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This is a (WIP) Script for an MLP movie. Please let me know what you think.

This script is now not valid, as I have recently watched the Season 3 finale of the tv show. I'm not going to spoil it for you if you haven't seen it yet, but something happens which changes everything. I'll need to re-write this, and will get back to you as soon as I can.

My Little Pony
The Movie.

Based on the Television Series “My Little Pony: Friendship is magic” By Lauren Faust.

Movie Script written by

[Screen fades in overlooking Ponyville.]

Twilight narrating:
It started as an ordinary day in Ponyville. Everypony was having a good time with their friends.

[Switch to Sweet Apple Acres where Applejack and Applebloom were harvesting apples]

Twilight narrating:
The Apples were harvesting their biggest crop of the year,

[Switch to Fluttershy, who’s outside her cottage, surrounded by animals]

Twilight narrating:
Fluttershy was doing what she does best by talking to all the little woodland critters.

[Switch to Rainbow Dash flying, and punching clouds, which then disappear]

Twilight narrating:
Rainbow Dash was making sure Ponyville would have nice clear skies for the day.

[Switch to Rarity’s shop where she was working on a dress]

Twilight narrating:
Rarity had just come up with a new dress design, so she had to put it together straight away. I can guess that one of us will be asked to try it on... I hope it’s not me. [Chuckle]

[Switch to town square where Pinkie Pie was bouncing back and forth across the screen]

Twilight narrating:
Pinkie Pie was just being… Pinkie.

[Switch to inside the library, where Twilight is sitting by a window and writing with her magic.]

Twilight narrating:
And me? Well, I’m where I usually am, here in the Library. Yep. Nothing out of the ordinary today. How wrong I was. I never expected what was to happen that day to happen. I suppose I’d better stop talking now, and just let you see for yourself what happened.

[Suddenly, the doors burst open, and spike runs over to Twilight.]

Spike (Out of breath):

[Twilight turns away from her parchment.]

Spike! What is it?

[Spike is bent over, recovering from his run. Then he straightens up, his cheeks fill with air, and he belches out flame, which reveals a letter with a golden seal.]

A letter from Princess Celestia?

[Twilight’s horn glows and the letter levitates and unravels in front of her. Her eyes go back and forth across the page as she reads. After a few seconds, she puts down the letter, and starts scrambling around the library, picking out books from all corners. Pan back to Spike, who picks up the letter and reads it out loud.]

Spike [reading]:

Dear Twilight. You and your friend’s presence are required in Canterlot immediately. Pack for a long journey, and tell your friends the same. Your mentor, Princess Celestia.

[Spike re-reads the letter quietly, and then looks up]

“Pack for a long journey”? What does she mean by that?

[Twilight is still rushing frantically from side to side]

I have no idea, but I’d better make sure I have everything I could possibly need. Just in case. Do you think you can tell the others?

You can count on me.

[As he speaks, Spike gives a bow]
Just don’t be long. We’re leaving in an hour.

Got it.

[Spike leaves the library, and heads out into the square. As he’s looking around, Pinkie bounces straight into him]

Pinkie Pie:
Ohmygosh! Spike! I’m sooo sorry!

[Spike gets up and rubs his head]

That’s okay, Pinkie. Listen, we just got a letter from Princess Celestia. We have to go to Canterlot. It said to pack for a long trip. Meet back at the library within an hour.

Pinkie Pie:
Right! Got it. Pack for a long trip, and then meet in the library.

Within the hour.

Pinkie Pie:
Within the hour. Got it! See you then!

[Pinkie bounces off toward Sugarcube Corner. Spike starts walking toward Rarity’s shop]
Spike [to himself]
Y’know... At times, Pinkie gives me the creeps, she’s so happy.

Rainbow Dash [O.S.]*

I know exactly what you mean, little buddy.

[*O.S. stands for Off Screen]

[Rainbow Dash flies down and lands in front of Spike.]

Rainbow Dash:
Hey Spike. What’s up?

Twilight got a letter from Princess Celestia. We, as in all of us, are required to be in Canterlot. We’re leaving in an hour.

Rainbow Dash:

I don’t know. The letter didn’t say. It just said to pack for a long trip.

Rainbow Dash:
Not too long, I hope. I gotta keep studying so I can graduate from the Wonderbolt’s Academy

Wow. I never thought I’d hear you say you needed to study.

Rainbow Dash:
Yep. I’m almost like a whole different pony now… only I’m not.

Okay… Anyway, go pack and meet back at the library within the hour.

Rainbow Dash:
Will do. I’ll see you soon!

[Rainbow Dash flies off. Spike takes another couple steps before he bumps into Applebloom]

Ow! Hey, why can’t you watch where you’re …?

[Spike looks up and notices it was Applebloom he bumped into.]

Oh, sorry, Applebloom. How’s the Cutie Mark Crusaders going?

[Applebloom looks down and kicks the ground with her hoof]

We’ve tried almost everything we can think of, and still no cutie mark. We’re honestly so close to giving up, it ain’t funny.

Well, I have an idea for you, how would you like to try being a messenger?

[At this, Applebloom’s face perks up.]

Yeah! Great idea! Thanks Spike!

Aw, shucks. It’s nothing. Anyway, I have a very important message for your sister. Can you tell her to find me as soon as she can?

[Applebloom sits and salutes]

Yes. Sir! Will do, Sir!

[Applebloom darts off.]

There. Maybe I can get to Rarity’s shop without bumping into anypony else.

[As Spike goes to take another step, Applejack appears in front of him in a cloud of dust.]

Hey, Spike. Glad I found ya. Applebloom said you had an important message for me?

Yes. Wow… that was fast. Twilight got a message from the princess saying we’re needed in Canterlot as soon as we can get there, and to pack for a long trip. We leave in an hour. Meet up at the library before then.

Okay, Spike. See ya in an hour!

[Applejack turns around and starts walking back toward Sweet Apple Acres]

[Snap to inside Rarity’s shop. Rarity is concentrating on sewing a hem when there’s a large crash and a bowl rolls past Rarity’s head. Rarity turns around]

Sweetiebell! What are you doing?!

Oops… I guess that didn’t work. Sorry, sis.

I should hope so! I could’ve ruined this dress I’m making. And now I’ve got to clean up after you again. Just… go outside and play.

Okay, sis.

[Snap to outside. Spike is walking up to the door as Sweetiebell leaves the shop]

Sweetiebell? What’s the matter?

I just tried something... it didn’t do anything. Only make a big mess.

Oh. Okay. I’ll see you later then.

Yeah, see you, Spike.

[Spike walks inside the shop. Rarity is frantic cleaning up Sweetiebell’s mess]

Rarity [not noticing Spike has entered]:
Oh! That Sweetiebell. She can’t keep the place tidy. I need to teach her a thing or two about neatness.

[Spike clears his throaght to announce he was there. Rarity turns to look at him]

Oh, hi, Spike. What brings you to this part of Ponyville?

We’re needed in Canterlot immediately. Pack for a long journey, we…

[Spike stops to think a moment.]

When I say “Pack for a long journey” I mean things that others would deem absolutely nessicary. There’s a strong chance that Everypony will have to carry what they brought themselves a fair part of the trip. And I’m sure you don’t want to be carrying a massive pile of stuff. So, just some bits and pieces. Meet back at the library within an hour.

[Spike leaves]

Spike [talking to himself]:
Okay, so that’s Pinkie, Rainbow, Applejack and Rarity sorted. Now just Fluttershy and we’re all good.

[Spike runs off]

[Snap to Fluttershy’s cottage, where there are crashing noises coming from within]

[Spike walks up to the door and knocks. Straight away the noises stop and after a couple seconds, Fluttershy appears at the door.]

Oh, hi Spike. Don’t bother telling me. Rainbow Dash just came through and told me. I’m already packing. Or trying to anyway.

What do you mean?

Well, Angel just won’t let me go. He keeps pulling all the stuff out of my saddlebag, and…

[There is a loud crash from inside. Fluttershy turns to look inside]

Oh, Angel. Please put that back. I have to go.

[The door closes on Spike]

Uh, okay… [Loudly] Just make sure you’re at the Library within a hour!

[The crashing noises resume inside. Spike turns around and walks off]

[Snap to inside the Library. Twilight is looking at her saddlebags which are stuffed with books]

There. I think that’s done it.

[Spike comes in]

Okay Twilight. They all know, and they’re all getting ready. They should be here soon.

Good work, Spike. You should pack too.
Yes. I’ll be right back.

[Spike goes upstairs]

[Snap to Spike’s room. Spike goes straight to his bed, and slides it across. Underneath is a hole with a bucket full of gems.]

Ah, my delicious gems. I can’t leave without you.

[Spike picks up the bucket, and pours the contents into a bag that he picked up]

Twilight O.S.:


[Spike closes the bag and heads downstairs]

[Snap to downstairs. Everyone is waiting.]

Oh, Hi everyone. Glad to see you’re all here.

Now, have any of you forgotten anything?

[There is a couple seconds where everyone thinks, then an almost unanimous shake of heads]
Good. Let’s go.

[They all leave]

[Snap to Train Station. There is a train waiting for them. As they approach, a stallion comes up to them.]

Good afternoon Everypony. My name is Burning Coaldust, and I’m your engineer today. Princess Celestia sent me here to wait for you... Just to make sure, I am talking to Twilight Sparkle and her friends?

[Twilight steps forward]

Yes. I’m Twilight Sparkle, and this is Spike, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy.

[As Twilight mentions their names, each pony raises their hoof, except for Spike, who raises his hand.]

Good. Now we really must hurry. We’re late.

[everyone climbs on board, and with a blow of the whistle, the train starts to move. The camera follows it as it moves through the countryside gathering speed. Snap to inside the carriage where the ponies are all looking out the window.]

Wow… We’re moving pretty fast. I’d better make sure everything’s alright. You wait here.

[Twilight makes her way through the carriages to the engine, where she sees Burning Coaldust tending to numerous handles.]

Uh, excuse me, Mr. Coaldust, I was just wondering are we supposed to be going this fast?

[Burning Coaldust turns to look at Twilight]

Burning Coaldust: Oh, yes. Princess Celestia personally told me to ignore the rail speed limits and get you to Canterlot as soon as I could. Don’t worry. All other trains have been removed from the track for us. Go back to your carriage. We’ll be in Canterlot within an hour.

Twilight [apprehensively]
Uh, okay. If you’re sure everything is all right.

[Twilight turns around and heads back through the train.]

That's all I've got for now. I'll try to add more later

Thankyou for taking the time to read this. Don't forget to let me know what you think.
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