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Join Chance on his quest through the Galaxy, Slim and None, as he tries to lose Trouble.
Deep in the universe, just almost to the edge, is a tiny Galaxy called Slim and None. The only planet in the entire galaxy is Grimblots, an Earth-like planet. On this planet lives Chance, a very mischievous boy. If he wasn't using his sisters crayons to draw on everything, he was making messes in the kitchen. Trouble seemed to follow him wherever he went.

Chance tried to hide from Trouble, but he found him wherever he hid. He found him under the bed, in his closet, even hiding in a tub full of bubbles. There was no escaping this terribly troublesome nuisance. He thought for sure Trouble wouldn't be able to find him on any one of Grimblots moons. Chance packed a few snacks and peddled off on his Big Wheel to the nearest moon of the three.

The fearless adventurer rolled right into the center of Hornblog's bustling town. There were snoring Snoofdoodlers, creatures that were nothing more than a hill of fur that snored all day and laughed at night. A gang of Gypswigglers, four armed 4 legged creatures with orange and purple hair, were juggling barrels of juice in the middle of the street when Chance spotted Trouble. Before the menace could cause certain distaster, Chance jumped on his Big Wheel and raced off to the next moon.

Here he found a beautiful fountain, full of clear blue water. In the middle was Trouble, splashing about and causing a stir. The normally quiet people of Crimsnogler didn't enjoy the annoying play. Chance boarded his Big Wheel and blasted off to the third and final moon to try and hide from the dastardly disturber of the peace.

Once on Swopsmuffler, Chance created plan to capture Trouble. He noticed that the ground was spotted with deep craters. He gathered some branches that had fallen from a nearby tree and laid them over the mouth of the crater. He hoped that Trouble would come along and fall in the crater, never to be heard from again. Chance put his remaining snacks on top of the branches, then went to hide behind a giant rock formation. He didn't have to wait long.

Trouble spotted the snacks and dashed towards them, not knowing that he was about to be trapped in a craggy chasm. He tumbled down the crater, bumping and yelping his way to the bottom. When Chance was certain that Trouble would not be able to escape the trap, he rocketed back to Grimblots and never caused mischief again.
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