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“Superstition? Another name for hope ...” (Form:Interlocking Rubaiyat)
The Player

"Superstition? Another name
for hope when you're playing the game."
He riffled cards, produced an Ace.
"It's skill that will win you acclaim!"

The card vanished without a trace
and then another took its place.
"It's not the cards you need to play;
the secret's in a player's face."

"You watch them like they were the prey.
Each twitch, each blink gives them away.
It tells you when to bet or fold.
Luck? It will only lead astray."

"You can retreat or play it bold.
An empty purse or filled with gold
won't matter once the cards are down.
The read is where the story's told."

He paused a moment, with a frown.
"Sometimes you swim, sometimes you drown.
That is how winning is defined."
He stood up, heading into town.

"The game's not for the weak or kind.
You must raise havoc in their mind.
Make them unsure, leave them to pray.
They'll leave the winning hand behind."

He turned, and as he walked away,
his furtiveness seemed to betray
the very essence of his claim:
a rabbit's foot was on display.

An entry for December 10 of "A Poem A Day Contest [E]
Prompt(s) Used: All
Prompt 1: Write a poem using the words "havoc" and "hope".
Prompt 2: Write a poem about a superstition.
Prompt 3: Write an Interlocking Rubaiyat Poem. The poem consists of an unlimited amount of stanzas but must have at least three stanzas. Each stanza consists of 4 lines each. Each line must have the same amount of syllables. Syllable count is chosen by poet. The rhyme scheme is aaba bbcb ccdc......xxax Thus, the 1st, 2nd, and 4th lines rhyme with the 3rd line in the stanza before it. In the final stanza, the 3rd line is rhymed with lines from the 1st stanza.
Rhyme: Tetrameter (8 syllables)
Line count: 28

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