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After traveling to the human world, the Diapered Shinigami meet some Diapered Humans
Momo and Yachiru passed through the Senkaimon, as they walked out they saw their new caregiver, Yoruichi Shihoin, waiting for them. She greeted Yachiru friendly but did not do the same with Momo, instead she gave a very stern look, as if she was upset or mad with her and said

"So you're the little one who stank up Unohana's office!"

Momo blushed being reminded of that, she had hoped Unohana wouldn't mention why Momo was forced here but that obviously wasn't the case, emotionally, Momo was very weak, she couldn't stand embarrassment, fright, sadness, or any other emotion, so feeling sad because of Unohana's punishment, embarrassed by Youruichi's first comment, and scared of what might happen next she started to quiver like she was being faced with death and of corse, when she got scared, she always peed herself. Yoruichi was still standing there looking sternly at Momo, no one said anything, all that was heard was a light hissing sound coming from Momo's direction. Yoruichi smiled a little

"Well looks like you really do need those Diapers Momo, if you pee yourself just from a stern look, you obviously need some help, lets get you changed and then I'll tell you what you'll be doing for the next two weeks, Yachiru. I'm going to change Momo, do you need a change as well?"

"Just wait a second, Boobies" Yachiru stood in the same place and relaxed her muscles so that a swarm of pee flowed into her Diaper, unlike Momo, Yachiru was enjoying this, she thought it was a game, so she played along

"Well, I guess you'll be needing a change now. And please, Yachiru, don't call me by that old nickname, just call me Mommy, ok?"

"Ok... mommy" to Yachiru this was just another rule for the game, which she must abide by

"Good. Now then, lets go to Urahara's I'll change you there, since I know there's a Changing Table there"

Yoruichi began using her flash step, exiting the alley the girls had appeared in and swiftly moving downs streets, unseen, until the reached a run down old shack with "Urahara Shop" written on it in Japanese Kanji. She slid open the door, and passed by Jinta and Ururu, the kids who often took care of the shop and headed towards a room in the back, sliding that door open, she ushered the two girls in, folded out the table and started changing Momo, she removed the old Diaper, disposed of it, cleaned Momo up and placed her in a new Diaper with a blue bunny design on it. It was a pretty average change until Yoruichi said

"Now Unohana mention that you might try to get out of this when I'm not looking or away for a bit, so to ensure that you don't get out of these I'm going to put up a binding spell that only I can break" Yoruichi put her hands together and yelled

"Bakudo Number 5: Shiiru" A bright yellow light engulfed the diaper Momo was wearing and disappeared after it had completely covered it

"That oughta stop you from removing it, although you are skilled at Kidou, Miss Hinamori, you won't be able to break that spell without me knowing, because as soon as you do, no matter how far apart we may be, I'll know as soon as my spell is broken because I'll gain a small portion of my spirit energy back, in order to use that spell I have to constantly focus some of my energy on the object I've sealed, so once I am unable to focus any energy on that Diaper of yours, I'll know you've broken the spell... Anyway, lets change the other one, and from the smell of her, she's done more than pee in that Diaper of hers"

Yachiru just giggled loudly, she always liked getting attention and pooping her Diaper was the best way to do it. Yoruichi changed the little stinker into a new Diaper which had a cutesy Pink Cat design on it. Yachiru hopped off the changing table and pointed at the door

"Mommy look, that girl from before is standing at the door"

Yoruichi turned to see Ururu, looking as depressed as ever, standing at the door with an blushing, embarrassed look on her face

"Ururu, dear, what's the matter?"

"I was just watching you Diaper those two, and wondered, if, maybe, you could, uhh, Diaper me as well?"

Yoruichi, smiled a warm smile and walked over to Ururu, she placed her hand on the girls head and patted it lightly to comfort her

"Of corse, if that's what you want, I'd be happy to be your new mommy and Diaper you"

Yoruichi picked Ururu up and placed her on the table, she pulled her skirt off revealing Ururu's pink and white Polka-Dot Panties, she pulled those down and threw them aside, leaving Ururu's hairless pussy exposed to Momo and Yachiru, at this point Ururu's face was completely red, Yoruichi knew this would be Ururu's reaction so she quickly placed a fresh Diaper on her to save her any more embarrassment, Yoruichi put the skirt back on the girl and helped her off the table.

"Now. I have 3 little Diaper Girls to take care of now, who all need there sleep, so lets have a quick nap"

Yoruichi waved her hand infront of each girls face, and they all fell to the ground, sleeping soundly, Momo had already been a victim of this technique when Head-Captain Yamamoto used it on her when she pleaded with Toshiro to help Aizen instead of killing him, but it also works in situations like this Yoruichi thought to herself. Yoruichi looked at the sleeping girls, so helpless and cute, as she looked at them she began to desire more girls to take care of, so she decided to head to the Kurosaki residence, knowing that there were to other Diaper Girls she could convince to join the group. She arrived very quickly, excited as ever, she knocked on the door, which was answered by a young girls with light brown hair

"Oh, Miss Yoruichi, if you're here to see my brother he's not in at the moment"

"No, I'm actually here to see you and your sister"

"I see, come on in. Karin! Miss Yoruichi's here to see us about something!"

"Coming!" Karin yelled from upstairs

Yoruichi sat down on a couch opposite to Yuzu and waited for Karin to come downstairs

"What is it Yuzu, I'm busy. And why is that lady here, we've only met her once after our brother beat that Aizen guy, hardly enough times for you to be let into our house, lady!" Karin said sitting down on the couch

"Miss Yoruichi wants to talk to us about something" Yuzu said

"That's right, you see I've got some friends over who have to wear Diapers, you even know one of them, Ururu Tsumugiya, she was part of the Karakura Superheroes with you, and I heard from Ichigo that you two wear them daily as well, so I wondered if you'd care to join my group, the groups only temporary, I just thought you might want a mommy around who understands your needs for Diapers, instead of a dad who acts crazy all the time and doesn't help you in the least"

Karin slammed her fist on the table

"YEAH RIGHT! I'm not going to go off with someone I've only met once and who has some sort of weird fetish about seeing young girls in Diapers and then Diapers them for her own pleasure, get lost. Besides, Yuzu's the only one who wears Diapers, I don't need them at all!" Karin said folding her arms and looking away

"Oh really" Yoruichi said with a sparkle in her eye

Yoruichi used her flash step and ran up to the twin's room, grabbing a pair of soggy shorts and a pair of soggy panties that were laying on the ground, she then held them in front of Karin

"These were lying on your bedroom floor, they're still wet and dripping which means that they're recent, probably within the last hour, and Yuzu doesn't wear shorts, which means they must be yours" Yoruichi said

"How'd you know about those?" karin said blushing hard

"I saw through the window when I arrived, and Ichigo said of the two of you, you were the hardest to deal with, Karin. He said that Yuzu accepted that she had to wear Diapers but that you always refused and ended up with soggy pants because of it. Quite obviously, you need someone who forces Diapers on you and makes sure you wear them. And I'm sure Yuzu over there is tired of having to change herself all the time, as your mommy, I would change your Diapers and I would make sure you wore them so you don't end up with soggy clothes"

Yuzu and Karin both blushed, while they thought it over, Yoruichi sniffed the air and headed towards Yuzu

"Here, I'll demonstrate my abilities"

Yoruichi grabbed Yuzu and swiftly changed her, changing her into the Emergency Diaper she always kept on her at all times. Yuzu stood up, liking how that was done, she looked at Yoruichi and said

"You can Diaper us, so long as you do it here, I still have chores to do, so I can't leave home right now, you can keep Ururu and the others in our room while you Diaper us"

"Hold on sis, there's no way you're getting me in on this!"

"Karin, I've always been here to help you and I'm telling you that you definitely need help in this area, you're always wetting the bed and your clothes which I have to wash, all because you're stubborn! So this time I'm not giving you a choice"

Karin blushed, but thought about all the times Yuzu had washed her wet clothes and sheets, finally the guilt overwhelmed her and she gave in, which she indicated with a small nod of her head

"Great!" Yoruichi said "You too wait here I'll go and get the others"

Yoruichi returned in a flash carrying three unconscious girls who were snoring loudly and a backpack filled with equipment. She headed up to the Girl's room and lay out some mattresses for the three sleepyheads, she then took a Diaper headed downstairs and diapered Karin before she could protest.

"Can you give Karin a nap for a bit, Miss Yoruichi while I prepare dinner?" Yuzu said

"Don't worry about dinner Yuzu, I'll make it instead. You're the one who needs a nap, little one" Yoruichi said, she waved her hand over Karin's face and put her to sleep, then as Yuzu turned around she again, waved her hand, this time over Yuzu's face. The girl fell, into Yoruichi's arms, breathing quietly, she carried the Diapered Twins up to their room, put them to bed and went down to make dinner.

That's that Chapter, rate and review. Next chapter I intend to do Orihime, Rukia and Tatsuki.

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