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by Barbie
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Dark · #1932819
Dahlia's intuition informs her that something is wrong.
“I don’t know why mum but I’m thinking about him,” I said to mum.

“But Dahlia, you do not even know him,” mum protested.

“Yeah, but he’s still my uncle. Where did he go? Why don’t you ever tell me about him?”

Mum continued with her chores not responding. I was a stubborn mule so I continued.

“Tell me.”

I looked at her wings growing hot red due to anger so I slowly left mum’s home and flew into mine.

I always wondered about Uncle Enoch whom mum used to speak so much about but one day stopped talking about him. That evening, my powerful intuition made me feel that something was wrong and it was linked to Uncle Enoch.

“What’s the matter, Dahlia?” a gentle voice was accompanied by a soft touch on my shoulder.

It was my best friend, Tim thumb.

“Oh, Timmy,” I cried, “I’m very worried. I don’t know why but I’m thinking about Uncle Enoch so much today. ”

“But you don’t even know him. He disappeared even before you were adopted or at least that’s what your mum says, right?”

“Yes, Timmy. I don’t know him but I can feel it. Something’s really wrong and it’s connected to him. I don’t know why but mum wouldn’t tell me about him.”

“Then let us go search for him even if it means getting out of Dolce Land.”

“Oh no, it’s not safe especially now when it’s already dark.”

Tim thumb could not see me unhappy so he persisted that we search for Uncle Enoch. Feeling relieved and scared at the same time, Tim thumb and I flapped our glowing wings that evening to look for Uncle Enoch. I knew he was not in Dolce Land. If he was I would have heard about him from other fairies. Besides Dolce Land was a small town.

It took almost an hour before the flowers were less as we flew past them. This meant that we were moving away from Dolce Land.  A tiny knot started getting tied in my tummy as I slowed down. Tim thumb gave me a glance that said that everything’s was going to be fine. He was right most of the time.

We continued our search flying deeper into the night. We knocked every single petal asking for Uncle Enoch except one. The flower was deserted and it did not glow like most of our homes but it was very attractive. It looked like a pink butterfly. We landed on it and looked around.  Deciding there was nobody, we started flapping our wings ready to leave the flower.

I flew away from the flower hovering beside the it, “I think we should end our search here. It’s very dark and there’s no sign of Uncle Enoch.”

I did not get any response so I spun. To my surprise, I didn’t see anyone.

“Timmy, Timmy are you still in there?” I looked at the flower which had tightly closed

I gasped in horror when I saw something familiar glowing. It was Timmy’s wing still glowing. The rest of him was in the flower. The flower opened again and I saw Tim thumb looking helpless. The flower than rapidly snapped shut, tearing Timmy’s wing. I wanted to help him but was too afraid to do so. The flower continuously opened and shut until Timmy’s plasma splashed on me and his wing lost its glow. I watched my best friend die wiping his plasma off my face.

My wings flapped faster due to panic.

“Silly fairy,” the flower spoke to me.

I maintained a huge gap from it, getting a better view of what it was from a distance.

“You shouldn’t have come here. Your mum was right when she refused to tell you about me. I am too dangerous and this is my nature.”

“Uncle Enoch?” My pink eyes were wide with astonishment.

I could still see Tim thumb being devoured.

“You’re a- a- venus flying trap. How can you be mum’s brother. She’s a fairy and you are a- a plant.”

“I’m your mum’s adopted brother.”

Anger replaced fear as Uncle Enoch produced sap in his mouth so as to swallow Tim thumb.

“No wonder mum never told me about you and no wonder you disappeared from Dolce Land. You were too dangerous for us.”

Uncle Enoch gave a sharp deafening laughter, “Dolce Land is meant for you and that’s why you shouldn’t fly out from it. Who’s going to rescue you from the dangers out of Dolce Land?”

Long thin branches stemmed from behind Uncle Enoch trying to grasp my waist that was as thin as strand of thread but I flew further away. He snapped his mouth open and shut filled with anger letting out longer branches that tightly grasped my entire body. As if that was not enough, he used his teeth to tear apart my wings. Within no time, I found myself looking into his wide red mouth, his teeth shutting on my cotton-soft body accompanied by the pain of being ripped apart.

© Copyright 2013 Barbie (pinkbarbie at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Barbie has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1932819