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this story is a work of complete fiction and was created only for reader enjoymnet
It was mid fall and the wind was blowing. My parents were going down to Florida with my annoying little brother for a month. They and hired a babysitter and said it was someone a couple blocks down they said the babysitter had already got permission to stay at our house the whole month my parents were gone. They had also told me that the babysitters sister would come down to check on us. They were getting ready to leave when the door bell rang my parents said it was the baby sitter i kept telling them i didn't need a baby sitter cose i was turning 15 in 3 months but wen i saw who it was i had no complaints. It was that really cute girl Kirstin she was 16 she was a couple inches taller than me at the time i was 5'2 and she was 5'5 she had medium length brown hair brown eyes size d beasts and the cutest size 3 feet.about an hour later my parents had left and me and Kirsten were watching T.V. she was complaining about her feet hurting form working all day and i asked her if she would like me to rub them. She said yes so i put both her feet on my lap i slowly took her sneakers off and just stared at those adorable size 3 feet wrapped in there tight white ankle socks and i started to rub hoping she wouldn't feel the lump in my pants.As i was rubbing she made the cutest moaning sounds that just drove me wild i looked at the clock and it had just turned 5:00 i rubbed her beautiful feet for about another hour and she was out cold. So i picked her up and carried her upstairs to my room her cute tight butt pressing against my arm the whole way. When i got her to the bed i poked her a few time calling her name to see just hoe asleep she was she didn't even budge so i went to my dresser and pulled out several long very soft but still strong ropes then i got on the bed and pulled her wrists together i tied the end of the rope to her left wrist leaving about 5 inches so i could tie it off then i wrapped it around 4 times then i pulled the rope between her wrists and wrapped it that way 3 times making a rope cuff then u wrapped it around the middle bed post and tied it together then i tied just above her knees on her plump but muscled thighs in the same rope cuff then i moved down to her feet and tied them very slowly pressing them up against my crotch the whole time then tied her ankles off to the bottom bed post and left the room. About 3 hours later i heard some angry yelling form upstairs so i went up to my room and Kirsten was struggling hard against the soft ropes she said WHAT THE HELL IS THIS. i said Kristen please calm down were just gonna play a game "what kind of sick game involves me being tied up like this. and where did u learn to tie like this i can barly budge. "if u will give me a second to explain. The other day i was talking to your sister Erin and i found out that you are extremely ticklish. As the last word left my mouth her as went wider than anything u can imagine. She begged she pleaded "please anything but that ill give u anything u want ill DO anything u want but please not that. I said "ok Kristen look just tell me were u are most ticklish and i will only go there if u misbehave. She gave a great defeated sigh and told me her most ticklish spot was her feet.I smiled widely as i went in. I slowly stroked her armpit bringing forth a steady flow of giggles i dug in a little deeper and the giggles got louder she started fighting against the bonds to try to find some way out. She said "Look there has to be a way we can work out a deal i cant take this for ever. I told her "Kirsten just relax and have some fun ill give u a break in awhile. after playing with her armpit i moved down to her belly i was laying next to her on the bed circling her belly button with my finger every so often sticking it in bringing forth loud giggles then suddenly i jumped on her and attacked her sides digging deep she laughed hard and screamed for me to stop but i didn't it was far to much fun after about an hour of going hard at her sides i told her she had earned a break so i brought her some water and food and she passed out. The next morning i went in and she had almost cut through the rope with her finger nail it was about half way cut but it was really strong rope i told her "Kirsten im really upset with you how could u try to escape so i pulled a chair up to the foot of the bed and put my finger on her still socked foot she begged and pleaded said how sorry she was but i told her she had to be punished so i lighty dug my finger in between her big toe and her second toe and she went crazy howling and tearing up i had no idea it would have this much affect on her after about 10 minutes she passed out so i retied her wrists and waited till she woke up i asked her if she had learned her lesson and she said "yes i am very sorry i will never try to escape are fun little game again so i gave er the day off that night she said she had to go to the bathroom i told her that if she tried to escape i would find her and use my electric toothbrush on her foot so she went to the bathroom came out and didn't even try to escape so i tied her hands in front of her in the same rope cuff and let her watch T.V. with me i had her sit in front of me while i lightly tickled her sides i could see that she really liked it. late that night i took her upstairs and retied her a bit lighter. The nest day her sister Erin came by Erin was 5'8 about 200 pounds but still very cute she had brown hair and brown eyes and size 5 feet. she asked where Kirsten was so i took her upstairs Erin said "hey um why is my sister tied to your bed to my surprise Kirsten said "oh hi Erin we were just playing a fun game wanna join? Erin said sure i told mom i was gonna stay here for a few days so i tied erin about 2 feet from her sister on my king size bed so i could fit in between them i asked Erin were she was most ticklish and she looked so scared i said "don't worry ill only use your worst spot if you misbehave she said it was her sides. i pulled my couch up to the foot of the bed and tickled Erin's feet till i thought she would explode then i stopped she turned to Kirsten and said your right this is fun i then took off her socks and put them in an air tight plastic box and did the same to Kirsten. I then started licking Erins feet which made her go mad howling and screaming i also stared very gently stroking Kirsten's foot which made her laugh pretty hard after another week of this i had to let them go Kristen kissed me on the lips and said she would love to play again sometime Erin told me she loved having her feet licked and would love to come over anytime i wanted her to. THE END i hope you had fun reading cose thsi was my first story but i dont think it will be my last
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