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All stories from here on out of Michael getting tickled
Its been a while since i tickled Michael. that was the very thought I woke up to one morning. I knew that I just couldn't let this feeling stick around. So I will get right to it. I was in the yard playing soccer with him and each time he kicked the ball, his shoe would fly off. One time, he slid to the ground and so did I. i landed right next to his feet. His left shoe off. So, the easy target was taken. i layed across his legs and began to tickle his left socked foot. My nails stroking his foot gently. Immediately Michael began to laugh out loud and squirm.
"No!" he yelled. "Don't tickle!"
I ignored him and continued to tickle. He wasn't really laughing that hard. His socks were kind of thin but provided a lot of protection. So I removed his sock. The cool air coming in contact with his bare ticklish foot made Michael panic.
"Not my bare foot please!" He pleaded. i loved when he begged for mercy. "Please put my sock on! You know my feet are really ticklish!"
I slowly glided one finger up his ticklish bare foot. His toes clenched and I felt him tense up. He was resisting. It was all too good. Then I went crazy. my nails scrambling all over his bare foot making him scream. Then I had to let him go.

I tickle Michael's feet a lot. Even when he is asleep i uncover his bare feet and lightly tickle them for a while. There was one time though, that he woke up. Right in the middle of my tickling him. It started as a normal night, I wanted to tickle Michael earlier but didn't get a chance to. So i stayed awake and waited for him to fall asleep. When he did, I walked over to his bed with nothing but my nails. He was lying down in a weird position so I could only tickle one foot at a time. His right foot was my target, hanging out just next to the edge of the bed. I uncovered his foot and admired it for a second before beginning my attack. Then i started with his heel. drawing circles very slowly. His foot twitched and i stopped for a second. Then I let one finger run up and down his foot. The foot twitched again. I continued this for a while. Then, as i was tickling his big toe, i heard a giggle. I froze and then Michael sat up.
"What are you doing?" he asked.
But before I could respond he said.
"You were tickling my feet weren't you?"
I replied by putting his right foot in a head lock. Knowing that Michael was weak and tired, this should be easy. And it was.
"Nononononononononono." he said. "Please don't tickle my feet."
But thats just what I did. I began stroking his right foot with all five nails. Michael instantly began laughing and trying to escape but to no prevail. I used a claw method to rake his foot which seemed to be very effective. But Michael's feet can not withstand the scramble method. As soon as your fingers start to scramble all over his foot, Michael goes insane. Screaming and thrashing around. Then I held his big toe by the base and began to tickle it like crazy. Michael laughed hysterically as I tickled his helpless foot. Then I let him go back to sleep.

There have been only been two times where Michael has allowed me to tickle his feet. The very first time was when he and I were watching TV on the floor and I don't remember what show we were watching but he was wearing short ankle socks. At one point he took them off and placed his socks in my lap. Then I remember asking how long he could withstand tickling without laughing. At which point we went to his room and he lay on the bed and said:
"You can tickle my feet."
I knew that Michael would soon eat his words so I wasted no time. I sat on floor next to his feet. I reminded him not to laugh no matter what. and began. I had to start easy if i wanted this to last. I very lightly tickled his left and right heels. alternating every few seconds. Then moved to his toes. He began to cringe and scrunched his feet. This was really tickling him. Every once in a while I would run a finger down his arch. I saw his face. He had a major smile on his face. He was trying so hard to fight the tickling. But then....
I decided that after a while that it was time to give him a real test.
"Lets see how long you can stand this."
And I used a claw method to rake his right foot once. Michael jumped and yelped. I then jumped on his left foot and attacked it.
In an instant, Michael was screaming his head off and thrashing around trying to free his ticklish feet. But of course to no prevail. I could almost hear him beg for me to stop. But i wasn't about to give up just yet. I ran my fingers all over his feet and listened to him scream and laugh. Unfortunately i had to let him go then.
The second time Michael ever told me to tickle his feet was when he and i were getting ready to go swimming somewhere. As we sat in his room waiting to leave, Michael put on full skin tight swim suit. It covered his neck all the way to his feet. Thats when Michael had a thought. Sometimes he just doesn't know and other times I find a way to make him wrong.
"I bet you can't tickle my feet through this suit." said Michael. As he said this he lay on his bed and gestured for me to tickle his feet. I then sat on his ankles and looked at him.
"Are you sure?" I asked.
But before Michael could reply i began to lightly stroke his right foot. As usual, within a second Michael began to realize that with feet as ticklish as his, nothing could protect them. I showed no mercy, I began raking my fingers up and down his feet. Even through the suit Michael began laughing and thrashing around. I could feel Michael trying to pull his ever so ticklish feet away. Michael's laughter went silent as i held his toes back. even though this was tickling his feet like heck, it wasn't the same as his bare feet. Then i found a velcro strap around his ankle. meaning that the suit could have removable foot cover! I quickly took the foot covers off and Michael began to panic.
"Please!" He begged. "No more! It tickles! You win!"
"You're right."I replied. "I do win. Now time for my victory tickle!!"
I returned my attention to two bare feet. Michael clenched his toes and braced for the worst. So I decided to tease his feet a little. I drew circles on his heels very lightly. Michael kept a consistent giggle the whole time and flexed his toes. He seemed to be enjoying this. Then as I tickled his right heel his toes flexed a lot and I held them back and scraped his arch with five nails and scrambled all over his foot. Michael let a scream out as I tickled his foot. Then it was time for something new. I held only his big toe back and pushed my finger in between his toes. Michael screamed again. Then I picked up the velcro strap from one of his foot covers and began brushing his left foot. Michael laughed silently again as I tickled his helpless feet. And when it was time to leave, I had to let him go.

There was a time real recently when I was babysitting Michael and we were both sitting on the couch and watching TV. Michael decided to put his feet in my lap. Probably knowing what would happen but just ignorant of it. So I just moved my leg to lock his feet in. Michael whined and begged for me to release his feet but when I didn't tickle, he relaxed. Instead i began to massage his feet and make sure they were smooth and ready to be tickled. All i needed was to have Michael say something along the lines of "That tickles." and I would then torture his feet with tickle. And before long I got my wish. I knew that his right foot was a bit more sensitive than the left so I began to lightly massage his toes and arch on his right foot. Michael didn't see me watching his face but I could see a smile growing slowly. Then he curled his toes and said the magic phrase. "Hey, that tickles."
"Thats not supposed to tickle." I said. "This is!"
And thus began another tickle session. I began on his right foot going straight for the gold and began scrambling all ten fingers on his arch. Poor Michael never saw it coming and screamed loudly. I couldn't believe the difference between tickling tickling his foot with one hand versus two. Michael's laughter fueled my tickling. I then began tickling both feet at the same time which made Michael really try to pull his feet back. I could hear Michael begging for me to stop tickling his feet in between breaths but I couldn't stop. I just kept stroking the bottoms of his feet with my nails and listening to him laugh harder and harder. But as I tickled his feet his left one got away and i tortured his right foot by using all ten fingers once again.I tickle tortured his foot until it got away as well.

The best part about tickling someone's feet for me is when they either hate it, or are really ticklish there and try to resist laughing. Or Both! And this just so happens to be the case for Michael here. I tickle his feet quite a lot now and boy does he hate it. But then I would tickle him again and again and he never seems to realize that every time his feet are close to me, I'm going to tickle them! Yesterday was a great example. As he and I were watching TV he had his feet up on the couch right next to me and I tickled them a little bit and he giggled and moved them. And about 5 minutes later he put his feet right back next to my hand and I tickled them again. This continued for over an hour. Each time he placed his feet on the couch I tried to tickle in a different spot. But most of the time I would just do a light tickle on his arches and watch him clench his toes and move his feet. When he got bored of TV he went to his room. And about half an hour later he called for me. When i entered his room he was hanging upside down from his bunk bed. He had placed about 7 blankets and 3 pillows directly under him for when he fell. But the problem was his feet were stuck. He asked for help and i grinned to myself. I climbed up on the bunk bed and saw his two beautiful socked feet. The socks had a few holes. One on each heel and one on his left toe. His ankles had been pinned between the mattress and the frame. Suddenly Michael knew what was about to happen. But before he could say anything I began to tickle his heels. and since his feet were stuck they didn't even move. Michael laughed instantly and tried squirming. Then I took his socks off rather quickly not wanting him to fall before I tickled his sweet bare feet. Once his socks were off I wasted no time in admiring his feet. I just began to tickle his arches with both hands and listen to him scream for mercy. Then I began to rake my fingers up and down his feet and even tickled in between his toes. Unfortunetally I wasn't prepared for tickling so I had no tools to help. But eventually his left foot fell through. Leaving his more sensetive right foot behind. I took all ten fingers and began scrambling all over his foot. Michael's screams got much louder as I tickled his bare foot and tortured his toes. He begged for me to stop but I ignored his pleas. Then just for torture, I layed down next to that bare foot and began to lick his toes and arch. Even my tongue tickled a little, I could hear Michael laughing as his foot was tickled. And then I licked and tickled his big toe while my hands scrambled and tickled his arch. Michael screamed once again and then fell through.

My day started the usual way. It was my day off and I awoke to the thought of tickling. Some would say that the constant occurrence of thoughts like these would drive people insane. But not me. I rather enjoyed tickling. Especially my step brother. Especially my step brothers feet. It was always a shame for him. He hated being tickled. But it added to the fun. Anyway, my step brother was out of school and we were bored. I was going to tickle him soon it was just a matter of what he would do to make me tickle him. He eventually wanted to go bouncing on the trampoline with me. Which would have been fine if it wasn't 8:30 in the morning. (I take my days off seriously). So i figured why not and headed out with him. As I am writing this, I just noticed that anytime he is on the trampoline, he is one of the clumsiest people in the world. He could never keep his balance for long. SO, as we were jumping, inevitably he fell. Only this time, I got taken down too. Just the way we fell was perfect. For me, not for Michael. I landed on my back... right on his ankles. Michael thought nothing of it. But I was ready to go. I stared at his socked feet, and then at Michael who had suddenly found the sky an interesting thing. (He was just laying there). Then back to his feet. I took one finger and ran it down his left foot. The reaction was instant. Michael flinched and realized what was about to happen. But there was nothing to stop his ticklish apocalypse from coming.
I wasted no time in getting his socks off. I was once again face to face with a pair of the most ticklish feet I've ever felt.
I smiled as I took raked 5 fingers down his left foot. Starting at his toes and slowly tickling my way to his heel.
Michael screamed as I stroked his foot. Just feeling his ankles struggle to get away and the soft foot beneath my fingers mixed with the Michael's hysteric laugh gave me a sense of pleasure. I repeated my attack on his right foot. Which, by now, I think is his super sensitive foot. Michael always laughed silently when I tickled his right foot. I then sat up on his ankles to give myself a better grip and tickle on his feet. Right as I sat up, a miracle happened. A relatively dead leaf fell from a tree and it landed right next to Michael's feet. its almost as if the tree or the gods above wanted me to torture Michael's helpless feet. I grabbed the feather like leaf and sent it to work on Michael's heels. Drawing circles on his sensitive feet and driving him mad with laughter.
As I began to run the leaf up Michael's right foot, up to his toes, it broke and I had to try and find something else to tickle him with. As I searched, I kept Michael's feet occupied by scrambling my fingers all over his feet. Then I saw it. It was perfect. hanging from the Trampoline border net, was a loose piece of velcro. I almost laughed at the sight. Then, moving fast as light and not wanting to lose grip of his feet, jumped at the velcro and ripped it off. Unfortunately, I lost one of his feet which i quickly wrestled back into place to finish its torture. The best part was that Michael had never been tickled with velcro before, but I knew what it was capable of. And i was about to make it my primary tickle weapon. I looked at him and watched him squirm and laugh. Then I lowered the velcro towards his left heel. I gave Michael a second to catch his breathe.
Before either of us could share a statement, my hands acted on their own and began rubbing the velcro all over his left foot. Never before had I heard Michael scream so loud. The velcro must have really tickled. Then I made the decision to completely put his left foot in tickle hell by scrambling my fingers AND the velcro all over the arch of his left foot. Michael went back into a silent laughter and he squirmed hard. I made sure the velcro did a thorough tickle and rubbed it underneath Michael's toes and in between them too.
Then the moment of truth. As the time to tickle his right foot was here. My stomach clenched and my heart raced as my fingers made their way to his captive foot. Sooner than i thought, Michael was sent right back into a tickle torture hell as my fingers ran up and down and circled around his ticklish foot. Then time for the velcro. As I lowered it to his right heel, I almost felt bad knowing that I could probably hurt Michael by tickling him so, but I sort of didn't care. And with that, the velcro touched down on Michael's ticklish heel. I heard Michael whine, and then the fun began. The velcro made its way up and down his ticklish foot. Michael was thrashing around but I held his feet tight. unwilling to release them from the tickle hell which i had placed before them.
"Tickle tickle". I said to add suspense.
Michael responded with a loud and violent laugh and scream. Then my free hand moved in for the kill. As the velcro slid down the arch of his right foot, My hand moved in and scrambled all over his foot. I looked back once, Michael was laughing silently. I turned to his feet. Ticklish as ever and began on both feet at the same time. His sensitive arches were just to ticklish to withstand. I couldn't stop tickling. Then i felt I had to let him go.

When I really want to tickle Michael, I want to have fun and for him to laugh really hard. But today I had a challenge for Michael today. It was about noon and Michael was reading a book on his bed. He was laying face down and his beautiful socked feet facing me. I walked in and asked Michael if he felt like doing a challenge.
“What kind of challenge?” He asked.
That’s when I sat on his feet and said.
“A tickle challenge.”
Michaels eyes went wide. He knew I was going to exploit every tickle spot on his little feet and send him into a ticklish hell like never before. And he was right but there was a catch. I already trapped his feet so he couldn’t say no. Because I’d tickle anyway.
“Here’s the challenge. You have to let me tickle your bare feet without laughing for one minute. If you manage to make it I’ll give you 10 dollars. If not, I’ll tickle your feet for 5 minutes straight. “
Michael smiled and accepted. So I took his socks off slowly and got ready to tickle. Here’s the thing. Michael’s feet were so ticklish that there was no way he would make it. So I had to go easy on him. I started by slowly drawing circles on his left heel. His foot tensed up and his toes flexed. If this was too much already then he was really in for it. Then I ran a single finger up the middle of his left foot right to his big toe. Michael breathed heavily and panted and kept flexing his toes.
“Does this tickle Michael?” I asked just to see if he could reply.
Michael grunted and panted as I began to tickle his right foot. I drew circles on his right heel and I could feel his foot trying to escape. He had 15 seconds left and that’s when he lost. I ran a single finger up his right foot and because his foot twitched I missed his toe and went right in between his big toe and second toe. Michael screamed and laughed hard as I wiggled my finger in that spot between his toes.
“Well Michael, you lost.” I said and began again.
Using both hands, one on each foot, I began to use a spider claw on each heel and slowly tickle my way to his toes. Michael laughed silently as I tickled his feet. This was real torture for Michael. As I tickled his arches Michael jerked around and squirmed a lot. Then I tickled under and between his toes and Michaels face went red as a fire truck. Then I focused on one foot at a time. Starting with his left foot, I used all ten fingers to tickle torture those ticklish feet of his. Michael squirmed and laughed hard. I tickled his toes a little and then switched feet. Scrambling my fingers all over his right foot and Michaels laugh doubled in volume and his toes went wild as they were tickled. I tickled and scratched every inch of his foot. And before Michael knew it, I had to let him go. 6 minutes later.

One day I decided to do a little "Anatomy" on Michael's feet. I felt like I really knew his feet and where their ticklish spots were but I wanted to make sure. I would test his feet while he was sleeping and then when he was awake. So one night, I waited for him to fall asleep and I crept over to his bed and slowly uncovered his cute bare foot. His left foot was hidden still. For now. I had a feather that I used to tickle Michael before in hand and that would be my primary test tool. Other than my nails. I started by slowly tickling his toes. Just trying to see how his feet would react to the feather. I payed very close attention to how the feather moved and every once in a while, MIchael would twitch his toes and I would repeat the same movement again. If I got the same reaction I wrote it down. Then I ran the feather from his big toe all the way to his heel. As I expected, when the feather tickled across the instep of the arch, the toes twitched as well as the whole foot. Just to make sure, I ran the feather again and got the same result. Then I allowed the feather to tickle the heel a little bit. As the feather ran in circles around the heel, the toes began to scrunch up and the foot began to move. It tickled him alright. Then I went to the other side of his bed and searched for the left foot. Before I even touched the blanket I saw his toes on his left foot peaking out. Not wasting any time, I took the feather and began to tickle his toes. Each time the feather tickled the second toe, his foot twitched. Interesting. Then I uncovered his whole foot and took the feather and ran it down the arch and got the same reaction from the other foot. It tickled him. But i repeated the tickle just for entertainment. And finished with the heel. I wrote everything down and went to bed. The next morning when Michael was playing on his bed I walked up to him and said
"I am going to tickle your feet and it will be fun."
Michael replied with "You know my feet are ticklish. I don't want you to tickle them."
I sat on his ankles anyway and told Michael that all he had to do was tell me how much it tickled on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being not so much and 10 being that it tickles a lot. I told him I was gonna go easy. Although I didn't tell him that once the test was finished I was going to tickle torture the crap out of his feet. I drew out the feather and began to tickle the right foot. I ran the feather across his toes and Michael giggled trying to hold back laughter.
"7" he said
Then I ran the feather down his arch slowly knowing he would hold out. Michaels face went red and he managed to say
Then down to his heel where the feather tickled in circles and Michael looked like he was about to explode. He began to scrunch his toes as the feather tickled.
"Does this tickle Michael?"
He just replied with "8"
Then I stopped for a moment to write it down.
"That was complete torture."
Then I picked up the feather and began to tickle the toes on his left foot.
"8" he said
But as I ran the feather down his arch Michael jumped a little and squirmed without laughing.
"9" he said
He was slowly getting weaker.
As the feather tickled his heel he managed to say
And i put the feather down.
"That really tickled." he said "Can you let me go now?"
"Not so fast" I said. "Just a couple more"
this time I was going to do the same tickle moves on each foot at the same time for a few seconds and when I stopped, Michael would tell me which foot suffered the tickle attack more.
I started at the toes and began to tickle them with my nails. Michael lost his strength and began laughing hard. Using the data I got from last night I was tickling his most sensitive spots. A few moments later, i stopped.
"Left!" he said.
Now onto the arches. I couldn't pinpoint and exact tickle spot, I just knew his whole arch was ticklish. As I began scrambling all 10 fingers on both of his ticklish feet, Michael screamed and squirmed but could not escape. When I stopped he said
"Right! My right one! Please stop! it tickles!"
Then I began tickling his heels and Michael went back into a laughing hysteria. My nails tickling his whole heel and he couldn't protect it. When I stopped he said
I then I Began running my fingers all over his feet. Tickling Michael to no end. A few minutes later I let him go.

A couple days ago, as I was figuring out how i was gonna tickle Michael that day, I wondered what the whole tickling thing felt like to Michael. So I decided to conduct another test. I told him to lay down and place his feet in my lap. I would then lightly tickle his bare feet with different items and then he would write down what it felt like to him. So I gave Michael a piece of paper and a pen and he lay face down on the floor with his feet in my lap. I began with my nails. I slowly dragged my nails up and down his feet. Michael toes scrunched up and he giggled a little as I tickled his bare feet. Then I began to spider my fingers all over his feet. Michael laughed hard as his feet were tickled. Then I stopped and allowed him to write anything down. He wrote" The nails on my feet really tickled. It felt as though a bunch of spiders were running across my feet." Next I took a feather and began to tickle his left foot. Dragging the feather up and down his foot. Michael would giggle as the feather tickled across his arch and then I switched feet. I got a similar reaction. Just a giggle as the feather tickled his arch. Then I pushed the feather in between his toes on both feet. Michael screamed as the feather tickled its new found tickle spot. I pushed the feather back and forth through al of his toes and then ran it back down his arches once more before stopping. Michael wrote " The feather also tickled. I didn't know my feet were ticklish in between my toes. But the feather found the tickle spot on my feet and then tickled it a lot!" My next tool was a hairbrush. Michael actually protested and said that it would tickle too much. I knew that if the brush stroked his foot once, Michael would go ballistic. But I couldn't end the test there. So I sat on Michael's ankles and as Michael begged for me to skip this part, the brush made its tickle attack. it started at the heel of his right foot and went straight for the gold. I ran the brush up and down his right foot gently and Michael screamed as I tickled his foot. Then I ran the brush over his left foot and Michael went into silent laughter as the brush tickled his bare feet. When i stopped, Michael wrote "the brush tickle tortured my bare feet!"
I then let him go but warned of a part 2....
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