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In the whole universe there are number of mystery, even the whole universe is full of mystery. But the first mystery is its own universe only as how it forms. There is not any evidence for this. But after many observations and experiment scientist get that how universe was formed. They think many billion years ago a big event was occurred which led to the formation of universe. And the event was an explosion, named as “Big Bang” which is also known as “mahavisphot” in Hindi. They think that many billions years ago there was not anybody present, but a point was present, whose density becomes infinite, the whole universe was concentrated in that point only. Suddenly it explodes, and due to this our universe was formed.

After Big Bang gravity condenses the atoms into galaxies, where stars appeared. Stars created new types of atoms when they grew old and exploded as “supernovae. The new atoms were released back to the galaxy and joined together into cosmic dust and molecule. By these materials new sun like stars are formed and planets were also formed. After many years life appeared on many of the planets or may be an each planet.
Big Bang is taken to be as more correct because universe is observed to be expanding non – stop. There not be any solid reason of formation of universe other than Big Bang, May universe also rotates on its axis, and according to relativity universe is flat there are many types of theories which are thinked by us for formation of universe. But some of them or each of them end in explosion, which is related to Big Bang. So, it is most appreciate among all of the theory. Anyway correctly, our thinking is not for formation of universe these all are of formation of the point. By which universe was formed. Due to this reason only scientists did not gave the theory of formation of point. But surely, till nobody knows that how universe was formed. I am not saying about alien. If they are highly developed then may be able to see past or future.
We don’t have technology to see past, but by an experiment with “Large Hadron Collider” we were also going to know that universe may formed by “Big Bang” or not.
“Large Hadron collider” is the most powerful and big thing in the whole world. It is situated underground at the border of France and Switzerland, and structured in a boundary of ring like turned which measure to be 1 km magnets, detecter and other machines, detecter and other machines are also attached in it. Inside it the proton’s radiation of tera electric Volt’ are going to be colloid, which are coming from two pipes of opposite direction, After then it produce the scene, which is after Big Bang. The speed of proton’s Tera electric volt is approxmately the speed of light. i.e 3X108 m/s.

“Large Hadron collider” have four types machines. One of it produce the scene which is after the event Big Bang,one of it give the answers related antimatter, other two of them research on Higs Boson and dark matter, but one of them prosses the data with the speed which is taken by 50 million Phone calls at a time. With the help of “Large Hadron collider” we can also be able to find ‘God particte’ which is also known as “Higs Bason”. It is said that before formation of universe it is only present, scientists always discuss, that the things of universe even the electron and proton like atoms have mass but how. We thinks mass as similar to weight, but it is so different from it. When gravity occours on mass then the weight is produced. For the explanation of mass British Scientist “Peter High” gives a theary in 1964, by this God partical or Higs Boson is only the reason of mass. After it scientists start doing research on it till today.
The energy which is produced after Big Bang is 1068 Joules.

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