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True Love, Nuff Said.
{Mikey Fusco Short Story!
The eigth grade dance was two days away, friday, and I still had nobody to go with. As the bell rang on Wensday letting school out, I saw her. There she was, putting books into her locker. Her brown hair swinging as she turned around to see her best friend. I decided to just take a chance and ask her, at least talk to her. Her friend started talking to someone else so it was the perfect chance.
"Hey Erin!" I said smiling.
"Hey Mikey! What's up?" She smiled that gorgeous smile of her's.
"Well... I was wondering if you had any body to go to the dance with." She closed her locker and we started walking out to the buss together.
"Uh- No I don't... Do you?"
"I might... Would you go to the dance with me?" I looked right into her eyes.
"Sure!" She said and smiled.
"Alright, so could I have your number?"
"Yeah, It's XXX-XXX-XXX."
"Awesome! I'll see you tomorrow?"
"First thing in the morning!" She laughed and we got onto our buss.
Once Friday came around, I was so excited. I was wearing a light blue dress shirt, with black dress pants and black dress shoes. My mom was drivin me to her house to pick her up. When we got there, I took a deep breath, got out, and knocked on her front door. Her mother answered and I got nervous.
"Hi Mrs. Carter, Im Mikey." I smiled.
"Oh hello Mikey! You look so handsom, come on in!" She said and I went into to her living room.
"Erin should be down in a minute, I'll go get her!" She said and went upstairs. The good part about Erin, for guys anyways, was her Dad was never involved in her life. That ment I didn't have to go through the hard part of being approved. I was brought out of my thought by her mom coming down the stairs.
"Let me just grab the camera!" Mrs. Carter rushed over to the kitchen table and back. Then, Erin came down the stairs and DAMN, she looked BEAUTIFUL. Her hair was curled, she was wearing a light blue dress that went down to just above her knees and was strapless.
"Hey Mikey!" She said and walked over to me giving me a hug. Of course I hugged back, and boy she smelled delicious.
"You look, gorgeous Erin."
"You look, handsom Mikey." Erin said and smiled.
"Picture!" Her mother said positiong the camera. I put my arm around her waist and smiled. She took a couple more pictures and then we left.
When we got to the dance, there were already about 30 people there. I intertwined my fingers with hers as we walked in. She didn't move her hand away so I guess she didn't 'not' like me. She met up with some of her friends, I met up with some of the guys and we all danced. When it was over, my mom picked us up and we went back to my house as planned.
"Nice room." She said sitting on my bed.
"Hah, thanks." I sat down next to her. We looked at eachother for a couple seconds and then I leaned in and crashed my lips onto hers. When we broke apart, we both smiled.
"Erin, Ive liked you for a while now. Your beautiful, your smart, your funny, your everything a guy could want. Will you be my girlfriend?" I asked getting hot.
"Of course Mikey!" Erin gave me a big hug and kissed my cheek.
20 years later, Erin Fusco is my wife. She's still as gorgeous as she was back then, and we've been happily married for 3 years.
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