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Character Development for a writing meeting.
Half of the actions in the chronology of events will change drastically once "Visionary" is complete! Read this as an example of a character outline only!


Name: Natrea Simple
Age: 22-44
Height: 5'6
Weight: 160 lbs.
Body Type: Average
Physical Condition (Fit, unfit or something in between?): In between-fit
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color and Style: Brown, curly locks

Distinguishing Features:
1. Piercing, soul-searching stare

Physical Imperfections/Would Like Most to Change:
1. Weight
2. Hair

Characteristic Gestures:
1. Folded Arms
2. Raised Eyebrow
3. Eyes Clenched Closed

Race: Black
Ethnic Group: African-American
Religion: None
Family Background/Lineage: American
Years of Schooling: 12

Major and Minor Studies in College: None

Degrees: High School Diploma

Grades Achieved in School: Low B's, High C's

Skills, Abilities and Talents:
1. Singing

Areas of Expertise: Various, but mainly
1. Raising rare flowers
2. History
3. Making perfume

Occupation: Cashier/singer/gardener

Past Occupations: Various(in other liffetimes)

Military Experience: Various (in other lifetimes)

Short-Term Goals:
1. Joining a band
2. Moving out of her mother's house

Long-Term Goals:
1. Finding the source of her visions
2. Having the vision from her "first" lifetime
3. Discovering why she has visions

Short-Term Needs:
1. Good music
2. "authentic" ethnic food

Long-Term Needs:
1. Being understood
2. Feeling safe

General Personality Type (See Personality Traits Inventory for help/list of adjectives):
Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert

1. Preferring red over any other color

Eccentricities: None

IQ: High

Temperament: Moody

Method of Handling Anger or Rage (Repress, throw things, etc.): Screaming

Admirable Traits:
1. Takes her craft seriously
2. Loyal
3. Loves her friends and family deeply

Negative Traits:
1. Seldom expresses physical affection with other people
2. Lies when people get too close to the truth
3. Short tempered

Bad Habits/Vices:
1. Drinking alcohol to excess


Pet Peeves and Gripes:
1. Electronic music
2. Hatred in general
3. Stereotypes
4. Shallow people

Things That Make Uncomfortable or Embarrass:
1. Openly discussing sexuality
2. Talking about herself

Most Painful Things in One’s Life:
1. Visions
2. Having to lie about her past
3. Having to pretend to be normal

Ever Been Arrested? (If so, for what?):
1. Public intoxication

Political or Social Issues Most Important To You:
1. LGBT rights

Opinion on Abortion: Neutral
Opinion on Environmental Issues: Pro-environment
Opinion on Homosexuality: Pro-gay
Opinion on Military Intervention: Neutral
Opinion on Progress: Neutral
Opinion on Crime and Gun Control: Conservative
Opinions Peculiar to Character: Nearly everything has been done before, everything gets recycled, etc.
Political Party: None
Liberal, Conservative, Middle of the Road, Radical: Middle of the road
Income: Minimum wage at the beginning to being a millionaire at the end
Sense of Humor (None, dry, understated, witty, slapstick, dirty, etc.): Wisecrack

1. That someone will discover who she is
2. Losing Judy
3. Dying without having the answers to who she is

1. Angry people
2. Homophobic people

1. Music

Physical Illnesses or Afflictions: None

Mental Disturbances:
1. Visions of former lives

1. Chess
2. Perfume-making

1. Music
2. Philosophy
3. Religion

Sports: Figure skating, Tennis

Favorite Pastime: Chess

Favorite TV Shows:
1. Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations
2. Masterpiece Theatre
3. Amen

Favorite Movies:
1. The Butterfly Effect
2. Waiting for Godot
3. The Color Purple

Favorite Travel Destination: Kenya
Pets: One cat named Quimby, and towards the end of the story a doberman named Rufus
Drinks Alcohol? (How often?): Yes, right before a show
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Mead
Favorite Meal? Roasted Lamb

Favorite Books:
1. The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas
2. The Black and White Of It by Ann Allen Shackley
3. Trauma and Recovery

Diet (Rich, low-fat, low cholesterol, restaurant, etc.): Rich
Favorite Restaurant/Ethnic Food:
Favorite Physical Attributes in Opposite Sex: Full lips(same sex), straight white teeth
Attributes About Character That Turn On Opposite Sex: Smiling, dancing

Sexual Turn-Ons:
1. Neck bites
2. Flirting
3. Soft kisses

Sexual Turn-Offs:
1. Violence
2. Disrespect
3. Ignorance

Traumas/Psychological Scars from the Past:
1. Various painful visions
2. Seeing Judy killed by her mother

Clothing Styles/Favorite Outfit: Bright red shirts, black jeans

Favorite Pet Sayings, Words/Idiolect:
1. "Well, not in this lifetime, anyway..."
2. "I am not Them. I'm me! I'm me, dammit!"
3. "I know from experience."

Speaking Style (Talkative, taciturn, soft-spoken, loud, formal, casual, accent, fast, slow, etc.): Soft-Spoken

Philosophy of Life: There's a point to this life. But what is it?
Type and Number of Close Friends: 1
Best Friend: Leslie
Other Friends: Members of Cherry Blue and Sugar Free

Most Crucial Experience (Or experiences that helped to mold character’s personality or attitude): Various visual experiences, meeting Judy, joining Cherry Blue

Home (Apartment/tenement building/high-rent/low-rent district/house/mansion/castle, etc.): Home/apartment/home

Neighborhood: Variable
Car: 96' Honda/2018 Dodge Ram
Color: Red
Drive Fast or Slow/Obey Traffic Laws: Obey Traffic laws

Major Problems to Solve or Overcome:
1. Accepting all of her past lives as parts of who she is
2. Accepting her sexuality
3. Stage Fright
4. Alcoholism

Solutions to Problems:
1. Courage
2. Time
3. Rehab

Minor Problems to Solve or Overcome:

Solutions to Problems:

Character Growth (by the end of the story)/Character Change/Lessons Learned: Life isn't about where you've been, it's about where you're going/Natrea learns not to focus on her past and what others think of her, becoming more in tune with the present.

Chronology of Actions (From start of story to end):
1. Natrea works as a cashier. Soon after a vision, she meets Judy, the woman she's loved over many lifetimes. Fearful of social persecution, Natrea rejects Judy.
2. After some persuasion, Judy convinces Natrea to come see her band. After the lead singer passes out, Natrea steps in and becomes the new lead singer.
3. After the ex-singer tries to attack Natrea and Judy, Judy freaks out, remembering a similar event happening to them in the past. Natrea rents a room in a motel so Judy can calm down. Natrea and Judy end up sleeping together, and solidify their status as a couple.
4. In the morning, Natrea goes to work. After resting in her recliner for a moment, she gets a vision. After calling Judy, the two of them agree to meet at pavillion near a lake in town. After consuming a small amount of Judy's mead, Judy and Natrea are booked on charges of public intoxication.
5. While in the "drunk tank", Natrea and Judy have a vision, but are forced to put it on hold to protect themselves in jail. They defend themselves from an agressive cell mate while they have their eyes closed. Eventually, they are allowed to make a phone call. Judy's parents bail her out, but Natrea has to stay in jail overnight, because her mother refuses to bail her out. Judy bails Natrea out in the morning, so Natrea can finish her vision. Natrea also finds her mother has kicked her out of the house.
6. Natrea and Judy move in with a member of their band, and they start getting serious about their music. Cherry Blue performs five nights a week for the next eight months, with all members of the band working part time jobs to pay the rent. Natrea cautiously develops a friendship with a woman named Leslie. As it turns out, Leslie is a the lead singer of a recently signed band(Sugar Free) which is about to go on a road tour. Leslie invites Natrea's band to travel with them as an opening act. Natrea and the rest of Cherry Blue accept.
7. Cherry Blue and Sugar Free travel together for four months before Cherry Blue is offerred a record deal by Sugar Free's record label. Starving to reap the rewards of album sales, Natrea and Judy write the entire album in a week, and Cherry Blue records it in three months while on the road.
8. Cherry Blue's popularity takes a few months to take off, but with enough publicity, and with the constant touring, they soon land at number one on the charts. Sugar Free has had a similar debut, but rather than being jealous or shocked, Leslie and the rest of her band is excited.
9. After having five top ten hits between the two of them, Leslie and Natrea both make the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, and give seperate interviews. Although most of the interview revolves around positive questions, Leslie and Natrea get defensive and evasive when asked about allegations of substance abuse and lesbianism, respectively.
10. The questions asked in the Rolling Stones magazine make Natrea feel uneasy, but Leslie and Judy assure her that the press are always snooping around for one thing or another. Still, Natrea is unnerved, and starts developing stage fright issues. To settle her nerves before going onstage, she starts drinking excessively.
11. Natrea refuses to get treatment for her issues, even though Judy begs her to. After their first world tour is over, Judy suffers a mental breakdown from abuses she suffered at Natrea's hands in a recent previous life. Judy starts using cocaine given to her by Leslie and Sugar Free.
12. Judy overdoses shortly after her first few uses of cocaine, and is rushed to the hospital. Tearfully, Natrea promises to enter rehab. Judy agrees to do the same.
13. After getting to the bottom of their issues, Judy and Natrea reunite, and go back on the road to rebuild their confidence. While performing for some old friends in their hometown, Natrea inadvertantly comes out to her mother. In a fit of rage, her mother shoots Judy with a small calibur pistol. While Judy is dying, she makes Natrea promise not to commit suicide in the hopes of meeting her in another life.
14. In the years that follow, Natrea leaves the music industry behind her to raise rare exotic plants in anonymity. After purchasing supplies from a hardware store, Natrea is leaving to go home when a store clerk runs after her with a forgotten bag of fertilizer. Even in the pouring rain, Natrea recognizes the store clerk as Judy reborn. After a tearful reunion, the young Mexican woman introduces herself as Genoveva. Natrea calls her Viva.
15. Not content to settle into the habit of making music from years past, Natrea and Viva embark on a spiritual journey to discover their true origins. They see all kinds of religious, spritual and mystical people, but none of them have any answers.
16. After a particularly stressful meeting with a Hindu priest, Natrea and Viva rest on a park bench. Almost spontaneously, they start to weep from frustration and sadness. While they are weeping, someone takes their hands, and they receive their earliest known vision. After the vision wears off, a little girl is asking them if they are alright. Upon closer inspection of the little girl, it is revealed that she is blind and is descended from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds. There doesn't seem to be anything particularly special about the girl otherwise, so Natrea and Viva leave the park to process what they have seen.
17. After coming to terms with their origins, Natrea and Veva move to a large city where Natrea opens a music studio, and Veva joins a professional dance troupe. The story ends on a good note when the little blind girl they met earlier comes to Natrea for piano lessons.
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