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This is a sketch for my NaNo novel.
Main Storyline

A company is in the throes of a merger Everyone is nervous about whether or not they will be keeping their positions.

Katherine comes into the office and, as part of her routine, she reads the company e-mail and sees the announcement of the merger.

Later, she attends the company-wide meeting for more information.

She goes to Mike to find out more and any guidelines he has.

Laura is at the door and finds an opportunity to spin a rumor. She bides her time.

It is announced that the support staff will be cut, however, there will be an opportunity for one admin to move up.

Upper-level management jobs are safe for now. Middle to low-level management jobs are to be cut to a barebones level.

Katherine learns Laura is being considered over her.

Laura discovers that money is missing from the company account.

She gets framed.

She then witnesses Laura, Kenneth and Peggy in action a computer and hears incriminating conversation. She decides to wait. Because she is concerned about the company, she later records a later conversation.

Later, she records the conversation for Michael.

The tables are turned-three arrests and one promotion, actually two promotins in their section.

Subplot 1-Laura meets with her best friend and recruits her into her plan. At first she does not want to get involved. Laura reminds her of the last scheme she was involved in that Laura "generously" kept secret. They begin to hatch their plot. The first is starting a "rumor-mill" about Katherine. The second is to find as many mistakes in Laura's work as possible in order to psychologically undermine her and to come to managers and supervisors with her "concerns. The third is to initiate an embezzlement scheme if her position is threatened. Of course, she blames Katherine.

Subplot 2-Katherine does her job the way she always has. She begins to feel her affect of Laura's schemes. She wonders why her work has been "slipping." She also wonders why people are looking at her so funny when they never did so before. She reasons that both of the reasons are due to her anxiety because of the merger. She goes to a counselor.

Subplot 3-Mike has been impressed with Katherine's abilities and character. However, when he begins to hear that Katherine's work is slipping and her air of quiet confidence has changed to a depressed state, he has doubts about Katherine's future performance. This information is "confirmed" by Kenneth, his Assistant Manger and other managers and supervisors. Managers begin to focus on Laura as a "new shining star." To add, her best friend Peggy has helped her in doing her work. Actually, Laura is the least competent of all the admins.

♥ Basic character sketches for two or three main characters, and sparse character sketches for two or three supporting characters, and maybe a few images for what your characters look like.

}Main Characters

Katherine Murchison- About 5'6", she has long, straight, blond hair that she wears in a ponytail. She is focused, but rushed. She has been a planner to the nth degree and knew what she wanted to do from the very beginning. Despite all that, she also has a kind, compassionate streak. She tries to suppress that in order to achieve her goal of being a high-level professional. Because of her lack of a "killer" instinct, she has remained in her position as an administrative assistant. She is highly intelligent, but she does not show off.

Laura Provost-About 5'9, she has her light brown hair cut in a blunt fashion. She is focused and hurried and has planned her career since childhood. Her family has also planned it as well. She has been raised as a "daddy's girl." She knows how to turn on the charm and act innocent at the "right" times. Inside, she will accomplish her goal, no matter what. Her family has pressured her for years to be "the best." Nothing else will do.

Michael Bloomfield-an upper-level manager. Despite his high position, he has managed to maintain his integrity. He comes from a family of managers and executives. Hovever, he was encouraged to make his own decision. He is also focused and believes in results. However, he considers character paramount.

Supporting Characters

Brent Caldwell-Assistant Manager, a "yes" man and "brown-noseer." He wants Mike's job, but hides behind his "lowly assistant" persona. He also has eyes for Ms. Provost

Peggy Niles-Laura's close friend. She is conflicted between loyalty to Laura and the truth.

♥ A few word sketches or images of your main settings.

A group of offices in a metropolitan corporation. An employment counselor's office.

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