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I've always wanted to be shrunken by a girl, but I never thought it would actually happen.
Highly recommended to read PART 1 before PART 2

         You finally go in for the kill. Stopping your licking and massaging, you switch to humping your girlfriend’s large clitoris. You start fast and somehow keep increasing you speed. You then feel something against your back. It pushes down on you and slides you up, and then down. It goes slow at first, but also increases speed. You realize Sarah is rubbing you up and down her clit to masturbate. You can’t believe she’s doing this to you. Even more unbelievable is how fast you’re actually going. You try to push up and stop her but it’s too wet to get a grip on your ground. Even if it was, you doubt you were any match for your girlfriend’s finger at this point. You then feel her orgasm. It was very intense, especially up-close. She then releases her grip on you and lets you rest on top of her clitoris. You too orgasm, just lying on her soft, extremely wet, female genitalia.

         The two of you lie there deep in erotic bliss. This was the most incredible experience of your life and you didn’t want it to end, but you knew it had to. After all, visiting Hawaii is nice, but living there isn’t as enjoyable. This was a fantasy, not a lifestyle. You couldn’t permanently live the rest of your life this way like in the stories.

Sarah was breathing fairly heavily. She had never experienced anything like this. Even her fantasies weren’t as enjoyable as what she was currently feeling. Sarah decided this must never end. Letting her boyfriend grow back was out of the question. If she could shrink him back every once in a while it might have been a different matter, but if she gives him the antidote she knows she’ll never get to experience this again. She puts the pillow back beneath her head and drifts into deep thought.

         After lying in your girlfriend’s pussy for a while, you start to feel uncomfortable. This is no longer erotic bliss for you. You realize your entire body is covered with vaginal discharge. It’s the same kind of feeling you get when you’ve landed in mud and you can just feel it caked onto your body. Living out your fantasy was great and all, but now that you’re no longer worshipping your girlfriend’s clitoris and humping it, it is like you suddenly stop ignoring the bad parts of the situation since the good part of it is over. You are lying in extremely warm stickiness with an extremely strong odor. Normally you enjoy this odor, but right now it’s too potent and doesn’t smell too pleasant. You realize your fantasy has quickly ended and it’s time to go back to being normal sized.

11. (POV shot after you first come out of Sarah’s underwear. Her head is resting on a pillow looking up at the ceiling with a sexy evil smile on her face, and she’s cupping her breasts with her hands so the audience can’t see much of that area)

         You crawl out from underneath your girlfriend’s panties and see her smiling. It makes you feel good to know you put that sexy smile on her face. You shout up to your girlfriend “I’m ready.” Sarah hadn’t even noticed you crawl out of her panties, but did hear a small noise. She realized it was you and stopped her day dreaming to listen to you and responded “Hmm?” You yell out to her again “I’m ready for the anti-dote.” Sarah is caught off guard at this point. She can’t believe you are giving in so early. Thinking you would want to be this size for at least a few more hours she says “But you’re only two for three.” You knew what this meant, but you REALLY didn’t want to go to area number three. You like that area and everything, but there was no chance in hell you were actually going there at your current size. You decide to play dumb, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Sarah’s draw drops, “How can you not know?! Here’s a couple of hints! The first two were my chest and vagina, and the third is our favorite part!” She then picks you up with her hand, flips over, and then sets you on her right butt cheek. She starts gently swaying her hips back and forth and asks “So, have you figured it out yet?!” You don’t know what to say. You love Sarah’s ass, and you know how much she loves the fact you love it, but when you fantasized about it at normal size, it was just a fantasy. Now it’s a reality. And considering you thought her vagina’s scent was overpowering at this size, you don’t want to even think how pungent the next place she wants you to go would be. You’re not quite sure how your girlfriend will take this though. You can’t just say “Honey, your ass smells, so I don’t want to go near it.”, and considering how much you raved about her ass in the past and all the times you’ve told her you wish you were this tall and her ass were this big, you’re not sure how you can tell her you don’t want to actually do it now.

         It’s been a while since you’ve said anything. You decide that it’s best just to tell the truth “Sarah, I don’t know how to tell you this…” Sarah then picks you up, flips over, and dangles you in front of your face. She looks highly disappointed and says “Let me guess. The thing I’ve been looking forward to this entire time more than anything, you’re chickening out on. This fantasy just got too real for you and even though I did this whole thing for you and surprised you with it, you don’t want to show me a little gratitude and do something for me that YOU don’t want to do.” Sarah had a very convincing let down facial expression, but was smiling on the inside. She knew how guilty this made you feel and she felt like she was five steps closer to getting you to be permanently small.

12. (POV – Sarah holds the camera and does a close up on her face showing disappointment and agitation.)

         You stare into her face and she looks anything but happy. It looks as though her face is expressing anger and sadness in one look. You’re too scared to say that basically everything she just said was true, so you decide to lie “It’s not that. It’s just…. When I was stimulating your clit, I came. So, all my hormones or whatever got ejaculated out of me, along with my desire for your beautiful bottom.” You ended with a perfect smile as you complimented her rear end. Sarah knew you were lying, but she decided to play along. “Ohhhhhh.” Sarah said with a surprised look on her face “I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. I’m sorry honey.” You now feel bad, but smile saying “It’s ok. Just get the antidote and we can spend the rest of the evening cuddled up talking about this great experience we had!” Sarah cocks an eyebrow, “But why wouldn’t we just wait till your arousal comes back? I mean, that way you still get to experience my perfect ass in a very extraordinary circumstance at such a wonderful size.” You pause a moment and then reply “But that could take a while, maybe even a couple hours.” Sarah laughs, “I don’t think it’s ever taken you a couple hours. In fact, I have an idea as to what might help speed it up!” You stare blankly at your girlfriend not knowing exactly what she was talking about.

         Sarah picks you up off her stomach and sits up smiling at you. She then swings her legs off the bed and stands on the ground thinking about how she wants to do this. She could do it on the bed or a chair, but then decides it would probably be best on the ground. She sets you on the ground and you look up at your gigantic girlfriend. You shout up to her “What are you doing?!” She turns around and starts sliding her finger on the inside of the part of her thong that goes into her butt crack.

13. (POV – Sarah pulling the thong out of her crack with one finger)

         Sarah then asks “Remember the first time you lost your sex drive during sex before I got to have an orgasm? I was so mad you couldn’t get hard that I decided to sit on your face and you would have to lick my cunt until you got your drive back. You instantly got a boner though right after I sat on your face though and I asked why.” You now knew exactly what she was about to do. Sarah continues “You said that it really turned you on that I was about to sit on your face. I asked what specifically was so great about it and you told me you loved my big butt slowly lowering onto your face. It made you almost feel like you were a tiny man about to get sat on. You then said, and I quote “But the hottest part Sarah was right before you sat on my face, your ass cheeks spread very far apart. Normally in this position I could see your asshole, but your thong covered most of it up. I could only see the outer ridges of your cute pink hole. It was just so hot that a tiny little line was censoring the dirtiest part of your body.” Any of that ring a bell?” Sarah then giggles knowing she quoted you perfectly. She never admitted it, but she was turned on that that had turned on her boyfriend. You don’t know what to say to Sarah. She was using your own words against you, yet thought she was helping you.

         You see your girlfriend spread her legs apart so she’ll be able to keep balance. She then starts lowering her hips very slowly. You now know why she’s doing this on the ground. That way she can take a long time to let her ass slowly come to you. You gaze at Sarah’s beautiful ass. She truly had the greatest ass you had ever seen. It was so soft and smooth, and your favorite part, big! It gets closer and closer to you. Eventually her cheeks start to spread and you can start to see the inside of her crack. More and more her cheeks spread as she gets lower and lower. When she finally squats as far down as she possibly can, you can see it. Her asshole is just inches above you. It’s like a big pink eye just staring down at you. Although this eye has a thong for an eye patch, you can still imagine what it would look like without the thong. You stop imagining that because it starts to scare you. Instead you focus on what you can see. Sarah’s thong covers a good chunk of her hole, but you can still see the outer pink ridges just like you had before.

14. (POV – Sarah’s ass almost sitting on you with her thong exposing a tiny bit of her pink hole. I got this idea from your yahoo group. I saw pictures in the album POV’s that made me think “I want to do a picture like that!” The pics I’m referring to are Sarah GTS 026, Sarah GTS 131, and Sarah GTS 142.. haha not quite sure why the last two are in the POV album. Misplacement I suppose? I thought a picture like this would be pushing the line, but since you already have a few of them I’m assuming it’s kosher.)

         An odor now reaches your nostrils. It is quite obvious the smell is coming from your girlfriend’s rear end. The surprising part though is how faint it is. You realize that her thong must be trapping in most of the smell. You have never appreciated thongs more in your life than at this moment. You just hope to god you girlfriend doesn’t move that giant strap above you to unleash what would most likely be the most powerful AND worst smelling odor you have ever smelled.

         Sarah wiggles her ass back and forth asking “Got your drive back yet?” You shout up to her “Sorry. No Drive.” She giggles then starts to lower herself and asks “Do you need to get a little closer then?” You immediately shout back “No!” Sarah stops lowering herself and turns around confused. She picks you up and you immediately feel extremely intimidated again by you giantess sized girlfriend. The intimidation was mostly caused by her holding you with just two fingers, the suspicious look in her eye, and of course the fact that you were the size of an ant compared to her. You wanted to tell her the truth, but were afraid of telling your giant girlfriend that you didn’t want to go near a part of her body that she absolutely loved because you didn’t want to smell the horrible stench that comes from. It just didn’t seem like a logical move. So you do what almost every single other man would do in a position like this. Lie.

         You know it would be a bad idea to tell your girlfriend you lied the first time though and then just tell her another lie, so you decide to build on to your original lie. You say to you giant girlfriend “I think the reason I can’t get my drive back, is because I know that I can return to normal size, and that’s what I want to do right now. I want to return to normal size. So since I’ve already had a run, I want to return to normal size, not have another run. And because I know there’s an easily attainable antidote--” Sarah cuts you off “Yeah I get it you’re more focused on returning to normal size. I got it.” You pause knowing that you kind of rambled about your terrible lie. You could have phrased it better and made it more convincing if you had more time to think about it and weren’t so intimidated by you giantess girlfriend.

         Sarah then grows a big smile on her face. She sets you down on the bed and starts looking for the bra she took off earlier. She looks on the floor but it doesn’t appear to be there. She then searches the bed but it’s nowhere to be found, not under the pillow or even between the sheets. She then decides to just throw on an entirely new bra. She opens her drawer, grabs one, and then stands in front of you as she is putting her new bra on. She grins practically ear to hear because of the brilliant idea she just got.

15. (POV – Shot of Sarah finishing putting her bra on (hooking it) as she has a giant evil grin on her face as you stand on the mattress waiting for her next move.)

         Sarah finishes putting on her bra and then seductively walks towards you. She then bends over and picks you hope. She bits her lower lip and then she opens up the front of her panties. You can’t see this though because she’s holding you above her giant breasts which disable your peripheral vision from catching this. Sarah starts laughing at you and this starts to scare you. All of sudden she lets go of you and you feel yourself falling towards her breasts. They were too spread apart though and instead of catching you, you just slide between them. You try to get a grip on your girlfriend’s stomach as u decline further and further, but all you can do is watch Sarah laughing at you in the crevice of her breasts. Suddenly you feel an impact against your feet which shoots you forward into warm gooeyness. Then you’re immediately slapped in the back and pressed firmly into this goo. It takes you a second to figure out what just happened. Your girlfriend must have had her panties open to catch you. When you landed on them you bounced forward into her vagina, and then she pinned you against it when she closed her underwear. So the goo you felt was actually vaginal fluid. The entire front of your body was in her thick pussy juice when you had just gotten most of it off. You consider yourself lucky though since it could have just as easily been feces that your body was now covered in. You flinch at the thought.

         Sarah walks down to the kitchen and finds her purse. She digs through it till she finds the green solution marked with an “A” on it. She holds it up as if she just found the world’s rarest diamond for she knows the power this one tiny solution has. Sarah then walks over to the sink and sets you beside it. You immediately start trying to slide Sarah’s fluid off your skin. It feels so strange to only have the front half of your body covered in something, while the back is bare and dry. You finally glance up and see that Sarah is holding a glass tube with green liquid in it. Sarah then says “I’m assuming you know what this is.” You notice the “A” written on it and realize that she’s holding the antidote right above the sink. Sarah continues “You said as long as this was around, you couldn’t get your mojo back. So I’m going to help you with your tiny problem.” You see Sarah start to tilt the solution and immediately shout “STOP!” Her hand continues to slowly tilt and by impulse you just shout “I don’t want to go anywhere near your terrible, smelling butthole!” You instantly regret your outburst. Your mind almost becomes paralyzed from the shock of your own words.

         Sarah was thrilled by what you just said. Offended, but thrilled. She didn’t show it though. She kept a look of appall on her face because she knew that what you just said gave her cause for her next big action. Sarah sighed and said “Fine.” You mouth felt so dry that you could only respond with a very faint “Fine?” Sarah then gave you a sarcastic smile and said “Yes, fine. It was my fault. I completely forgot what kind of stories you were into.” You look at her in puzzlement, but do not dare interrupt her. Sarah carries on with her little spiel “I forgot that whenever you read a giantess story, you don’t like to read about the big friendly giantess. You don’t want to read about the giantess who lets you explore her gigantic body. You like the type of giantess who does whatever the fuck she wants with you and doesn’t care if you don’t like. And that’s fine. Say goodbye to your nice, gentle giantess, and say hello to the evil giantess Sarah.” She then glances at the solution she’s holding as if she had forgotten it was even there. Your girlfriend then tosses you a wicked smile “You know I wasn’t actually going to dump this into the sink.” She lies, “I was just acting like it to give you a little push, but now..” You then watch Sarah fully turn the antidote and you watch the liquid flow to the bottom of the sink.

16. (POV – We watch as Sarah pours the Green solution into the sink before our very eyes.)

         You watch the last drop fall into the metal sink. She then drops the glass as well and you watch it break. You know that shattered glass can’t be good for your pipes, but you remind yourself that that’s the least of your worries. You and Sarah stare at one another for a moment. You have no idea what she’s going to do next. Sarah on the other hand is thinking of a playful way to introduce you to her butt. She may have gone over to the dark side, but just shoving you into her tight little butthole wasn’t a good enough initiation in her book. She suddenly scares the crap out of you as she says abruptly “I’ve got it!!”

         Sarah quickly swipes you off the counter and runs upstairs. She goes through her panty drawer and finds a very cute pair of panties for her to wear for her game. Sarah then peels her thong off of her hips and lets it fall to the ground. Sarah then opens her panties and pulls them up till they feel snug. This was like a rollercoaster ride for you since you had been in her hand the entire time she changed her underwear. She opens her hand and sees her dizzy boyfriend lying in the palm of her hand. Sarah smiles brightly asking “Are you ready?” You focus on your gigantic girlfriend’s face and ask “Why are you doing this? Don’t you love me anymore?” She replies “Of course, I’ve always loved you.” She then snickers “And now that you’re my tiny shrunken man and small enough to fit in my tiny little butthole, I love you even more!” You plead with her “But I don’t want you to stick me in your asshole.” Sarah huffs and replies “Well that’s your fault. You’re the one who got me into this fantasy. And now that we’ve made it a reality, you’re bailing on me. Well I’m not letting you. If you didn’t want this to happen, you shouldn’t have fantasized about it. I mean, you knew my butt didn’t smell like a botanical garden.” She paused for a moment “Well, unless that botanical garden recently laid a thick layer of manure on top of all the soil.” She laughs, “In that case, my butt probably smells a LOT like a botanical garden.”

         She truly did love the little guy, but she knew that what she was about to do to him she was going to love more! She didn’t actually want to be an evil giantess. What she said and did at the sink was just an act. She saw herself as a mischievous girl with a lot of power over a tiny man, and this tiny man just so happened to be her boyfriend. And she wasn’t going to let the fact that the tiny guy in her hands was her boyfriend stand in the way of her giantess fantasy. She actually thought about telling him that he probably just needs to accept what’s happened. After all, there is no way he can grow back to normal size. He’s stuck with her at his height permanently. She figured he’d realize that on his own though. But for now, it would be much more fun to terrorize her tiny boyfriend while he still hasn’t figured that out.

         Sarah then held you up to her face and said “So I thought it might be fun to introduce you to my butt for the first time at your new size in a fun little way. Remember that picture you love so much from that DeviantArt site?? Well, I thought it would be cool to kind of recreate that image.” You have no idea what image she was talking about, but she starts to take you behind her. You lay on your stomach trying to cling on to her open palm. You then notice she hasn’t taken you to her booty, but to the back of her bra. You let out a sigh of relief as Sarah tells you “Hang onto my bra for a second; I need both of my hands for this next part.” You then grab onto her bra just happy knowing she wasn’t currently pushing you between her butt cheeks. Sarah then asks “You got a tight grip?” You reply back “Yes, but do what you’re doing quickly. I don’t think I’ll be able to hold on for very long.” As she starts to move her hand away the view of your girlfriend’s panty-covered ass enters your view as you look down.

17. (POV- We’re hanging from the goddess’s bra looking down at the floor/her ass. Pretty easy shot. Just point the camera down at the floor to make it look like we’re hanging from her bra.)

         She then moves her hands down towards her sides saying “Ha! I tricked you. I knew you wouldn’t grab on if I told you why I REALLY wanted you to grab onto my bra.” You then watch Sarah grab the back of her underwear and stretch it out as far as possible. You suddenly knew what picture she was talking about. You had always loved a drawing of a shrunken guy in basically the same position you were currently in. The man was obviously full of angst worrying about falling, and the girl looked as though she was cackling. The caption below it read “Sooner or later, you’ll fall.” Every time your girlfriend walked in on you looking at that picture you always made some stupid comment like “I have no idea why he’s hanging on like that. If I were him I’d easily be able to let go so I could fall into heaven.” You now understood that fictional characters angst as you too held onto a bra looking at a giant net, otherwise known as the back of your girlfriend’s panties, ready to catch you.

18. (POV- Basically same shot as before, only now she has the back of her underwear open waiting to catch you)

         You try to pull yourself up, but it’s useless. You feel strapped as Sarah waits to catch your tiny ass, with her giant ass. All you’re doing is just wasting energy and start to wonder if you’re wasting it appropriately. Sure by hanging on to your girlfriend’s bra you’re keeping away from her butt, but eventually you will fall. Then once you’ve fallen because you can’t hang on any longer, you’ll have no energy to fight off your REAL problem at hand. That tiny little problem called “being shoved right against your girlfriend’s anus.” Your considering letting go right now so you’ll have energy to fight off Sarah’s massive finger when it tries to push you further between her cheeks. Right as you’re about to let go, you think of problem with your next move. You cringe having to think about this, but you must be realistic. Sarah might not just be shoving you against that puckering pink hole of hers; she may actually shove you… IN it. No amount of energy could help you against a sphincter with a vice grip on your entire body. After reevaluating the situation, you decide it’s best to just hold on. This isn’t a total loss though because every second you hang on to her bra, is a second you’re not trapped by your girlfriend’s behemoth sized booty.

         Sarah was enjoying her game very much. You didn’t realize it, but Sarah stood right behind a mirror so she could turn her head and watch your struggling reflection. She could tell you didn’t even notice her staring at you, because your eyes were only focused on your long fall all the way down to her butt. This didn’t bother her at all, especially because this had been the most attention you’ve paid to her butt since you’ve shrunken! Though, she had to admit to herself that she was starting to become a little bored with this. Holding her panties open for this long was starting to become uncomfortable and take the fun out of the game. Sarah decided to mix it up a little bit so not only would you fall sooner, but the processes would be fun as well!

         You started to feel a shaking motion. At first you just thought your girlfriend was walking, but it’s much worse than that. She was dancing! This made it much harder for you to hang on to Sarah’s bra. After only a minute she had your arms so sore that you weren’t even sure how you were still holding on. Slowly, Sarah starts bending over a little bit. At first you aren’t sure why she’s doing it, but as you look back down you know exactly why. She was arching her back so you wouldn’t just fall into her panties; you’d slide down into them. Sarah then started her killing last maneuver by shimmying. This makes you go from side to side until finally your grip accidently releases. You start sliding down her back. Your initial reaction is that this is kind of fun, like you were going down a gigantic slide. That reaction only lasts for a second though, because you know where this ride ends, in hers. You try to grab onto anything you can as you slide down her back, but there’s nothing to grab. You scream as the inevitable approaches.

         You finally reach the end and glide right above her butt crack and into the top of her underwear. You’re now rolling down the back of her underwear and land on your back. Your feet are touching the bottom of her bottom as you lay against the back of her underwear. Sarah has the underwear spread open very far. You can see her entire giant ass with this much light. It’s quite amazing how far up the top of her crack is. Not just that, but also the immense size of her butt from this point of view. It looks so perfect and soft, almost god-like. Suddenly you shake off these ridiculous feelings and remember where you are. Your timing couldn’t have been better. You see Sarah’s fingers start to slide on her waistband, knowing what she’s about to do. You scream, but only for a moment because as soon as Sarah let’s go of her underwear, your open mouth gets pressed against the giant flesh of her ass as her underwear pulls against her butt in its proper place.

         Sarah felt greatly accomplished at the moment. Her game had finally ended and to her, it was a great success. Letting her boyfriend slide into her butt was probably the most fun she’s had all day, even though it’s been the best day of her life! Sarah starts rubbing her hand on her butt cheek as if she had just fed her butt a little treat.

19. (In this picture Sarah has her back to the camera as she stands in her underwear rubbing her butt cheek after finally putting you right where she wanted you. You can do a full body shot if you want or above the knees shot, but try to have her face in the shot. Like she’s trying to turn her head around to smile at you in her butt. If the face thing doesn’t turn out well because of a bad angle don’t worry about it, face isn’t needed.)

         You felt very strange in this position. You were between Sarah’s butt cheeks, but you weren’t IN Sarah butt. You were on the outer part of her crack, but you weren’t actually in the flesh. You were simply being pressed against her flesh, instead of being inside of her butt crack engulfed by it. It was actually kind of nice. It didn’t smell here at all, and her butt felt so warm and soft. You hate to admit it, but you actually enjoyed being in this location. You had always loved Sarah’s ass, and now here it was, gargantuan and in the flesh. You start kissing your girlfriend’s magnificent ass.

         Sarah was enjoying you worshipping her ass like she was a true goddess. She really did love the power rush of this whole thing, especially the part where her tiny little boyfriend kissed her magnificent ass! As much as she had been enjoying this though, she knew she was about to enjoy this next part even more. She pushed off doing it for as long as she could since she knew you had been enjoying her butt so much, but she couldn’t hold back anymore. She performed her next course of action which was hiking up her underwear, or in other words, giving herself a wedgie.

20. (Basically same shot as before, except now she’s giving herself a wedgie. Haha I’d love to be there as you give yourself a wedgie Sarah)

         You start to feel Sarah’s underwear press up against your back. It starts shoving you deep into your girlfriend’s butt crack and you are no longer enjoying your situation anymore. Your girlfriend was giving herself a wedgie to press you up against her butthole. You’d scream if you thought it would make a difference. The worst part is, she was doing it nice and slow. Her underwear slowly pushed you into her butt crack and you had no idea when you’d reach her pink little butthole. Suddenly you start to smell something that you know is the stink of Sarah’s bowels. It gets a little stronger and a little stronger, till suddenly it becomes overwhelmingly strong! The skin starts to feel a little different. It’s no longer smooth butt-flesh that surrounds you, but the outer part of her asshole. The wrinkles weren’t the only dead giveaway; the area around you was also a bit oily too. You couldn’t believe Sarah was doing this. This was probably the grossest thing you had ever experienced, and you knew it was about to get a lot worse. She dragged you just a little bit further until you were firmly pressing against the hole that releases her shit. You almost started to cry as you were being so strongly forced against this extremely oily, soft thing. Never in your life had you ever felt something so soft, or something that smelled so strong. It was almost like you were on dangerously bad ecstasy. You felt like the force from her underwear was so strong, that any moment it would push you through her tight sphincter.

         Sarah was in erotic heaven right now. The feeling of her tiny boyfriend pressed right against her moist, warm asshole was intoxicating. She was flexing her anus as hard as she could so you wouldn’t accidently slip in, though she was highly tempted to get some lubricant and finger her butthole while she rubbed your body all over her anal canal. Just the thought of doing that to you made her unbelievably wet. But she held herself back, even though it was extremely difficult. Sarah couldn’t take it anymore. She pulled her underwear out of her butt crack while leaving you to try and wiggle away from her butthole. Sarah then took a few steps over to her bed and just collapsed on top of it.

21. (Shot of Sarah passed out on her bed, lying on her stomach.)

         Sarah had lied on her bed for almost an hour without moving. It was as though she had gone into some type of blissful coma. You were still struggling around like crazy which made Sarah unbelievably happy. She knew where you were there wasn’t much oxygen, so she didn’t worry about taking this thing up a notch. Sarah reached into the back of her panties and pushed her finger against you so you were now being pressed against her sphincter. She couldn’t help but giggle as she felt you try to push away her finger as your back pressed against the center of an anus. Finally she gave you the little extra push you needed to no longer be visible. She felt her sphincter grab onto the tip of her finger, and she wondered how that must feel around your entire body. She laughed as she imagined your tiny face being pressed by her slimy inner walls and was curious if that caused you to get your “drive” back. She knew the answer was no, but thought it would be comical if being inserted into her anus actually has caused you to become aroused again.

         Sarah rolled over on her stomach and enjoyed the feeling of you inside of her. She then decided to take this time to masturbate. She couldn’t believe how quickly she had came, and the orgasm was probably the most intense thing she had ever experienced. Your girlfriend lied on her bed with beads of sweat rolling down her. She wanted to get up and get a glass of water, but it felt as though she were crippled from her powerful climax. Instead she fell asleep with you still trying to squirm out of her rear end.

         The next morning arrives and Sarah wakes up with sunlight in her eyes as it come in through the window. She feels very relaxed, but then notices you’re no longer struggling inside of her butt. She then gives her anus a flex and once again feels your struggles. Sarah thinks to herself “Hmm. Guess I woke the little guy up. He should feel lucky. Most guys would love it if their girlfriend’s woke them up with their ass.” She giggles to herself as she starts to get out of bed. The very first thing she decided to do was change her underwear since the pair she was currently wearing was practically sticking to her crotch. She pulled out a thong and slid that on after taking her panties off. Sarah’s stomach then growled and she suddenly remembered it was breakfast time. Since she was going to eat breakfast, she thought it was probably a good time to feed you as well. So reluctantly, Sarah removed you from her anus. She didn’t want to laugh at your pathetic form, but she couldn’t help it.

22. (POV – Picture of Sarah trying not to laugh as she holds you close to her face)

         Sarah couldn’t help it anymore and finally burst out laughing. You just looked so defeated and sad, not to mention you were covered in some oily substance. She was surprised to see only a little bit of her brown was on her tiny boyfriend. She assumed that the oil that covered most of your body is just what helps slide her bowel movements out of her, but whatever it was she was just happy to see her boyfriend didn’t come out looking like a piece of shit.

Sarah finally stopped laughing at you and went downstairs to the kitchen. She got out a tiny plate and set it on the table, then you on top of the plate. You watched as you girlfriend made a bowl of cereal and glass of water for herself. She then dropped a few tiny pellets of water onto your plate for you to drink and a tiny piece of her cereal. You felt like a fucking gerbil the way she was feeding you.

         Sarah was sitting down enjoying her breakfast and noticed you had barely touched anything on your plate. Sarah casually asks “Is something wrong?” You can’t believe what question she just asked. You look at her as if she asked as the most ridiculous question of all time, yet she just sat there eating her breakfast patiently waiting for a response. You simply reply back “Are you kidding?!?” Sarah gives a light smile and asks “I get it. The whole shrunken thing, but it’s your life now. The antidote is gone and you couldn’t return to normal even if I wanted you to. So you probably should just make the most of your new life, because your old one isn’t coming back.” You just stare at her like she just gave you the final blow of a fight. You feel so defeated. Sarah just smiles and continues eating her breakfast.

23. (POV – As we are standing on the table we see Sarah enjoying her breakfast in her underwear.)

         When Sarah finishes her meal she went to the sink and washed the dishes. You thought about life, but not for very long because your girlfriend once again picks you up and takes you upstairs. She enters the bathroom and turns on the shower. Waiting for the water to become warm, she takes of her underwear. When it’s done she gets in and takes you with her. You finally get the much needed rinsing you deserved. At this point, you didn’t care how humiliated you were about your giant girlfriend handling you as long as you it resulted in you being clean! She then treated you to a nice rubbing of her body parts. First she soaped up her boobs with the hand you were in, followed by her vagina. She rubbed you up and down her clit, which you had to admit was pretty arousing while in the shower. Finally she started soaping you up against her ass. You might have enjoyed being rubbed against her wet butt cheeks if you weren’t so worried about her washing her ass crack. She surprisingly didn’t though. Instead she brought you up to her face and asked “So from our breakfast conversation I got the feeling your spirits are a bit down today, right?” You didn’t feel like yelling so you just nodded for a reply. Sarah smiled back at you and said “I understand, you’re still making the transition and it’s got you down. Ya know, I was originally going to keep you in my cunt today, but I just changed my mind. Since you’re already down, I have decided to keep you in my butthole today. After all, it’s better for you to get accustomed to my butthole on a day your down then on a day you’re up.” You yell back in response “Accustomed?!” Sarah smirks and asks “Wouldn’t you rather be accustomed to it? I mean if I stick you in there right now and don’t take you out till tonight, then if I decide to stick you back in their tomorrow morning, it won’t be as bad. Instead of going in their screaming, you’ll just go in their cringing.” Sarah giggles at her little joke.

         You stare blankly at your giantess girlfriend thinking about what she said. As terrible as it seemed to be accustomed to something so disgusting, you think to yourself that she actually has a valid point. Before you can come to a conclusion of whether or not she’s right, Sarah just gives you a giant kiss and says “See you tonight.” You then start screaming as Sarah bends over and take you behind her rear. Water is running over her pink anus and it starts getting closer and closer. She then inserts you and goes back to taking her shower. When she’s done she gets dressed and ready for her day. She looks at herself in the mirror and feels amazing. She turns to her side and feels like she’s been blessed. She can walk around all day and no one would even know that her tiny boyfriend was trapped inside her, giving her pleasure. She truly was a goddess, and decided to go thank the person who made this possible.

         Sarah entered Professor Townsend’s office and was greeted with a big smile. Professor Townsend stopped the paperwork she was doing and got up to hug her old beloved student. Professor Townsend completely ignored starting a conversation with small talk and asked “I’ve got to teach a class here in a few minutes so I’m just gonna go ahead and ask. Did it work?!” Sarah laughed at the forwardness of her old professor and responded “Well, let’s just say that my boyfriend is currently in the room with us.” Professor Townsend looks delighted by this information and asks “Can I see him?” Sarah’s smile faded, “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Professor Townsend looks disappointed, “Why not?” Sarah tries to put it as lightly as possible “I just don’t think me pulling him outside of my butthole and then dangling him in front of your face would be appropriate.” Professor Townsend’s eyes widen greatly, “He’s… butthole… He’s in your butthole?.. Why?” Sarah smiles back “He always was an ass man.” Professor Townsend’s eyes squint in puzzlement “So he WANTS to be there?... Inside your asshole..” Sarah smiles, “I don’t understand it either, but he’s happy in there.” There’s a long pause as Professor Townsend fails to have any type of response. Sarah then suggests “Well if you have a class you need to get to I’ll get out of your hair, but maybe we can have lunch or something soon.” Professor Townsend breaks out of her catatonic state saying “Sure.”

         Sarah starts heading towards the door when Professor Townsend says “Sarah..” Sarah turns around as her professor slowly approaches her. The professor takes a short pause but then states “If the government found out I gave you the shrinking solution, they’d throw me in jail until the day I died. So if you were to tell me that you were keeping your boyfriend captive, there’s simply nothing I could do about that. I can accept a tiny man being forced to live in a woman’s butthole, but a tiny man WILLINGLY living there I just can’t wrap my mind around.” Sarah tries to cover up her smile as her professor figures out what’s going on. When Sarah sees her professor start to realize what’s going on, she decides to be honest “He always talked about doing it. There was nothing more that turned him on then the idea of me taking his tiny little body, and forcing it up my giant rear. Turned out he couldn’t handle his own fantasy, and I couldn’t help but make it a reality.” Professor Townsend then asks Sarah “You got rid of the antidote didn’t you?” Sarah nods to her professor as a wicked smile forms across her face. Professor Townsend then playfully smacks Sarah’s ass and says “Well, at least he’s where a man belongs.” Sarah’s jaw drops at her professor’s response. They both share a laugh and go their separate ways.

         That was the beginning of my new life. It’s now three years later and ever since that incident I’ve been held captive by my giantess girlfriend. Three years as nothing more than a tiny little slave. Three years of being forced to worship her body, of being an object for her to masturbate with and suck on like a piece of candy. Heck, since then she’s even swallowed me whole and waited for me to come out the other end twenty-four hours later! Thankfully though she only did that twice because she said she didn’t like throwing on rubber gloves and digging through her bowel movements to find me. But still, three years of torture with the added bonus of her favorite spot to stick me being the inside of her bum! But now, she’s letting me write my story. Well, technically she’s writing it for me since I’m incapable at my size. She’s cleverly disguised this little S.O.S of mine as nothing more than a fantasy giantess story. I ask for you all to not fall for Sarah’s fa├žade, this is me reaching out for help. So please, call the police, the army, or even a government official and help me out. I know this seems like just another story, but it’s not! The goddess known as Sarah has illegally taken me hostage and I need your aid.

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