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this is my first vore story ever looking for positive feedback
This is the first vore story i have ever written and im looking for positive feedback im currently working on another storie in the Vore world chronicals. The one im working on is kinda the center piece of the Vore World Chronicals where it establishes usualy what it takes to get in to the world of Vore and what the culture is like and maby some characters that will continue throughout the chronicals

Vore World Short

UB V RB Consensual F/F F/F F/MF

         Joe is just sleeping in his bed when suddenly he is grabbed. A furry paw covers his mouth, two more grab his arms pining them to his sides and two more pin his legs together. The lights are off so he could not see what had grabbed him or who. A sixth paw covers his eyes right before the lights are flicked on. The paw over his eyes slowly removes letting his eyes adjust to the light. As he looks around he realizes he is being pinned by three anthros and standing next to the door with a paw on the light switch is a fourth anthro. As he takes a closer look he realizes that they are different. the one by the door looked like a fox with the coloration of such. The two at his sides with one paw each on his arms and legs are grey wolves and the one holding his head is a cat. A tabby by the coloration. Of course when he looks up all he can see is two large and ample breast. He takes another look around the room and notices something else, there all female and there all nude. He also noticed another detail, it looks like there fur is matted down with what looks like water or some sort of clear liquid. Almost like they just got out of a pool a few minutes ago. They are all incredibly beautiful and all incredibly attractive. He got an immediate hard on. Unfortunately he sleeps nude and they pulled his covers off. They all can see his seven inch rod spring to attention and they all giggled slightly. Their voices are that of angels.

         The fox near the door nods at the cat holding his mouth shut and she removes her paw from his mouth. "Joseph McHillock." Says The fox at the door. "Yes? That's me. What's going on here?" Joe replies. "Your coming with us." She replies "Ladies who wants to ride with him?" She asks the room at large. They all raise their paws eying his rock hard cock. "I see I'm going to have to pick someone. Hmmm. Ok Sophie I pick you." Joe hears a squeak of delight from somewhere above the breast above his head. "Alright" says the fox then she opens the door and calls down the hall "Ok time to go!" Joe is astonished when, what looks like two female angels walk into the room. Then he notices they are covered in what looks like horse fur. They too are nude. Looking between their legs he can see a wispy horse tail. In unison they both bend forward and place their hands on the floor. Before he knows it there are two female pegasus' standing in his room. "Are they our ride away?" Joe asks. The fox turns to him and nods her confirmation.

         "There is no way we'll all be able to ride away there are just too many of us!" Joe exclaims. "Were not riding on them were riding in them." The fox says matter of factuality. "By the way my name is Fox. Those breast in your face belong to Sophie and the wolf to your left is  Jessica and to your right is Victoria. This steed to the right is Maria and the steed to your left is Chesela. As you can see Maria is larger so she'll be carrying you." As she was saying that last part Joe noticed Maria eying him and licking her lips. "Don't worry Maria is very cozy in there and you'll become more acquainted with Sophie. Alright Jessie And Victoria you know what to do. You too Sophie." Fox said. At that the two wolves sit down on the floor with their backs to the steeds. Then the lean back and support themselves with their arms and look straight up. Joe watches as the horses with wings  back up and it looks like they sit down on the wolves muzzle but instead of stopping or the wolves collapsing under the weight the wolves sink between the cheeks of the mares. Joe is wondering what is happening. He doesn't have to wait long for his answer. As the angle increased he can see the underside of the steeds. When his eyes got to the rear legs he receives quite a shock. He can see the outline of the wolfess sliding into the mare's womb. The wolfess is being eaten alive by the mare's pussy! She is being unborn! The mare notices him looking and opens her mouth wide. Wider than is natural. So wide he can see into her throat. Oddly he is slightly drawn to it. He wants to be in her throat all nice and soft and warm, and just look at the way it's moving! So inviting Joe realizes that's what Fox means when she said riding in them. She means literally inside the mares. But can he really fit in there with Sophie? As he's watching the unbirthing the mares stand up again and that when Joe realizes the mare's pussies are more powerful than Joe first thought the wolfess' Are hanging out the mares and are still being pulled in without the aid of weight or gravity or pressure against the floor. The mares are doing all the work themselves. The view for Joe is not great him being in front of her and all the action being at her rear.

         "Maria can you turn around pleases? I want to watch you work." Joe asked her. She obliged with a nod of her magnificent head and turned around. When her rump faced him she looks over her shoulder and gives him a horsy grin. But all Joe has eyes fore is Victoria's lower half sticking out of Maria's pussy which is dribbling all over the place. Joe can see Victoria's paws at work on her own pussy, teasing it and playing with it. Joe decides she could use some help and reaches out and inserts a couple fingers into Victoria's pussy. He finds it to be very hot, wet, slippery, soft, and the tightest little pussy he has ever encountered. He's getting off on just the felling of it around his fingers and wonders if Maria's pussy which is slowly engulfing Victoria in its silky softness possesses the same qualities. He can hear moaning coming from Maria's womb telling Joe that his help is very much appreciated. Suddenly Maria starts to move and it looks like she is going to sit on his crotch. In actuality Maria just impaled Victoria on Joes cock. Maria then pulls Victoria in a few inches pulling her off Joe then settles her on him again creating the in and out motion.

         "Hmmm that a good idea never thought of that before. I hope Joe gets off before Victoria is pulled in too far to continue." Fox says from the door. Just then there is a muffled scream of pleasure from inside Maria And a prolonged grunt form Joe telling all they came together. Just in time too as Victoria's crotch disappears inside Maria and all that's left is her legs. Chesela then walks over to Maria and nudges her shoulder to get her attention.

         "Hurry up will you. I already got Jessica stowed away." Says Chesela to Maria. "Ok ok give me a few sec I was entertaining our new man and I don't think Victoria minded too much either." Replies Maria. "Oh just hurry up! I want to get home and digest some death row prisoner." Joe looks between Chesela's  Hind legs and sees a huge lump their moving slightly and judging by the half smile on her face the moving is causing her great pleasure. Right before Joe's face Victoria starts to move even faster and with a slurping sound she is gone in side Maria. Without warning Chesela turns and rams her mouth over Fox's head. Joe realizes as Chesela starts to swallow Fox that she is going to eat her and that Maria is going to eat him and Sophia. Joe can see the outline of Fox as she goes down. When Fox gets to end of Chesela's throat, Chesela looks up to enlist the aid of gravity and Fox starts to disappear faster and faster as Chesela appears to be growing. She already looks pregnant but now her belly is starting to stretch and its almost resting on the floor by the time she finishes Fox.

         "Mmmm Fox has always tasted good. I wonder how you're going to taste Joe." Chesela says to Joe as she slowly walks over to him. "Don't worry Joe she just wants to taste you I'm going to be the one eating you and I'll be a lot more gentle, especially because it's your first time being eaten, and because I'm eating two at once. It's a lot harder to slurp up two at once. no I'm going to make it fun for you and Sophia." Maria said. "Now hold out your arm." She commands him. Chesela then comes over and opens her mouth and positions her mouth until his hand is resting on her tong. Then she closes her mouth and swallows his hand and keeps swallowing until her muzzle is in his armpit. Joe is amazed at the feelings on his arm. is almost like sex but for his arm. It fells almost like a pussy does on his cock! It's amazing! He looks into Chesela's face to see a glazed expression and he can hear a moaning of satisfaction from her. Apparently he tastes really good. Then Chesela starts to pull back regurgitating his arm in the process so Maria can do her work with him.

         "Ok Sophia, you're on top I know what you taste like but I've never tasted a human before and I wanna taste Joe." Maria says to Sophia. Sophia nods and climbs on the bed and lays down on top of him. For the first time Joe can actually see her face. For the second time tonight he finds another pussy settling around his cock without him asking. She ooh's as his seven and a half inch long meat fills he tight as hell pussy. It's so tight she actually has to reach down and pull her lips open with her fingers to get his cock in there. Eventually she settles over him and intertwines her legs with his. Then she wraps her arms around him and he wraps his arms around her. She then nods to Maria who the goes to their feet.

         "Are you ready for this Joe? Your about to be in a softer bed than the one your currently on. And you get some free company." Maria says to him. "I guess I'm about as ready as I'll ever be."Joe replies. At that Sophia covers his mouth with a kiss, holding it with her tong to make sure he doesn't let it go. Sophia then lifts both their les slightly. Joe then feels a breath of warm air on his feet before he feels a warm wetness Around his feet. He feels a pull on his feet and the warmth moves up to his ankles. He can feel Maria's throat massaging his feet and he can feel Sophia's feet being massaged right on top of his. He can feel Maria's tong probing his ankles before she swallows again pulling him in to his claves. The massaging on his feet intensifies as they are pulled deeper into Maria's throat. Maria swallows again moaning in the flavor of Joe's nude body. Joe moans at the pleasure of Sophia's soft fur against him, the feel of her pussy osculating around his cock, and the feel of Maria's throat around his legs. It's all enough to make him orgasm inside Sophia and she hasn't even started to do anything yet. Not to mention Sophia is a great kisser. For some reason Joe is still able to breathe through his mouth even though it is completely covered by Sophia's mouth. Somehow Sophia is able to clean the air he breaths into her and she is able to take the air he breaths and make it fresh again and give it back to him. As Maria swallows them again Chesela says, "Sophia give him the ability to breath inside of us. He might be breathing heavy soon." Chesela says. Maria grunts her approval. Joe then starts to feel a warm wetness where Sophia's nipples are touching him. "Oh I forgot he actually has to drink the milk. I'll have to act as a cup or something. Hmm conveniently my mouth is the perfect size." Chesela says. Then she moves closer and forces her head between them and starts to suckle milk from Sophia's closest boob. When her mouth is full she places her mouth over Joe's after Sophia had pushed herself up to give Chesela room. Chesela then carefully starts to give the milk in her mouth to Joe who eagerly drinks it. It is the sweetest tasting milk he ever tasted. When Joe has drunk all the milk in Chesela's mouth she moves to the other side of the bed and repeats the process. By the time a mouthful of milk has been drunk from each nipple Maria had swallowed them up to their crotch. Her upper lip is right below Sophia's butt, and her bottom lip is right below Joe's butt. Joe can fell a lot of sucking as well as swallowing from Maria trying to get their butts in her mouth. Sophia has a large butt. very sexy big butt can be hard to eat especially when you're trying to eat two sexy butts at once. Joe didn't have a bad butt himself it's nice, tight and firm. Just big enough to give Maria some trouble. Chesela noticed Maria's troubles and started licking their butts to lubricate them. It worked. With another swallow their butts are in her mouth and she's sucking on them and tasting them all over with her tong. even sticking it between the two of them exploring around his cock and licking Sophia's juices oozing out around his rock hard cock. Her velvety soft tong licking what little of his cock that's sticking out of Sophia's pussy drove him to another orgasm inside Sophia.

         "Keep going like this and you're going to have me pregnant before we get to my home Joe. I like you. I'm going to give you the time of your life when we get in there. Maria I gotta say you're making this vore the best I ever had. I'm about to come myself and Joe hasn't even moved his cock in me yet. Hint hint Joe." Says Sophia. In response Maria inserts her tong into Sophia's pussy, rubbing it alongside Joe's cock. This is all Sophia needed to go over the edge. With a scream her first orgasm hits her hard and her pussy sucks on Joe's cock hard making him orgasm too.

         "Thanks Maria that was all I need. I'm sure my juices will taste good to you. I always have a lot of juice. More than the average vixen anyway which is saying something." Sophia says when she gets her breath back. She is right there is so much fluid from Sophia's pussy Maria's mouth is full of it. Maria has no choice its swallow or drool. She swallows. Now that Joe's and Sophia's waist are in Maria's throat Sophia begins to buck against Joe and in response Joe bucks too in time with Sophia. Every time they buck it makes it easy for them to slide down Maria's throat. Joe can tell their about to enter Maria's stomach because he can feel a tightness that is tighter than Maria's throat around them. He figures this must be the stomach sphincter. His feet are pushed through it and he can feel an open space. He knows it won't be an open space for long. He can feel his legs sliding through the sphincter and into the stomach.

         "Chesela? while full can you go to your humanoid form? Even with a Fox in your belly and a wolf in your womb?" Joe asks. "You mean can I go to my anthro form? Of course I can, watch." Right before Joe's eyes she stood up on her hind legs and just melted into her anthro form. Her womb is stretched so much its resting on the floor and her stomach is resting on top. Joe can tell that she would have a small waist and a sexy slim body. Her large bulging breasts are resting atop the bulge that is Fox. Unlike the rest of the anthros she actually has hands instead of whatever the animal form has on the limb. Even with her whole body swollen from right below her ribs to her vagina she is still very sexy. Joe is swallowed along with Sophia again as Chesela gives him a side view. His head is in Maria's mouth and Sophia's head is pressed to the side of his head and she is also watching. Chesela turns again and bends over giving Joe a great view of her ass and pussy. His last word before he disappears  is "That's hot.". And that's all he says before he's swallowed. He is completely inside Maria and is now slowly sliding towards her stomach. Joe is dumped in Maria's stomach with Sophia where its more stretchy and he and Sophia can move around some more and get to know each other better.

         Meanwhile as Joe is completing his trip Chesela has turned back into her animal form. "You were right he tastes incredible!" Maria says when her throat is clear. "And it looks like they are really getting to know each other in there." Chesela says looking at Maria's belly which is distended to the point it's actually touching the floor. "Oh yeah it feels great. Its wonderful to have a pair fucking inside of you." Maria replies unable to keep the extreme pleasure out of her voice.

         When Joe wakes up next morning and he is not in anyplace he recognizes. All six Vixens are standing around him in what he has learned is there anthro forms. The bedroom he is in is much grander than his and the bed looks like it could fit all seven anthros and him at once. He found himself to be nude which is no surprise considering how he got here wherever here is. The bed is low enough he can see the sex of all six vixens and they are all dripping and swollen with desire. The sight of it caused him to make a small tent with the blankets which of course all the vixens are quick to notice. Without a word and with a smile on his face he pulls his covers off and beckons them on. Fox goes first and keeps going until they come together and she is satisfied. Next Maria decided it is her turn to get a ride after she gave one to him. He came a little more quickly than he did with Fox but Fox made him sensitive. Maria didn't care she kept going until she has an orgasm with a nay. And whenever a vixen has an orgasm with his cock in them it makes him blow too. Next Chesela decides he should have more than a show and he blows twice before she comes making him come for the third time in her. Then Jessica decides it's her time to get some cause she really didn't do anything with him the night before. She goes until she gets off twice almost spending him. He's getting close to being spent as it is. Then its Victoria wanting to show her appreciation for the help he gave her the night before. He's starting to yell every time they come together it's that good. Last is Sophia who decides to go easy on him only making him blow five times before getting off on his sixth.

         "Oh I'm in heaven!" Joe says as he flops back on the bed when Sophia gets off him. "This is great I'm greeted by six sex hungry anthro vixens in the morning that somehow can make me last six rounds in the morning! I wonder what's for breakfast." In response each starts playing with their breast in a seductive manner. "I see so where am I? Is this a dream?" Joe muses. "No Joe this is your new home Joe. Welcome home." Fox replies before placing her nipple in his mouth.

The End

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