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This story tells between when Jabba orders Princess Leia to be his slave girl.
"Take Leia for some clothing", ordered Jabba in Hutsee. Manaroo took Leia to the wardrobe. "What are you doing", asked Leia. "You are now Jabba's slave girl", replied Manaroo. Manaroo is one of Jabba's slave dancers. Manaroo got the golden bikini and the rest of the costume and started to take Leia's clothes off. Leia was scared when she saw herself in her bra which was made of cloth that only went around her body to cover her breasts and her panties. Then Manaroo then took Leia's bra and panties off, leaving Leia naked. Leia was scared but she could not go any where. Then Manaroo took the golden bikini and placed it on Leia's breasts. Manaroo then took the rest of the slave costume and placed the rest on Leia's body. Then Manaroo then took two golden bracelets and placed them onto Leia's arms. Manaroo then placed a collar around Leia's neck and added a chain leash to the collar. "What do I have to do", asked leia. " You have to dance for Jabba and do Jabba's pleasures", replied Manaroo. Manaroo lead Leia to Jabba's throne. "Here you go Jabba", said Manaroo in Hutsee. "Come Leia", said Jabba in Hutsee. Then Jabba pulled the leash that made Leia come infront of him. Jabba then licked Leia's semi-naked body and forced her to lay down with him. "Dance for me Leia or your friends die", ordered Jabba in Hutsee. "He means dance for him or your friends die", said C-3PO translating the words from Hutsee. Jabba's dancers came up to Leia and lead her to the middle of the throne room. Jabba's band started to play a song. The dancers showed how Leia should dance for this song. Jabba stared on Leia's body how it moved and her nice body. Then Jabba pulled on the leash and said "Come drink with me". After drinking Jabba fell asleep and Leia saw herself semi-naked infront of Jabba. Leia was also tiered of dancing and fell asleep. Jabba was touching Leia's body with his tail. Then the story begins when Luke comes to Jabba's palace.
The End

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