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It was Spirit Week in school. Today was Willy Wonka Day. Two girls were Violet.
As the description says, it was Willy Wonka Day in Spirit Week today. Two girls dressed as Violet. The girl that gets "blue-berried" as you would say. Well, I came up with this fictional story on what I wish would've happened today from it.

Arana walked in the school in her purple Violet outfit. She wore purple jeans, and a purple shirt. Typical. When she put it on that morning, it felt a bit tight for whatever odd reason. Ignoring it, she went to school anyway. Now she noticed it felt even tighter than before!

Continuing to ignore it, Arana walked to her locker. She found Justin along the way.

"Arana! Who are you dressed as?" he asked her.

"Violet, of course!" she replied.

Justin immediately got thoughts running through his mind of Arana getting fattened up like Violet did in the movie. What a sight that would be to see! The two continued walking until eventually they got to Arana's locker.

"Oof! Why does this thing seem to be getting tighter?" she exclaimed.

Just then, Verona walked around the corner wearing a similar outfit, except she wore purple lipstick, a purple headband, and a bunch of glitter decorated her rosy cheeks which seemed unusually puffy.

"Verona... I thought we agreed to be different characters! You were going to be Veruca!" said Arana.

"I had to be Violet! I didn't want to be the stuck-up bitch!" Verona replied.

Justin had images of Verona being fattened run through his mind now. Two Violets?! If only the scene would come true for both...

About an hour later, Arana was sitting in her first class when her jeans felt way too tight for comfort. She couldn't just loosen her pants in the middle of class! She would get something worse than a visit to the Principal for that. Getting up to go to the bathroom, she struggled to move her legs from the tightness of her jeans.

When she got in there, she unzipped her purple jeans and unbuttoned them. Proceeding to take them off, she forgot to undo her indigo belt. But just as she did, the bathroom door opened. She rushed into a stall and shut the door. Peeking through the crack in the door, she saw Verona begin to unzip and unbutton her pants as well.

"Why do these feel so tight all of a sudden?!" Verona exclaimed.

Arana thought to herself, "It sounds like she's having a similar problem. But what? How? Why do we feel like our clothes are shrinking? Or are we possibly...growing?!" Arana became panicked at the thought of growing like Violet did in the movie. Being fat was the worst thought possible for her! She couldn't get fat!

But then Arana took off her pants and belt completely and let herself breathe without feeling like her jeans we going to burst. She couldn't just go back to class pantsless! What would she do?

Verona took off her pants. "That feels better. But I can't go back to class like this! I don't understand why these fit this morning but seem unusually tight now! Are the clothes shrinking? Or...am I...GROWING?! No...I can't be getting bigger. No way!"

Verona struggled to get her pants back on, grunting with pain and frustration as they wouldn't go back on. She let her zipper stay unzipped, but buttoned her jeans again. Anything to make them feel loose. She walked out, but didn't notice that a button on her purple shirt had popped off where her belly button was, which was now slightly revealed.

Arana slipped her jeans back on in a similar way, and she too loosened the zipper. The button on her shirt that was in her cleavage popped off without her noticing, partially revealing her purple bra. She left the bathroom and headed back to class.

When Verona got back into her class, a couple students looked up and were confused by the button missing where her belly button poked out, with a slight bit of belly flesh. They ignored it after a while, and Verona sat down at her desk and got back to drawing.

While she sat there drawing, she was constantly interrupted by having to adjust her pants a bit more, as they seemed to get tighter and tighter. She still didn't notice what was happening, even as her belly was now starting to grow; getting thicker and softer with each passing minute. She was a vegetarian, but had always had a slight belly sticking out. Now it was highly noticeable.

Her belly continued to grow until it stopped when the button above her belly button popped off. She still didn't take notice. Even more of her belly was revealed now.

When Arana got back into her first class, a couple of people notcied the button missing, and partially saw her bra. Arana still took no notice to it. As her class continued on, her belly began doing the same as Verona's, until a button popped off at her belly button, letting it be seen, and letting some belly flood out of the hole. Someone at a table near her took notice, but said nothing. Her belly continued to thicken until the button above the previous one popped off as well. The same person noticed, and still said nothing. Arana readjusted her tighter still pants so they felt looser.

Her face now began to fatten along with her legs and arms. Everything began feeling tighter now. Arana grunted and tried to get comfortable...

In Verona's second class, she walked in to see her friend Mariana missing. While Verona walked through the halls, she got a few awkward stares and points at her missing buttons. As soon as class started, she felt an uneasy hunger pain. Good thing lunch was soon. Her face, legs, and arms all began to fatten slightly, until she had what appeared, a double chin, and legs which seemed so thick, they hit the underside of her desk. Her arms seemed to jiggle quite furiously. No one took notice. It was now that her belly started to grow again, until the button above the pervious one that popped off, also popped. She was now missing three buttons to her shirt, and her belly was bulging out quite noticeably...

Arana rushed to her second class as fast as she could. Her tight clothes we slowing her down, and she started to feel very tired. Wondering what the awkward stares and points at her were about, she tried to ignore them, but eventually thought that maybe her zipper was too far down. She zipped it up as much as possible, trying not to be bothered by the overwhelming tightness of her pants, she sucked her belly in, but found it hard to breathe and let it all go in one exhale. Her belly bounced out as she exhaled suddenly, and the button on her pants immediately popped loose. Arana noticed the loud snap of the button, and her slightly thick cheeks became red as a rose. She held her books in front of her pants now, and rushed to her class...

Lunchtime eventually came. Verona casually walked to her locker to get her lunch. Her pants no longer felt unbearably tight. Her belly grew slightly as she walked, straining the stitching and button of her pants. Her legs thickened, which caused the stitching to strain. She got her lunch and walked to the hall where her, Justin, Arana, and a whole bunch of other people sat...

Arana got out of her second class, relieved to be saved by lunch. She was terribly hungry but also embarrassed by her incident with her jeans button earlier. Grabbing her lunch from her locker, she headed to the same hall as Verona...

Upon getting to the hall and sitting down, Arana and Verona didn't notice the growth of each other. Justin, however, did. The three of them began talking, and Verona devoured her food in what seemed an instant. Without warning, she let out a loud burp. Her cheeks reddened so much, they matched her lips.

Verona's button on her pants then couldn't take much more strain, and popped completely off her jeans, and went flying across the hall. She gasped, and another button on her shirt popped.

Arana had finished eating at about the same time, and she too let out a massive belch. The seams on her and Verona's jeans both started to rip at their thighs. Arana's belt unbuckled and dropped to the ground. Two more buttons on her shirt popped away, and the zipper on her jeans broke off. The same happened for Verona.

Their faces thickened with fat, along with their arms, bellies, and legs. The seams of their pants ripped further down the legs, and another button popped off each of their shirts.

They put their hands on their thick, growing bellies, and started freaking out, saying things such as, "No! God, no! This can't be happening to me! I'm getting fat!"

Or, "No! Stop! I'm a vegetarian! I don't want to be fat! Please no!"

Eventually, both girls were over 200 pounds! Verona had a belly larger than a beach ball, but was much thicker, softer, and flabbier. She had a double chin now, and a very thick neck. No person's hands could wrap around her fatty arms or legs. Her once tiny ass was now large and plump.

As for Arana, her breasts were now larger than two watermelons, and her engorged tummy had become a fat triple belly.

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