. 

"NO ... FUCKING ... WAY!!!" Josh mouthed silently.  Katy held the huge head of the horse's cock against pussy and then scooted a little backward.  She had her face pressed against the ground, facing in Josh's direction, so he could tell by her gaping expression when she'd guided the huge schlong into her wet heat. 

"FUCK!!" she groaned audibly as she felt the first couple of inches of monster cock ease into her wet, slippery pussy.  "GOD King, you've got to teach Josh how to do this," she laughed to herself.  Josh blushed as if his face were on fire, totally unsure how to take the comment or what he was seeing. 

Katy slowly began to rock back and forth on her knees, forcing her pussy back as far as she could onto King's cock, then easing herself forward, then back again.  "GOD you feel good, you brute," she said, shivering visibly from the sensation of being spread so wide by such a massive cock.  King snorted in response, and Katy laughed.  "OK … if you insist.  But only one finger this time." 

It was as if the two were talking to each other.  Josh was totally overwhelmed.  Katy licked the middle finger of her left hand and reached over her ass and gently slid her slippery finger tip onto her clenching ass hole. 

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmhmmmmmm," she shivered again.  "Yessss ..." slowly but steadily, keeping the rhythm of her slow rocking on and off King's shaft.  "Yes, yes, yes," she whispered, losing all sense of where she was or what might be going on around her as the huge horse cock  filled every inch of her insides and overwhelmed her with bliss. 

With a short "Ahh!!!" she pushed her long, slender middle finger into her ass hole and eased it in deep. "GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryesss," she  groaned.  "It's inside me, King," she smiled.  "And it feels WONDERFUL."

Katy began to move faster now.  Josh could HEAR the sound of King's cock moving in and out of what sounded like a sopping wet pussy.  He wished he could see her fully from behind.  The thought of that sight, King's cock reaming her sweet little pussy, her own finger stuffed up her tight little ass hole ... her perfect ass up so high with her face down in the dirt ... just the thought of it had Josh near cumming.

Katy was POUNDING backward now, driving herself deeper and deeper onto the arm sized cock of the well hung horse.  "Yes, FUCK YES," she blurted, hair flying in all directions as she shook her head wildly from side to side.  She sounded like she was near her own orgasm, breathing hard and panting wildly, blurting out "FUCK YES" and "COME on KING, FUCK me," between gulps of air and ragged heavy breathing.  The horse was humping it's hips now, driving it's incredible prick into Katy's tender hot cunt.  She SCREAMED as it rammed deep into her … a scream of excruciating delight.

Katy turned her head toward the door behind which Josh was hidden.  Eyes closed, mouth gaping open, a long stream of saliva hanging from her chin, Katy seemed to freeze, holing her position as nearly still as she could, only her tits flopping and hair sweeping back and forth to the rhythm of the horse's awesome pounding strokes.  She was waiting for it now ... she could feel it building.  "Cum on King … cum on King … make me cum, boy.  FUCK yes!"

It was all more than Josh could handle.  Well before he was ready, Josh felt his own eruption EXPLODE from his raging cock and spray all over the side of the barn.  "FUCK!" he blurted out audibly, leaning forward to keep the huge load of seed from spraying the front of his jeans.  He totally forgot his situation for a moment as a long, rocking orgasm tore through his balls and cock.  Eyes clamped shut, hand squeezing and jerking his cock hard, he felt the most incredible orgasm of his life RIP from deep inside his groin and wash over his entire body in a dozen convulsing waves of incredible bliss.

It wasn't until several seconds after the strongest waves of his orgasm had passed, that Josh's mind realized that something wasn't right.  He opened his eyes and looked up ... and saw Katy staring directly at him.  She wasn't moving, and King had stopped pounding her from behind.  BOTH of them were looking directly at him.

He realized that she'd heard him cry out as he'd lost control.  And she could see him now … THEY could see him now … as he knelt forward into the sliver of light that passed through the partially opened door.

"SHIT!" he whispered.  His brain was telling him to kneel back on his heels, to get back into the shadows, but he knew it was too late.

For a split second, as he saw her face and registered that her eyes were looking directly into his, he thought his summer was over.  No great summer job.  No income.  No hot young filly to watch prancing around the farm in shorts and a t-shirt … or less.  No sure as SHIT, no sex.  He'd blown it.  Totally blown it.

Frozen, he just knelt there, cock in hand, semen drooling from the head.  His heart cold in his chest ...
Until he saw her smile.

"What are you doing out THERE?" she said coyly. 

He was SURE she'd be in a blindingly RAGE having been caught in the middle of such an  unspeakable act of perversity.  But the smile that crossed her face spoke of deep joy, not rage.  He had no idea what to say.

Katy moved her right hand to her pussy to steady King's cock as she slowly slid her left middle finger out of her ass and pressed her palm against the ground, patting it lightly.  "There's an opening for YOU if you'd like it," she smiled.

Josh couldn't believe what he was seeing.  Katy moved her left hand to her ass and patted it and said "Come on ... there's room for you between us."  King snorted.  Katy laughed and added, "That's right, don't worry.  We like you."

Was she kidding ... or crazy?  Both of them were just staring at him, expectantly.  The horse and the naked girl … still joined by the massive swollen shaft that protruded from Katy's delicious ass.  And THEY … wanted HIM … to JOIN them?

Something inside of Josh took over.  There's no way he would have consciously stood up, jeans around his knees, cum dripping from his still stiff cock, and walked into the barn.  But that's precisely what he did.  Something inside him remembered to close the door.
He let go of his cock, never taking his eyes off the site of Katy, still bent down on her knees, ass in the air, face against the ground, with a two foot long horse cock stuffed into her glistening, sopping wet pussy. 

He quickly slipped out of his jeans and t-shirt and walked toward Katy.  There WAS just enough room between her ass and the horse's belly for him to slip in between.  Having NO idea what he was doing, he carefully stepped over her and backed into position. 

He pressed his cock head against Katy's ass and slid it onto her already wet anus, shuddering from head to toe.  He could feel King's tummy against his back ... and Katy's ass against his cock.  Well hung himself, for a man, Josh shut his eyes and concentrated on slowly easing his head into the wet, slippery grip of Katy's ass hole. 

"Ohhhh YESS!" she grunted as she felt Josh's cock ease into her ass hole.  His muscular legs to either side of her hips, Katy was looking backward and to her left, her hand grabbing Josh's ankle tight.  "Come on baby, fuck my ass ... I need to cum.  Aaagggghhh," she growled as she felt the length of Josh's penis shoving into her.

If the Teller family Treasure was the perfect endowment of breasts the Teller women all seemed to have, then the Drake family endowment was that their men didn't go soft after they came.  Still as hard as before, Josh slowly started to work his cock in and out of Katy's tight, hot ass hole.  Between her saliva and the bit of his own cum he'd smeared on his shaft, there was just enough lubrication to make for a very warm, tight fit. 

From the sound of Katy's guttural groaning, tight was JUST the way she liked it.  Katy was lost in her own world of unimaginable pleasure.  Both hands clawing at the ground, face pressed happily into the dust, growling and moaning and groaning as two massive poles reamed her from behind. 

Katy had long know the pleasure of massive cock filling her tight pussy and stretching her tight … ever since she and King and learned to communicate.  But she'd only dreamed of having both ass and cunt jammed with thick, pounding flesh.  King had been right.  This was the most sumptuous sensation she'd ever experienced.  He was truly a wise horse, one whom she was always happy to call her friend.  Especially at moments like this.

You see, from an early age Katy had discovered that King was the most agreeable horse in the world when she'd consent to play with his "ball bat", as she used to call it.  She'd gotten curious one morning while grooming him alone and had used her grooming brush in places Grandpa had never taught her too.  One thing led to another and before she knew it, something about the size of a baseball bat grew from between King's legs.  She knew what it was, of course.  She'd seem the horse piss before.  And she'd seen Grandpa piss out behind the oak tree.  But she was surprised to find this "ball bat",  long and hard and stiff, growing from between King's legs, and he wasn't peeing. 

Something about it fascinated her.  Something primal ... something beyond thinking or feeling.  She'd just HAD to touch it.  To feel it.  To know how it felt from tip to balls.  She'd played with it for a long time that morning, squeezing and stroking and giggling with delight.  And then, quite without warning, it had suddenly erupted in an explosion of thick white cream.  Lots of it.  It sprayed all over the place and all over Katy.  She'd had no idea what it was at the time, but deep down inside, it excited her.  And King seemed to enjoy the experience too.  He was more well behaved after that morning than he'd ever been with her, responding to her very thoughts as they'd ride.

It was also after that morning that Katy had begun to understand King's whinnies and snorts and huffs and puffs as though they were words.  She thought, at first, that perhaps they were just uncommonly close.  But before long, she realized she knew what he was thinking and what he wanted.  And they began to have long conversations as they'd ride about the farm.  She'd never let on with Grandpa or Grandma about her special relationship with King.  It was their little secret.  Who would believe that she could converse with a horse.

Every summer morning since that day, Katy had treated King to his "morning milking" and he'd been an absolute gentleman with her no matter how strenuous ride she'd put him through.  Katy actually looked forward to that part of the day more than any other.  She'd gotten into the habit of removing her clothes and kneeling between his legs as she stroked him to his explosion … feeling the huge gush of thick white cream spraying over her face and chest and thighs.  She LOVED the sensation of smearing the warm, thick cream into her skin.  It was the most incredible feeling in the world. 

At some point as she grew older, of course, Katy had discovered her own secret pleasures … the delightful firestorm that would erupt between her thighs when she touched her self just so or spent too much time thinking about certain things.  And it wasn't long before solitude and natural curiosity took over.  This wasn't the first time, or anything like it, that Katy and King had shared an early morning ride together. 

But now Josh was in between them, his still hard staff drilling the most perfect ass he'd ever seen ... the horse pounding away behind him ... Katy crying uncontrollably with a sound that could only be described as deep sobs of uncontrollable bliss.  She was indeed lost in her own world of physical delight. 

Josh reached under Katy and took her breasts tight in his grasp.  He squeezed and pulled her upward, grinding his penis into her ass as he grunted and moaned.  Grabbing her by the hair with one hand, he turned her face to his and kissed her on the lips.  Her eyes were closed.  She was totally at the mercy of her two stallions.  She didn't care what they did, as long as she was the focus of this delicious rampage of stabbing he-flesh. 

Josh saw Katy's face suddenly screw into a tight clenching expression ... he knew she was close.  He grabbed her by both breasts and pulled her tight against him.  Driving deep, he thrust his cock into her ass as he could.  His own eyes clamped shut. 

"AAAAAGHA!!!!" he cried out, as an incredible GUSH of cum rippled from his cock.  He felt a splash of wet heat on his ass as King unleashed his own load at the same time.  Josh held Katy tight to his chest as he shot a dozen long streams of cum into her hot hole while king unleashed a river of seed into her overflowing pussy.  Josh could hear liquid spilling on the ground behind him as King drove his cock into the flooded valley between Katy's thighs.  As the massive cock rammed deep, steaming white froth spilled from around her cunt and poured over her ass and thighs.

Katy cried out in a long, tortured guttural scream as both cocks drenched her insides with swirling torrents of cum.  Her mind was spinning, her body out of control with pleasure beyond her wildest imagining.  She felt dizzy.  Light headed ... panting hard, flushed of cheek, throat and chest ... "Oh ... Oh Josh ... I ... cahh … aaaaaaahhhh."

Katy fell limp in Josh's arms.

He might have panicked, but with his arms clamped so tightly about her chest, he could feel the powerful beating of  her heart.  She'd passed out from pure over stimulation.  Josh eased her down onto the ground, slowly letting his softening cock slide from between the firm cheeks of her ass.  Cum clung to his cock and trailed to the still spread hole of her anus as he slipped free.  King's cock was still partially buried in her pussy, a flood of thick white seed smeared all over her labia and ass and thighs.  Josh couldn't help but smile … Katy's back side was a fucking incredible gorgeous mess.

Josh stepped out from between Katy and King and eased the horse backward, sliding his cock gently from Katy's stretched pussy.  Untying King, he lead him back to his stall and secured him there, smiling as he rubbed the mighty stallion's nose.  "I guess you've got a thing or two to teach me, old boy," he smiled.  King snorted his reply.  Josh wondered what he'd said.

Returning to Katy, Josh sat down on the ground next to her, stretching out on his side and just gazing at her.  She was the most incredible vision he'd ever seen in his life.  The most womanly and beautiful girl he'd ever seen, stretched out naked on the ground, her ass and womanhood totally drenched in cum, legs splayed apart, face and chest and neck red and flushed from sex, slightly tipped onto one side, breathing heavily, completely unconscious of what was happening around her ... and the smile of an angel on  her face.

By the time Katy woke up again, Josh had filled a bucket with water, heated it up and used a clean sponge to gently clean between her legs and ass cheeks, so her skin was clean and free of seed.  He'd dried her with a clean towel and picked her up and wrapped her in a clean blanket and carried her to an open door in the back of the barn that faced east.  He wrapped himself in a blanket as well and sat down next to her, waiting for the sun to come up. 

As the family rooster crowed his announcement of the sun's inevitable rising, Katy's eyes fluttered, and she awoke.

She looked forward at first, not sure where she was or how she'd gotten there.  She blinked a few times, then slowly slid a hand between her legs and smiled to find herself clean and dry.  She turned instinctively toward Josh, still smiling. 

"I ... I needed to know if you'd understand," she said softly, leaning her head against his shoulder.

"What?" he sounded surprised.

"I fell in love with you yesterday.  And I could tell you were falling in love with me.  I've never felt that way about a man before.  And I could tell that you weren't JUST looking at my body all day.  I could tell you liked me.  ME ... not just my ass and my tits."

They both laughed and blushed.  And knew it was true.

"So, I had to know, before things went too far."

"Had to know if ..." Josh hesitated.

"I had to know if you'd understand ... that I need two stallions in my life … you and King."

The first rays of the sun slipped over the horizon and kissed them on the cheeks as they leaned together and kissed each other on the lips.

"I … I don't know WHY I do … or HOW I do.  But I understand.  King's a special horse, isn't he?"

Katy nodded.  "We understand each other."

Josh knew it was much more than that.  But he found he didn't care.  In fact, he felt strangely privileged to be a part of this strange three way partnership.

Josh wrapped Katy in his arm and pulled her close.  They watched together as the sun slipped silently over the distant horizon.   

King whinnied his approval from his stall.  He knew all to well the importance of finding good riding partners. 


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