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A short erotic story about Raven from teen titans.
Raven awoke with a startle. She was layin on cool hard stone. She tried t move her hands but they only wriggled in the icy steel of her handcuffs. She jolted a bit and noticed her slender curved body completely naked. She scanned the walls, there was only a metal door.

A menecing laugh echoed around the stone walls as the metal door opened and Slade's shadowy figure emerged from the hall. The door slamed shut with an eerie clang.

"Azerath Metrion Zenthos" she screamed but they were simply empty words that bounced among the chamber walls.

"It's useless Raven" He said in his uselessly grueling voice.

He walked over to her and squated down. he reached out and pinched her nipple. "gah!!!" She screamed. Slade smiled and motioned to the corner of the room. Raven figured that a camera was there. the wall slid back to reveal a struggling Robin latched to a steel chair. When he looked down he saw Raven.

"Raven..." He said.
"Robin!" She yelped.

Slade twisted her nipple and she cringed letting out a horribly scream. She shrunk into the corner when he let go. He stood up and un hooked Robin. At which point had on his suit but had nothing else with him. He fell to ground and rubbed his wrists. When Robin got up, Slade had a knife to Raven's bare neck and his other hand stuck into her vagina. She was moaning in pain. Robin's eyes drooped.

"I'll do it... just don't kill her..." he murmured.
"Wait, do what?" Raven squeaked, quite pathetically.
"Rape her, Robin" Slade said as he slammed the door shut.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1590674