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The First 2 times I ever tickled my Step brother Michael
Just a side note. This should be my first story I wrote. Its about the first two experiences i've ever had tickling my step brother Michael, and how I got addicted to kids feet his age. For starters, before this point, i had NO interest in kids feet. Or just feet in general. But one night changed that completely. let me set the scene. It was about 1 in the morning. It was raining hard outside. Michael and i occasionally slept in the same room. and when we did, we slept on the floor next to each other on air mattresses.(Don't ask why because I don't know). I was staring at the ceiling listening to my iPod. I caught myself singing along to my favorite Godsmack song "Voodoo" and stopped. thinking my sining may have woken up Michael. I took my headphones out and looked over at him. He looked like he was sound asleep. For some reason I decided to whisper his name a few times to see if he was awake. But I got no response. I felt thirsty, so I got up to go get a drink. when I re-entered the room and lied back down, I temporarily lost my iPod. when I looked over in the general direction of Michael's feet, I saw my iPod next to his feet. I sat up and picked up my iPod. As i reeled in the headphones, one of them caught the blanket and pulled it up just over the heel of his right foot. I paused for a moment and stared at his bare foot. At first I ignored it. And then, being tired as I am, a little voice in my head said "Take the antenna from your remote control car and drag it across his foot" Thinking nothing of it, I took the plastic antenna from my car and held it close to his foot. Then, starting at his heel, I dragged the antenna up the middle of his foot. As the antenna crossed the center of his arch, the foot twitched. Suddenly, I was wide awake. Somehow perplexed by the simple tickle of a foot. I stared at the little foot and repeated my action only this time I started at the big toe and began dragging it down his foot. Again, at about the middle of his arch, the foot twitched and Michael grunted. At this point, About a thousand thoughts were running through my head. Some of them telling me to use different tools, others telling me to sit on his ankle and just tickle the hell out of it. But one thought stood out more than the others. "What about the other foot?". I looked back down at his right foot and used one finger to tickle the middle of his arch again. This time, I saw Michael smile a little. Then I glanced over at the outline under his blanket where his other foot was. Slowly, I lifted the blanket over his left foot and smiled. I looked to make sure Michael was still asleep and then back down at his feet. The urge to rake my fingers all over his feet was unbearable. Somehow I was able to fight against it. I took the antenna and started at the heel, smiling as I did it, and ran it up his foot slowly. Awkwardly, just like his right foot, his sensitive spot was right in the middle of his arch. I smiled at this. I continued with putting the antenna on his big toe and dragging it down his foot. Same spot, same reaction. "His feet are really ticklish!" I thought to myself. I put the antenna down and used my index finger to draw circles on both of his heels at the same time. I heard a giggle and i looked over. Michael was still asleep but I felt i had pushed my luck enough. So I gave his left foot about another minute of light tickling and I went back to bed. As I stared at the ceiling once again, all I could think about was feet. Just pinning down the feet of an innocent little boy and tickling his feet. I imagined putting a feather to his feet and listening to him laugh hysterically. My goal for tomorrow was to tickle his feet while he was awake and show no mercy. And just like that, I fell in love with tickling little boys feet.


I awoke to the sound of birds chirping outside... Actually thats a lie. I awoke to my dad telling me to watch Michael while they ran errands. I lied in bed for a brief moment thinking of last night, then went out to the living room where Michael was already watching T.V.. Some stupid cartoon was on. I never payed attention to it. All of my attention was focused on Michael's feet and how to get Michael in a position to have me tickle his precious feet. I know that I'm his elder, and therefore could do nothing if I just walked over and tickled his feet, but I wanted to make it seem like an accident at first. and then just torture his feet. I stared at his bare feet just plotting. About an hour later I still had his feet in my mind. My urge to tickle his feet was insane. Michael was still watching T.V. but this time he was laying on the floor. Finally, something happened. Michael got bored and asked me if he wanted to wrestle. This was it, I knew that at this point, all I had to do was put Michael on the floor and tickle him. I turned the T.V. off and said "Your on!". His main attack was just grabbing hold of you and trying to put you on the floor. I played along and pretended to wrestle for about 5 minutes. Then I thought to myself "its time." As he was trying to pull me down, i quickly reached into his armpit and tickled him. He laughed loudly and released his grip.
"Oh," I said. "Your ticklish huh?"
"No." he replied
"Oh really," I said with a grin. "Lets find out."
Michael tried to escape but I caught him and jabbed at his ribs. he laughed hard and begged for me to stop. Of course my focus was his feet.
"So, you have ticklish armpits and ribs. But what about your feet?"
I quickly sat on his ankles. My dreams were coming true.
"No!!! Please don't tickle me! I can't take it!" Michael pleaded.
But my urge just exploded. I made sure his feet couldn't escape and then said,
"Afraid of a tickle monster are we?"
Before he could respond, I lost control of myself. My hands dove down onto the bottoms of his bare ticklish feet and began their torture.
Michael screamed louder than ever before as my nails raked all over his helpless ticklish captive feet.
"Your feet are my prisoners!" I said. "So tickle tickle tickle! Who has ticklish feet?"
Michael responded with another scream and silent laugher as I moved both of my hands over to his right foot. Remembering that the middle of his arches was where he was most ticklish, I did a 10 finger scramble all over his ticklish arch. Switching back to tickling both feet at the same time i synchronized my hand to tickle both of his feet the same way. Both of Michael's ticklish feet were both tortured by my nails. Michael laughed loud and hard as I tickled his feet. My heart raced and my nails tickled his feet faster and faster. Michael let out another scream as my nails sped up. Then it was time to find out if slow tickles or fast tickles worked better on his ticklish feet. I slowed my nails down and gently stroked both of his feet at the same time. He laughed hard and silent. That answered my question. His feet were that ticklish. Then, out of the blue, I leaned down and licked his right foot. starting at the heel and slowly dragging it up. surpassingly, Michael laughed hard at this too. for some odd reason, hearing his laugh made me lick his foot again and again and again. his laughs getting harder every time. then i held his big toe and licked it good. Michael screamed once again and then i went back to my nails just clawing at his ticklish feet. I couldn't abandon his feet. They were just too ticklish.
I raked my nails up and down his feet for the next few minutes as he laughed silently. And then, as hard as it was, I had to let him go. But not before I licked his foot one last time.

More to come...
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