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something I wrote back in '95. Revolving story. Nothingface.
Myth and Revol(ve)ution

"Locked in my room, under my bed, scared of my own shadow."

against Billy goes out and buys a gun to protect himself "Nice piece you have there man" big fat mother behind the counter says Billy walks out down the street many streets to his home hides the gun under his mattress the ATF showed up on Andy's doorstep the other day said he'd been mailing subversive documents telecommunication satellites all locked into one central area been collecting the nexus to themselves showed up at Fred's said he'd been receiving such documents willingly said to Britta that she'd been engaging in lewd and lascivious conversations outlawed in statue 9a-096tr2 of the National Guidelines for Decency Billy's not going to be caught unawares like them "Damn it," he said to his girlfriend, "they not going to come in here and take me away" so many words the shadows of words said again and again the television on the wall two well-known familiar faces bicker over which is going to provide us peace and change wouldn't that be nice smiles ATF showed up on Franscica's doorstep looking for drug's been engaging in one of those drug-related discussions never saw the other's face but you can be sure as s*** whoever it was wound up in the same place showed up at Montell's apartment looking for little children didn't find any but took him away at any rate because there was a roach sitting in the ashtray people over lines talk about discuss what's going on call for a peaceful revolution the intellectuals join in the intellectuals disappear everyone disappears Frank Mary Rosalyn Bert Beufort Ricardo all dissapear Henry Tim C.C. Anais Linda Lydia Shep Damon Chris communal sweep got Travis Lance Tris Amy Catherine Ng Shaggy Clarice Clarance Trevor Jessica Seth Kyra Kevin Dune (not born yet) Robert Tommy clean the streets got Howard Gabe Paul Nic Machel Loni Steph next day ATF stays listen to the nexus pluged-in shows up on Billy's doorstep say he's attending subversive meetings Billy shoots one is cut in half by machine guns pistols rifles tear gas grenades bazookas bombs jets helicopters nuclear warheads next day ATF declares war against those against A------- Shelia goes out and buys a gun to protect herself
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