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The Short story is told by Markiela Esme Hale daughter of Alice & Jasper Hale(Fan Fiction)
It was a bright and sunny day and I didn’t have to go to school because it would give away my true self. So I decide to have some fun so I call up my best friend Brady. He is a shape-shifter so it is always fun to hang with him I don’t have to hide who I am. I dial his cell it ring’s he answer’s, “Hi Markiela what’s up girl.” I reply, “Hey Brady Sweetie everything’s good do you want to hang.” He’s say’s, “Sure beautiful where you want to meet.” I concur, “How about First Beach.” He say’s “awesome see you soon.” We hang up I go up to my room and change into something beach worthy. I decide to wear dukes and a tank. I go down stairs and go to the kitchen were Ma and Dad are sitting at the kitchen table. I let them know I am going to hang out with Brady and I’ll be back in time to go hunting. I ask, “I am still going with Grandma Esme and Auntie Isabella right.” Ma replies, “Yes Christian and Aiden are going with Dad and Uncle Em and Lyshia and I are going with Auntie Rose and Cousin Nessie.” I reply, “So Unca Edward, Unca Jacob, and Grandpa Carlisle are still gone.” Dad, say’s “there still in South America with Auntie Zafrina and Auntie Kachiri. Auntie Senna is still missing last update says they still haven’t found her yet.” I sigh, “I hope they find Auntie Senna fast and I hope she isn’t hurt. Well I am off see you tonight.” I run out of the house and run straight to First Beach. Brady is already there waiting I already knew that because I stopped and talked with Ma and Dad. I say, “Hi sorry I am late I was getting an update on Auntie Senna.” He replies, “She still missing.” I nod yes he says, “I do hope she’s okay she was such a nice lady when I met her.” I ask, “What you want to do.” He say’s, “lets go swimming I haven’t went swimming in so long.” I reply, “Okay let’s go it sounds like fun.” We stripe down to our suites and run and dive in. ~Markiela Esme Hale
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