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Human life is like a bubble which must burst after a brief while. To every man, death must come sooner or later. The only difference is that, to some is allotted a short span of life, and to others a comparatively a longer one.

But whether one’s life is longer or shorter than another’s, really matters a little, because our deeds and actions, not months or years are the true measure of our life. Our real worth is to be judged by the use which we make of our life, by the efforts which we make to achieve the goal, by the struggle which we put forth to surmount difficulties and the good deeds which we leave behind.

Men there are, who live only for themselves, they live an animal life so to say, being more concerned with eating, drinking and making themselves merry than with the higher purposes of life. The coming and going of such men are taken no note by anybody. They pass out of the world’s stage unhounered, unwept and unsung.

Again there are men who dedicate their lives to a noble object, to the service of mankind, who extend the frontiers of knowledge and art, and advance the cause of culture and civilization. Such men, serving as they do as an example and inspiration to others, are the real salt of the earth. They do not die. They continue to live not in flesh and blood it is true, but in the grateful hearts of their fellowmen. By their golden deeds they live more beloved in death than in life. The halo of their unique contributions to the cause of human progress still remains visible in the horizon. The imperishable footprints left by them on the sands of time make them immortal.

There is however, no universally acceptable standard of what is great and good deed. According to the present times, influenced by the materialistic standards of the west, men of high rank, power and wealth are entitled to honour. Their achievements pass for deeds.

But according to me the real worth of a man is measured by intellectual, moral and spiritual standards. To me, men of learning, wisdom and truth, thinkers and philosophers, philanthropists, teachers and servants of the people, though clad in loin cloth and devoid all together of world’s  goods, are regarded as truly great and good.

It is the good deeds of such great men that shine in the world, and it is because they so shine that these men live for a long long time even after their physical frames returns to dust. Truly has the poet sung “He most lives who thinks most, feels the noblest and acts the best"

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1711055