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by Will-G
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We make a perfect pair - one reckless the other cunning.
If I hear something and there's a feeling that not everything is being said, I tend to wonder what has been left out. If there's a rumour that doesn't quite seem to fit all the parties concerned then I imagine who has the most to gain.

What I don't do is get involved. Not unless I have to – and I only have to if Telina is already in it up to her neck.

Telina has the proverbial nine lives. They would have been used up a long time ago if it wasn't for me. My only life would have been used up long ago if I didn't have a knack for persuasion. Persuasion and a way of asking the right questions. Questions to get the right answers. Using the answers to put two and two together in way that would make me an Olympic gold medallist if there was a sport for getting to know about everyone and everything in the shortest possible time.

I suppose we are the perfect match. I am cautious. If I feared doing something I would be paranoid, but I am simply not moved to do anything unless the risk is 0%, which it never is. Alternatively, if I need to do something, I am so careful it seems silly that I always need a push or an incentive, because the chances of us getting into a pickle, from which we can't get out, is always less than my unnerving gift for manipulation.

I'm Sherlock. Yes I know. The name is a little lame. But I guess I couldn't hide from it.

Telina is my younger sister, by 3 years. We began our shenanigans in school and we are now far from those nascent days. However, it seems the only way to explain how we have developed this inextricable bond is to take you through one of our earliest daring acts.

Telina tackles everything first and then decides how to go about dealing with it. She believes her curiosity is best protected by the veracity of her cause and the ferocity by which she tackles injustice. She loves to get involved. Our first interlude – where she tries to use a life, and I in fear of her safety manipulate all and sundry to protect her – played out after she jumped to the rescue of her grade 8 English teacher.

The news was all over the school immediately. Miss Legalle has been suspended. Something to do with grades for favours from grade 12 boys. No sooner had the news leaked than I received a text message from Telina's friend – Telina is in Mr Peabodies office, she says he is threatening to suspend her, something about Miss Legalle, do something!

I feigned illness. When the nurse had left the sick bay I nipped outside.

“Telina, I have just spoken with your father, he is on his way here to discuss this matter. Are you sure you do not want to end this silly notion of yours? If you apologise I can call this whole thing off and reduce your sentence,” said Mr. Peabody, the principle.

“I've seen your wandering eyes Peabody, and I think we have all seen Miss Legalle's legs so what I want to know is why she would need to risk her career for some school boy hanky-panky. If anything was going on in this school Sherlock would know about it – and so would I!”

Great! I thought – If I wasn't already sitting in a rose bush outside the principle's office I was being unwittingly dragged into Telina's mess.

“Does - he, now? Well maybe that's the reason you are so interested. Is – he, one of the boys?” threatened Mr. Peabody.

I called Max 'the tank' Manning. Not the sort of kid, or man if you saw his stubble, that I would normally associate with, but I had helped him stay on the football team, by suggesting to him he should not partake in the supplement regime of the now dismissed coach. He had taken my advice and stayed away from some unsavoury steroid issues.

“Sure, I've been in his office plenty – seen Miss Legalle around there almost every time – she seemed a bit touchy like she doesn't want to be there, why you whisperin,” said Max, in answer to my first question.

“Max, get the security tapes from the foyer for last Tuesday.”

Howm I gonna do that, why? What you up to and why you whispering?”

“Max, your dad's company installed the system, you owe me remember – I need proof of something!”

Next I sent a quick text message to Mark reason the deputy head boy. He had connections the the department of education.

Next, after slipping back into the office, I asked Miss Fletcher to give Dad a call and tell him not to worry about coming in just yet, which she did, due to her appreciation for my discretion regarding her AA meetings.

Now I had noticed the blue file and Department emblem on Mr Peabody's secretary's desk. It was dated the previous Tuesday. I recall Miss Legalle was seen crying the previous day and spent at least at least half an hour on her phone during a class. An Education Department HR officer car was parked outside the office that same Tuesday.

Officials were not informed before internal investigations – unless they involved the Executive and they were notified directly.

The tapes came through the following morning showing a clearly distraught Miss Legalle being harassed by a certain Mr. Peabody. The file was a case against the principle and we had foiled his attempt to save himself by discrediting her first.

Talina had given me a taste of life I would not otherwise have experienced, and I had protected one of those nine lives. Curiosity and cunning had just forged a relationship that was going to face bigger things in future.
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