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Spoken Word Writen On My Love Of Spoken Word..
When loneliness drills a hole through my heart
I feng shui my soul’s emptiness with words falling apart,
Like love pouring from Juliet, knowing she was trapped from the start. 
I can spin off lines shinning with the silky rhythm of my art.
I’ve become a slave to what I love,
Spitting words as if blessed from above,
Unapologetic, for my silence is illusive.
My words, they’re intrusive,
My life is exclusive,
My spirit, it’s massive.
I’m inspired,
Built up by another fool’s fire,
I’ll protect my dreams, Hell; I’ll wrap them in barbed wire.
I’ve been a lot of things but screw you if I’m a liar,
I’ve been pushed down and torn up but I keep climbing higher.
This is all because I’ve found these words in my chest,
I call them unrefined at their best,
But I’ll scribble them down because I know this is a test,
Of whether you can swallow the words I invest.
I’m learning who I am as the sun travels west.
I’m not a foreign concept or an idea under arrest,
I’m living, to which my friends can attest.
My Friday nights swarm with static,
The punching of keys, flowing from the attic.
While you can play beer pong so well its automatic,
I fill red solo cups with atmospheric static.
While you claim your thrills as a grassy fanatic,
I get sky high on words, besides, I’m asthmatic.
While you lift off, you see your life as wasted acrobatics,
As I soar over my dreams, my ego becomes problematic.
I’ve found
My high,
The drug that makes my heart dance, minus the red eyes.
The drink that explodes inhibitions like the fourth of July,
The smoke that screens the rumors and all they imply,
The pills that cure my sickness and silence my cries,
The song that lifts the humiliating lies,
The peace that deteriorates the raging wars inside.
I’ve found my voice,
My heartbeat,
My breath and my life.
But I’m counting off the seconds like exploding land mines,
Cause I can only spit so many lines,
Before this voice is no longer mine.
When my breath and my words will no longer align.
My legacy will be sweet like aged wine,
My memory will sprawl out like telephone lines
Across the land in complex designs.
Leaving everyone who doubted me at my shrine
Burning incense and praying for help from all things divine. 
See I’m aware that there only
5 seconds till the
4 moments I’ll need to instill the
3 beats my words will fill and carry me
2 the finish and fulfill my
1 breath – stand still.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1849468