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An ever-expanding list of random ideas, tangents and brain-farts.
My bucket list of story ideas. Some are works in progress, the remainder ideas to be written about when the mood finally overwhelms me.


         A Treatise of the Ethics of Vampires [**In Progress]
From the blood of Jesus springs two tribes of Vampires; those who release only mortals from pains of death to bring mercy... and those corrupted by the power and scheme to infect the world with blood-lust. Lisbet, the newest of the Vampires, struggles to overcome the insidious nature of blood-taint. Rowan guards more than his wife... he guards secrets considered heretical by the Church, but the Truth, nonetheless.

         New Byzantine
A new world order has been established by the United States after the Democratic party's downfall. In this bizarre world fueled by money, power and sex, Midrah is sent as a spy to gather intel on the new political group, the Patriot Party, which poses a severe threat to forty years of conservative reform.

         The Jetnia Phenomenon
Too smart for her own good, Jet's pathway towards self-destruction comes to a head when reality delivers a healthy bitchslap. Wiley Boldton may just be too much man for her to handle, but little does Jet know, he's got a handle on her.

         The Mis-Adventures of Marian Snyckles
Marian is still trying to figure out how to avoid the adventures that somehow manage to fall into her lap... being a smuggler wasn't her childhood ambition.

         Friday Tea
A group of friends start a weekly ritual of tea and goodies. In the midst of each talking more openly than before, do the entire group realize more binds them together than a plant's dried and steeped leaves.

         The Onerous Ode of Ojessa Odiferousoriface
Getting involved with Abe is like getting involved with the whole town -- his ex-wife was found dead of a drug overdose in the midst of an orgy, prompting an investigation into her death... Mirantha bears through the investigation to have Abe break up with her... for all the wrong reasons. Small town gossip was never juicer than this.

         Escape to Avonleigh
Christriana Skye, Hereditary Princess to the city-state of Avonleigh endures the death of her husband on the battle field and the loss of her unborn child. Held concubine to the conquering general, she makes her escape into the dead of night to reclaim her birthright.

         Lonely Souls
Two lonesome people meet via online personals for an offline midnight tryst only to touch each other's lives in the most unexpected way. No Strings Attached takes on a new meaning.

         The King's Daughter |Realms Series| [**In Progress]
Aibell was born with a gift she never knew about until people tried claiming her for the weapons she possesses.

         Maiden of Misthaven |Realms Series|
Destined to be servant to her people from birth, the Gods ordained Sorja with a gift of knowing other's thoughts. Sent as an emmisary to another country, she tries to prevent the take over of the Hidden Realm.

         By Moon, By Sun
In a world where the Gods are governed by the beliefs of it's people, the Celestial Couple dance a waltz ordered by two sects of people and seek an escape.

         Gramma 'Phet
As she loses her mind to dementia, Hazel Opal Morfphet's ramblings become windows to the truth and a vision of the future.

         The Tower's Lady
Anne Boleyn's ghost still haunts the Tower of London. Also kept there under lock and key are six ravens... rumor has it that if they leave the ancient keep, the Kingdom of England will fail. Ghostly revenge for a political murder and scorned love knows no antidote.

         Reflections in the Mirror of Time
A little girl converses with an unseen figure hiding in a family heirloom.

         God's Hand's At Work
When Amiria has a strange dream one night, she wasn't prepared to be considered the mother to a new Jesus.


         The Smart Woman's Guide to Man's Manly Quirks [**In Progress]
Using evolution, biology, psychology and other fundamental knowledge to understand Men.

         The Magic Pill
How mankind has tried besting Nature and lost because of inherit opportunistic tendencies within the human species. Big Pharma can treat your symptoms simply because they aren't in the business to find a cure (there's no money in making people well)...

         From the Bottom Up: A Face to Today's Poverty
Common themes among those below the poverty line in the United States today.

         Belly Up: Obesity in America
How the Industrial Revolution has led to plump people in the United States in epidemic proportions.
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