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Here I am, stuck in my coffin. It’s not a real coffin but it feels like it.
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Daughter and Mother-In-Law

By: SiCiAiT

Here I am, stuck in my coffin. It’s not a real coffin but it feels like it. I should have never pissed the mother-in-law, Paula, off. I tried my best but I guess it was not good enough for her. Not like anything I did was. I guess my true mistake was meeting her daughter, Dawn. The last thing I heard, before the top was nailed shut, was from Paula, “hope you like your new home.”

It all started a year ago. I was walking down the street minding my own business. I was checking out a vehicle driving by with some fine looking females in it. Then this lady riding a bicyclical ran right into me. Both of us were on the ground.

She quickly jumped up, “What the hell? Do you have a problem looking where you’re going?”

I was a little shock at first. I thought to myself, “Do I have a problem, what about you.” But before I did, I looked up at her. She was an average young lady. I would say in her early twenties. Shoulder length hair, brunette. She was not that tall but a decent body with hazel eyes. I would say around one ten or one fifteen. She looked down at me like I was a piece of warm on the ground.

“Will I … umm,” I thought that the best way to get out of this was to sweet-talk her, so I finish by saying, “was lost in a daydream when I saw you riding at me. I’m sorry normally I don’t do that.” I bowed my head and thought to myself, “that was a good one.”

She looked at me for a few seconds then looked at her bike, “look at those bent spooks on my bike.”

I did not know too much about bikes but to me it looked fine. “I’m sorry, can it be fixed?”

She thought for a moment and said, “I’ll tell you what, give me your number and address and I’ll send you the bill.”

“Send me the bill! This is not any car accident, where you trade information. You’re the one on the bike driving on the sidewalk.” I was getting upset at her. How dare her to make me pay for something that was her fault?

She just glared at me before she said, “What is better? Me getting a ticket for five dollars or you going to jail for sexual harassment charge?”

“Sexual harassment? There is no sexual harassment here. You have a problem, lady.”

She gave a little smirk, “get with the time. Who do you think the courts will believe, you or me? You’re the one that was checking me out with that sick mine of yours.”

She was right. With the women rights movement, us men have no chance. “Do you have a paper and pen?” She handed me the paper and pen out of her knapsack. I wrote down a fake address and number and handed it back to her.

“This better not be fake! If it is the next time I see you, I’ll purposely run into you and yell rape.” She turned to her bike and picked it up to get on it.

This girl was cruel and able to do what she said, so I reached for the paper and pen that she still had in her hand. I glanced at her as I wrote the right information down. She had a smirk again on her face. I hand it back to her, “sorry.”

“I’ll be getting a hold of you soon.” She got on her bike and rode off.

I stood there for a few minutes thinking to myself, “what the hell just happen.” I walked back to my one bedroom apartment, still a little puzzled. When I was in I went to my computer like I normally do all day. I don’t work; it is not like I’m a bum or anything. You see I don’t need to work because I have inherited five million dollars from my uncle about two years ago. I don’t like living rich. I feel if people are going to like me they will like me for whom I am not what I have. Around midnight I lay down to bed.

A couple of days later I received a call. The voice on the other end said, “hello, who is this?”

“This is Jake, who are you?”

“It is time for you to pay for the damage you did to my bike. You going to be home around four.”

I did not think she was going to call me. Truthfully I forgot all about it. “Yes I will, how much is it so I can go to the ATM and get the money out.”

“When I get there we can discuss it. Just be there at four.” Then there was a pause, “oh by the way is your girlfriend home?”

”No, I live by myself.”

“Great, four o’clock be there.” click.

Great? Right, two years being by myself. I should show off my money and maybe I’ll find someone special. I sat there on my computer until I heard a knock at the door. I glanced down at the clock on the computer and sure enough four o’clock on the dot. Here I go, paying someone off to keep their mouth shut about lies. I open the door up and there she stood with a backpack in her hand. “Where is your bike?”

“Not important, are you not going to invite me in?” she flashed a sweet smile to me.

“Umm … yeah … I did not clean the house so don’t mine the mess” and I gestured her in. She walked in and looked around.

“It is kind of dark in here. Do you mine if I open a curtain?”

“Umm … yeah … sure I guess” After she open the curtain in the living room she sat down on my couch and set here backpack next to her. “So … what is the damage? What do I owe you?”

“Will, I was thinking what you said about daydreaming about me.”

“Umm … yeah.”

“Will I have not had it for a while and the look of this apartment neither have you,” she folded her hands and gave this look like a little schoolgirl asking for her first kiss.

I could not believe my ears, “wh … do you mean …” she node and flashed that sweet smile at me.” I … I not ready yet for a commitment.”

“Oh, No, No commitment. Think of it as a one night stand.”

“I don’t think …”

“Please, I promise that if you do this for me I’ll never bug you again or ask you for any money at all.”

“I’ll never see you again.”

“Cross my heart.”

I could not resist. She sat there like she was just begging for it. I decide to go along with it. Then she opened her backpack and started to pull out ropes and duck tape. “Oh no way, I will not let you tie me down!”

“No Jake this is for me. You see I get turned on by this stuff.”

“You want me to tie you up and have sex with you? I don’t think I can do that.”

“No this is the foreplay. When you tie me up and duck tape my mouth, I want you to lick me from head to toe. This way I get very hot, then you untie me and we can make love.”

“Where do you want to do this?” This girl was turning me on.

“How about right here on the coffee table.”

“Ok, but your going to have to tell me how to do this. I have never done this before.” She striped down as she explained to me how to tie her feet and hands. When I was ready to put the duck tape on her mouth she stopped me.

“Promise me something.”

“What is that?”

“No matter how much I squirm or try to get out, you’ll keep licking and kissing my body until your all done.”

“Ok,” she smiled at me and I smiled right back at her. I placed the duck tape across here mouth after I kissed her on the lips. I began at her ears and she already started to squirm like she was having an orgasm or something. I continue down to her breast and began to suck on them. I had a hard time doing so for she was squirming around wildly. After about five minutes of sucking on her breast I continue down to her legs. I decide to tease her a little bit so I brushed up against her pussy but continue to the next leg. After I was done with the legs I put my head in-between her legs and gave one lick to her pussy. After I licked it I wanted to continue to lick it because it was so sweet tasting, but I stopped and looked up at her and said, “This will have to wait until we get into the bedroom.” I pulled the duck tape off as careful as I can and untied her.

Her first words to me were, “wow that was great!”

“Thank you, like I said that’s the first time I did that.” Just as I said that there was a knock at my door. She jumped up and had her clothes on before I was able to say, “wonder who that is?”

“I don’t know, you expecting someone?”

“Nope,” I walked to the door and opened it. There stood a lady that looked to be in her late forties with a brown bag in her hand. “Can I help you?”

“Yes you can. I’m Paula, Dawn’s mother.”

“Dawn? Dawn who?”

Then from behind me I heard the girl say, “Hi mom. I think you should invite my mom in Jake.”

The mother pushed me to the side and walked in. I turn to Dawn and whispered to her, “How old are you.”

I must have said it to loud because the mother turned around and said, “old enough to get married to you.” Both Dawn and her mother sat down at the kitchen table like they lived here.

I sat down at the other side of the table, “marriage? I don’t think so!”

The mother lit up a cigarette and glazed at me for a few minutes. “I think you will, you see I know you very will.”

“You know me. Right I believe that.”

“Yes I do, you inherited five million dollars, and since then you have been living like a bum.”

“How do you know about this and what makes you think I’m going to marry your daughter?”

“How I know is none of your concern.” She reached into her brown bag and pulled out a camcorder “and as far as marring my daughter, you will or I give this tape to the police.”

“Yeah, and so, what is on the tape.”

“You raping my daughter” and both the mother and daughter looked at me and smiled with a look of satisfaction.

I looked at Dawn and stumbled out the words with fear, “That is why you had me tie you…” Dawn just sat there nodding like a little kid saying yes to go to Disneyland. “Wait it is imposable for you to tape me. You were not even in here.”

Dawn looked at her mother and said, “He is really dumb.” She turn to me, “why do you think I opened the curtain, lame ass.”

I was speechless. I did not know what to say. Paula spoke up, “So this is what will happen. You will marry my daughter. Everything for the wedding you will pay for it. I will plan it out. You will be happy about it and anything and I do mean anything my daughter wants you will do for her. If she is unhappy I am unhappy and this tape will go to the police,” and with a big evil grin she added, “any questions?”

I did not know what to say. What can you say when your being blacked mail and forced to marry some one? I just shock my head.

“Good,” the mother said, “oh one more thing me and my daughter live in a trailer. So for a wedding gift to your new wife, you well buy a house out in the country of my picking. It will be in her name. Also just so I can invite them to the wedding what family members do you have?”

“I’m, “ I could not talk but finally spit it out, “I’m an only child and all family members are dead.”

Both of them said at the same time, “Good!”

“Well in that case, we well have a justice of the peace marry you two. That way not to many people well be there,” Paula said and they both stood up, “I expect you to be packed by tonight. I already have a perfect house for my daughter. Until we move into it you well stay at our trailer. That way you don’t get any ideas. We will be here tomorrow morning to pick up your stuff.”

As they were walking to the door, Dawn turn to me, “Oh honey I need a credit card. My mom and I would like to go shopping tonight and get something to eat. We will pick up a moving van tomorrow also.” I handed her my credit card and she gave me a kiss with a little shriek, “love you honey, see you tomorrow.”

The mother looked at me with an angry look on her, “will are you forgetting something?”

“Umm … what?”

“You slim, what do you say to your new wife.”

“Umm …” I shrugged my shoulders, “I love you too?”

Dawn just smiled, that schoolgirl smile, as she walked out the door and her mom glanced at me with an evil look. Her last words to me were, “don’t get any ideas” and closed the door.

I thought two days ago was weird. This was just straight scary. Now how the hell did this happen! What did I do to deserve this? I sat there at the table with a mix of being scared shitless and wondering if this was a very bad dream. All of it just happen to fast. My life has been turned around right before me. At this time I did not know just how far. I finally stood up and decided to do as I was told and began to pack my stuff. It was about three o’clock in the morning when I was finally done and decided to lay down and go to sleep. I had a hard time sleep. Words from Paula and flashes of Dawn’s schoolgirl smile kept me up for some time. Last thing I saw before I fell asleep was the time on the clock, five thirty.

I woke up to the smell of coffee by my nose. When I open my eyes I saw Dawn sitting right next to me with a cup in her hand and a big smile.

“Morning honey, here is a cup of coffee for you. Watch it though it is very hot,” and she giggled.

“What … what is going on?”

“Isn’t it not the wife’s job to wake her husband up and have coffee for him,” she bent over and gave me a kiss on the lips, “Oh boy, morning breath, yuck. Oh will, it will only get worst.”

“What time is it?”

“Seven o’clock, you got a lot of moving to do.”

“Seven? I just fell asleep around five. Wake me around ten.”

I did not notice the mother standing on the other side of the bed. In her hands was my belt and she snapped it right across my stomach. “Get up, my daughter is not going to marry a lazy bum.” I rolled off the bed and on to the floor.

“What the fuck,” I cried out.

Dawn just covered her mouth and said, “Oh, your in trouble now.”

Before I had a chance to say anything Paula was standing over me between my legs with one of her legs in the air. “Nobody, especially my daughter’s husband swears in front of my daughter,” and with that her foot smashed down on my nuts.

I cried out in the worst pain a man can ever feel. Dawn was jumping up and down saying, “Oh, mommy can I try that it looked fun, please.”

“Ok, my dear. You will have to get practice somehow.” I just lay there with my hands on my nuts and my knees to my chest.

“Mom he is not letting me! I was having fun and now he is taking it away. Do something!”

“Oh Jake, my daughter is unhappy. What did I tell you will happen if she is unhappy?” with that she turned me over with her foot. Tears were rolling down my face and I could see that it gave the mother satisfaction. She placed her foot across my throat and put presser down on it. My nuts were in pain and now Paula was crashing my throat.

“Open your legs for my daughter or you will never breath again.” I finally had no choice but to comply with her wishes. Paula let some of the presser off enough to breath but did not move her foot all the way off. Dawn brought her foot back like she was going to kick a field goal and let lose a powerful kick between my legs. I screamed in pain. The pain was worst than what the mother did.

“Opps, I forgot to tell you dear. It is all right to smash the nuts like I did but kicking it full force will definitely destroy them after awhile. You will learn that just a little presser down there will make your man obey much better. Now we well have to wait for a little bit before he can get up. Let us go to the living room and watch some soaps.”

“Ok, mom I’ll be right there,” Dawn bent down and kissed me on the shoulder and said, “Sorry I kicked you to hard honey. Next time I will not do it that hard. Oh, and honey when you fell off the bed you made me spill a little of this hot coffee on my jeans and that made me mad,” with that she dumped the coffee on my back and skipped out of the bedroom.

If there were a hell I would pay anything to be there right know. This was beyond any thing hell can give me. I laid there for about an hour, still in pain. I did not dare move any part down below. Paula came in and just sat down on the bed and looked at me.

“Dose it still hurt?” she asked with what looked like a concerned look.

“Y … E … S,” I was able to cry out.

“Good let that be a lesson to you. Now just so you know Dawn has not ever made love to a man before. You might be the first one if you live long enough. So she has no idea how to do things and I’m going to teach her. She cannot just be told how to do things. She has to see it done. So that makes your job twice as hard. Trust me I know every way to torture a man. I had my husband very trained until … will a little accident. Another words, he is no longer with us. So get up, you have moving to do.”

I struggled to my feet. The pain was still there but I just choked it up and began to fill the van up with my stuff. It toke me over two hours. The whole time Paula and Dawn sat at the table drinking coffee. They never bothered to ask if I needed help with anything. When I was all done they had me ride in the back of the dark van. I had no idea where they were taking me. When the van finally stopped and the back door of the van opened I was somewhere in the country. In front of me must have been their trailer. I was told to leave my stuff in the truck for we will be going to Dawn’s new house in a couple of weeks. I was led into the trailer.

Paula said pointing to the couch, “You will sleep there and live on that couch.”

“Live?” I asked with a confusing look.

“Yes live, my daughter likes to sit and watch TV all day and the couch is getting dented by it. So you will lie down so she has something solid under her. Now get over on the couch, her show is coming on.”

I cannot believe this, now I’m a couch cushion. I lay down and no soon did I lay down Dawn’s ass plodded right down on my face with force. She wiggled her ass, as she was tiring to get comfortable. I began to squirm around for her ass bone was digging into my jawbone. She gave me a hard punch to the side of my ribs and I heard her say in a muffled voice, “Stop squirming or I’ll tell mom.” After about fifteen minutes I could not take it any more. I began to wiggle around tiring to get out. Dawn, jumped off me and yelled, “mom, he will not stay still!”

I was scared what was she going to do to me now. Paula walked in, looked at me with those evil eyes, “What seems to be the problem?”

“I told him to stop moving but he keeps wiggling around.”

“Dear, let me show you something. When you sit down, you do not need to do it hard. Once again a little presser is all that is needed,” and with that the mother sat down on my face. It was a little more comfortable then Dawn for the mother was not putting all her presser down on me. “Know you see Dawn he is not squirming around and soon he will doze off because of the low blood flow going to his brain. Now you try it dear.”

Before Paula had a chance to rise up Dawn said, “No, mom you sit there I want to see him pass out.”

“Dawn you know I have been having a lot of gas all day long and I don’t think you want your husband smelling bad do you.”

Dawn had a big smile on her face, “Please, you can sit there and watch The Stand with me. I’ll sit on his chest.”

“Ok but I warned you he is going to stink bad,” and if on queue Paula let out a massive fart that flooded my nose. It was the worst smell I ever smelt to date.

“Nice one mom. I don’t care you worked hard today you deserve to sit down for a while.”

After, I would say a half an hour of smelling the awful gas coming from Paula I passed out under both of them. When I came to it was dark outside and there was no lights on in the house. I still can smell that awful gas that Paula lift on me. Despite the smell my stomach was growling from hunger. I made my way to the kitchen to get something to eat. As I was looking in the refrigerator to see what was to eat the light in the kitchen turned on.

“What do you think your doing?”

I turned around and saw Paula standing there looking at me. “I was hungry and decide to get something to eat.”

“That is your wife’s job to do, she’ll feed you tomorrow.”

“Bu … t,” that evil look from Paula stopped me in my tracks.

“Don’t make me repeat myself.”

“Can I at least get a drink?”

“You want a drink? Are you really that thirsty that you need to talk back to me?” anger crossed Paula’s face.

“N … No … I’ll go back to the couch,” the look she was giving me would of scared anyone.

“No! You want a drink!” with one hit to my head I was laid out on the floor. Paula began to take her pants down.

“Wh … what are you doing?”

“You said you wanted a drink,” she was squatting over my face by this time, “Open your mouth so you can have a drink.”

“N … No, pleases not this, please I’m sorry.”

“Sorry don’t pay the bills around here boy! Now open that mouth and don’t forget who holds the tape.”

I had no choice once again. I opened my mouth for her. She squatted down so her pussy was right in my mouth and then she grabbed the back of my head and pried up so there was no place the piss could go but down. As soon as my head was tight against her she let out a strong stream of piss right down my throat. She did not even pause. It felt like I was going to pass out by being drowned in piss. She held me tight until every last drop was out. “Lick me up, piss boy!” I did not even attempt to disobey. I quickly licked her cleaned. As soon as she thought I did enough cleaning she pushed my head to the floor and looked dead at me, “don’t you ever talk back to me again,” she walked out of the kitchen. I heard her get in to bed before I pulled myself of the floor and got back on the couch. As soon as I was on the couch I heard coming from Paula’s room, “sweet dreams son-in-law.” A few seconds later I heard her moving in her bed, “That boy just not going to learn now is he?”

I was startled by her comment then I remembered, “umm … goo …good night.”

“That is better.”

There was nothing but silence for the rest of the night. After what I went though in the kitchen my body was exhausted so it did not take long for me to go to sleep. The next morning I was woken up again with the smell of coffee.

“Morning honey,” Dawn said sitting on my chest drinking a cup of coffee. She had a very happy smile on her face.

“Morning,” I lifted my head as far as she would allow me to see if I could see Paula anywhere. “Where is your mom?”

“Oh, she went to talk with an old girlfriend of hers that is a justice of the peace. She should be back soon. By tomorrow you will be able to call her mom too.”

“Can I have a cup of coffee too?”

“Nope, my mom said you don’t like coffee any more. Especially after last night.” She had a big grin on her face and wiggled her ass around.

“Your mom said that you were going to get me something to eat,” dame I was so humiliated at the fact that the mother told Dawn what she did to me last night.

“Yeah, but I can’t do it until mom gets back. She wants to make sure I do everything right.” She was doing a little bounce on me that seemed like she was helping my lungs breath.

“You know this is not how to marry people act. Your mom is teaching you wrong.”

Dawn balled up her fist and hit me between the legs. I raised my head in pain and cried out. Dawn covered my mouth with her hand and pushed my head back to the couch. “My mom is never wrong so don’t you ever say that again. Now shh, this is a good part. Jane is going to find out that Mike is her brother.” She left her hand over my mouth as she watched her show. At a commercial she lifted her hand off from me and looked down, “My mom explained to me how to do that. I hope I did it right.” All I could do is node my head for the pain I was in again. “Oh, I hope mom gets here soon. Your breakfast is coming.” My breakfast is coming, I thought to myself, what is she talking about? A half hour later I heard the back door open.

“Dawn I’m home I got great news for you. Janet, my friend, will marry you two lovebirds today at five.” Yeah-right lovebirds I thought.

Dawn jumped off me to run over and give her mom a hug. “Oh, that’s just great, mom. Umm … mom?”

“Yes dear.”

“My husband is really hungry and I really have to feed him.”

“Oh, Ok, Jake would you come over here for a second.” I walked over to them in the kitchen. “My daughter wants to feed you now, so lie down on the floor.”

“The floor,” I asked confused.

“Do I have to repeat myself, boy?”

She had a stern look that I know better than to say anything. I got down on the floor and laid on my side. “No, on your back.” Paula said.

Dawn was standing there like she was happy but very worry, “Oh … I can’t hold it much longer mom.”

“Ok dear,” looking down at me Paula, said, “My daughter is going to feed you now so open your mouth.”

I could not believe what I was hearing and seeing. Dawn was going to feed me her shit! I was scared beyond belief. This just was not right! But I knew I had no choice but to obey their wishes. I opened my mouth and Dawn started to squat down when the phone rang. Dawn stopped and looked at her mom with a worry look, “I really have to go.”

“That is ok go ahead and go. Just think of your husband as a toilet and when you are done make sure he licks you clean. Then wash it all down with your pee. I’ll be back to check on you.”

Paula walked out of the room and Dawn squatted down so her asshole was tight in my mouth. It did not take long for my mouth to fill up but Dawn kept pushing as hard as she could. I was panicking and knew that she was not slowing down so I tired to swallow what was in my mouth but it was to late. She was going so much that it already began to go down my throat. She was packing my mouth and throat tight, with her shit. I could not breath any more and I was passed out. Paula came back into the kitchen and saw Dawn standing there looking at me with her legs crossed.

“What is wrong dear?”

“He is not swallowing my meal I gave to him. He is not even moving and I still have to pee,” and with a big grin, “did I kill my husband mom?”

“No, No this happens once in a while. Did you let it flow out on it’s own or did you force it out?”

Still grinning, “I pushed it out as fast as I could.”

“Oh, so that is what happen. You packed him really good. Hand me that round stick over there.” Paula tilted my head back and stuck the stick down my throat to open the throat up. I began to breath again and when I opened my eyes Dawn was squatting down again over the top of me. Paula said, “Now be a good wife and wash it all down for him.” Once again I was being drowned by a women’s piss. I was thankful though because the force of her stream washed all the shit from my mouth and throat. When she finished I licked her clean and she stood up and said, “Thank you my sweet husband of mine. I hope you are full now.”

“Hope not to full,” the mother said.

I looked up like I just saw a ghost. Paula looked back at me, “will I have to teach her the right way of doing it. That way, these want happen again.”

“Oh, please mom, show me how to do it right.” Dawn said clapping her hands together.

“Get that mouth open toilet boy.” Paula said as she was squatting down. “Now once again Dawn, don’t put all your presser down. Use your knees to support your body. Make sure your asshole is right in the middle of his mouth. Now you might have to push a little to get it moving but as soon as you fill it starting to …” Paula pushed and let out a strong fart right in my trapped mouth and I could feel her asshole open up, “come out let it slide the rest of the way out by itself.” Paula’s shit was wider than Dawn’s. I had to relaxed my throat and let it slid down when I felt it hit the back of my mouth. As soon as about six inches exited from Paula’s asshole, Paula continued, “Then raise up enough so he can close his mouth to swallow. What ever you do don’t let him get up. If he starts to gag like is doing now, that means he might throw it up. Sit back down so if he dose, it stays in his mouth but he better not or else.” With that Paula placed her ass right back on my face with a little more presser. “Then watch his throat between your legs, you can tell when he has swallowed it.” I choked it down because I did not want to fine out what the else was. When I was done I had to open my mouth about four more times. My stomach was rock hard. It felt like I went to an all-you-can-eat restaurant and ate everything in there. When I was done with the last piece Paula continues, “now you tell him to lick it clean.” I licked it so clean that shit that was there from a week ago could not be found. Not that there would be, both of them kept their bodies will maintain. “Then just to be sure that your asshole is clean, place your asshole on his nose and rub it in like so,” Paula wiggled her ass enough for my nose to enter the hole and then she stood up. “You see Dawn no brown marks on his nose and he is still alive. He even ate more shit then you gave him,” and she was not lying, “I feel better and you feel better. Your husband has been feed and he is happy that he is not hungry any more. Is that not right Jake?” She placed her foot on my balls and looked at me.

“Y … Yes I’m very happy thank you Da ...” Paula put more presser down on my balls and glared at me, “Ouch .. my love and thank you …” Paula added more presser. I cried out, “umm … m … mom?” Paula gave me a smile of satisfaction.

Dawn bent down to give me a kiss when she said backing away from me. “Phew, mom you stink, you forgot to pee so that can be washed down. I’m not kissing that.”

“I want him to enjoy the taste for a while, dear. Lets go watch TV as your husband finishes the meal you prepared for him.” I looked around puzzled. I thought I was done until Paula turned to look at me. “My daughter worked very hard to make something for you to eat. Do not disappoint me and leave anything to waste,” she said pointing to the stick. My god can things get any worst! This was the worst thing a man could go though. Why the hell did this happen to me?

Two weeks went by Paula’s friend Janet married Dawn and me. I found out that Janet also married Dawn’s dad and mother. The house we moved into was the same house that Dawn was born in. I found out after the father died the taxes were too high for them to stay. So they had to move out. Paula made me sign papers so Dawn and I had joint bank accounts. I was still tortured by both of them but when I did things right they would reward me in their way. Sometimes I was able to have some water or coffee. When they ate at the kitchen table they made me sit on the floor and watch them eat. Paula said that this way I could image the food going in was the same taste coming out. Of coarse it was not but it was her way to make me suffer. Every once in a while I would be allowed to lick the plates clean like if I was a dog. It depend on if I was good or not. One day I was awaken by Dawn screaming and jumping up and down.

“Honey come here in the kitchen I have something to tell you.”

I walked in the kitchen and saw Dawn sitting at the kitchen table dancing in her chair. Paula was sitting next to her with a big smile also. On the table there were three plates and a big pile of breakfast food in the middle of the table. Paula told me to sit. So I started to sit on the floor.

“No, No, No sit at the table. We have something important to tell you. Sit.” I could not believe it I was able to sit at the table like I was a man. “Help yourself to some food.” I was puzzled; I have not eaten real food since this ordeal has happen to me. Paula noticed that I was scared to move so she stood up and piled my plate with food, “eat.” We all sat there like a real family having breakfast. I was feeding my face like it was food from heaven. The whole time Dawn was smiling at me. I must have done something right because it felt as if my ordeal was over.

After taking my last bite I looked and Dawn and said, “So what is the important news?”

Dawn bounced around in her chair and looked at her mom, “should I tell him?”

“Yeah go ahead dear.”

“We are going to have a baby.”

I was lost for words so I said the first thing that came to mine, “Is it mine?”

Paula jumped out of the chair and smacked me in the head so hard that I flew out of the chair and landed hard on the ground. Before I had a chance to say anything Paula was over top of me choking me with her hands. Dawn was crying in the chair saying, “Mom he thinks that I have been cheating on him.”

“You see what you have done! You made my daughter cry! For that I should kill you,” and she squeezed harder. “My daughter doses not cheat on her husband! I don’t care what you are! I brought my daughter up better than that!

“I … I … sorry.”

“Mom, please don’t kill my husband yet. There has to be a better way to punish him.”

I could see that Paula really wanted to finish me off. Then she let her hand relaxed and smiled down at me, “I have a better way.”

She got off from me and grabbed me by the ear and dragged me to a room that I was not allowed to enter until now. I was made to lie down and she strapped my body down so there was no way for me to move any part of my body. Then a lid was placed over me. I had to open my mouth for this object that was like a PCV pipe to enter in. The lid was being nailed shut and the box I was in was moved. It was compliantly dark I did not know what was going on, then I heard Paula say, “hope you like your new home.” I heard the door to the room close.

Next thing I heard was Dawn laughing saying, “Oh thank you mom for my gift.”

Paula spoke up, “You see Jake you are now a real toilet. Until my daughter thinks that you should get out. You will sleep, eat, and shit here. This toilet was designed so no matter what you will eat and drink every last piece. With that someone, I think Paula, spit into my wide-open mouth. I heard the lid of the toilet slap down above me. For about three days I was a true toilet to Paula and Dawn. Paula was not lying when she said that the toilet was designed so I had no choice but to swallow. Every time they sat up something above me pushed down and force strong air, which caused everything to be pushed down my throat. Even though Paula and Dawn trained me will and I was able to swallow everything, I could of let them fill my mouth and let the toilet do the rest.

Saturday morning came around I heard Dawn coming into the bathroom talking with some one. “Oh honey somebody is here to see you.”

“Hi there Jake, it is I Janet. I see you cannot talk too much. Hope marry life is treating you will. Bye, Bye.”

I heard Dawn say, “Oh, please stay in here with me I only want to pee.”

“Ok, so do you keep your husband will feed?”

“Oh yes me and my mom do. My mom said that today he would be very well feed. I don’t know what she is talking about. She said something about thanksgiving dinner with a couple of people.

“Dawn has your mother ever told you what happen to your dad,” Janet asked with a worry look.

“Yeah something about he was to week and was not able to make it though the weekend. Why?”

“Will I remember it, like it was yesterday. It was about a year after your mom and dad were married. She was very upset at your dad and placed him into this box. She claimed that she was going to invite a couple of people over that she knew. Will it was about ten of us ladies and we think after the fifth one using him he was dead but because of the way the toilet was constructed we continue to use him for the rest of the weekend.”

“Yeah will my husband is strong, he can handle it all,” and Dawn just sat on the toilet smiling and peeing away.

“But Dawn your mom is making Thanksgiving dinner for everyone.”

“Yeah my husband deserves to be will feed on Thanksgiving. I have a lot to be thankful for and I want to show him how much I love him. My mom said this is the best way to do it. She said if he lives though it, it is because he truly loves me if he dose not he never loved me. If he can make it until Sunday night I will let him out. If he don’t, will we have insurance on him.” Dawn lift up and closed the lid. The last thing I heard from the two of them was:

“But Dawn your mom invited about fifty of her friends.”

“Oh … No,” Dawn covered her mouth and giggled.

“What?” Janet questioned.

“Will he should be able to handle it, but he is going to be really full then.” Dawn busted out laughing.


“I did not know my mom had that many friends. So I invited about twenty of my girlfriends from high school and all their daughters to come over also.”

Both of them walked out of the bathroom laughing.

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