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by jm6379
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #1970176
Asian Dick Chapter 2.
* The continuing tales of Mark, Annabelle, Tanya and Manny, 4 uni mates.

It was a warm summer’s day when I got back on campus. My summer vacation road trip thru Nevada, Texas, California and New Mexico had pretty much ended in disaster.  My mad white skinned mates insisted on driving thru the desert roads with the roof down “to get a good tan”. After a few weeks I ended up suffering mild heat stroke. After a short stay in a hospital I decided to head back to cooler climes in the north.

As I stepped through the door I was aware that somebody was in the kitchen or laundry room at the back of the house. It reminded and irritated me that I also had to get my own laundry done. I had more than a month of cleaning to catch up on and I was down to my last clean set of clothes.

I figured it was probably Annabelle or our new house mate at the back. Annabelle was a medical student serving her houseman ship at the uni hospital. Tanya had flown home for the holidays while Manny had moved out. He couldn’t live with the shame of exposing both of us but ultimately humiliating only himself. As for our new housemate, I only knew she was going to be a girl and not much else.

As I approached the laundry room with my basket I could see the silhouette of a female form. As I got nearer I could see that she was wearing this tiny, tight pair of shorts with a thin, sleeveless t-shirt. From the side I saw she was not wearing a bra as I could see her prominent nipples protruding from an otherwise flat chest from the sleeve holes. Must be the new housemate, I thought.

She didn’t see or hear me approaching as she had an ipod plugged in and her back was facing me. I judged her to be about Annabelle’s height and build, but with a difference. She had a fantastic round bulbous bubble butt that made me look twice. I have never been a butt man but this was one butt that I just had to look again. Her skin had an inviting tinge of olive, which made me guess she was latina. Her shoulders were heavily freckled along with the sides of her neck and face. Her hair was an also similar to Annabelle’s but while Annabelle always had hair combed neatly into a bun this girl had a shock of unruly hair which was almost an afro.

As I continued my study up to her face I noticed pink Beats ear buds and thick, black plastic framed glasses just like…

“Annabelle?!?!” I called out without thinking.

The shocked girl quickly turned around, staring at me.

“Mark?! You gave me a shock there.”

She knew my name. I studied her face. She was good two shades darker and totally freckled over.  But it was Annabelle, for sure.

My studying her face made her self-conscious and she quickly raised her arms over her chest which made me look there. Seeing my eyes go to her chest she shrieked.

“Don’t look at me!” yelled Annabelle.

In 1 swift move she turned around, pulled two beigy blobs out of the sink and ran past me back to her room. There was a loud slam and I could hear the lock turning.

Still feeling the after effects of the sun stroke, I wasn’t thinking straight up to that moment. After my long travels I only wanted to get my laundry done and then make love to my bed. I looked into the washing machine and found all descriptions of lingerie. I went to Annabelle’s room and asked her what she wanted to do with all that stuff. There was no reply. Being the good housemate that I was, I hung all her stuff out to dry as my stuff was being washed.

There were a few full coverage granny style bras which I knew to be Annabelle’s.  The other stuff I found was more surprising. There were 3 heavily padded bras. I mean like 4 inches thick. Put them together and you could probably build a pillow. All the panties were shapewear. Not to boost, but to flatten out. There was also a sheer thong thrown into the mix. The other things, I don’t even know what they’re called. I hung out my own laundry after that and went to bed.

At about 6pm I heard a knock on my door. Perfect timing for dinner I thought… I opened the door and found the normal Annabelle that I know. This version was a good 2 shades fairer and her face was always nicely powdered. No freckles. Her hair was now combed back into the usual neat bun. She was always conservatively dressed, no cleavage or butt showing. Her chest was back up to a D cup and her butt was normal.

“Is everything all right Annabelle? I laundered all your stuff for you y’know?”

“Mark, we need to talk… what you saw today…”

“Your stuff? Is it ok? Hope I didn’t damage anything…”

She pulled my out to the dining table and sat me down.

“You cannot tell anyone what you saw today…”

Being the blur Asian dude, it suddenly all clicked – Annabelle had been falsifying her appearance!

Not wanting to give the game away too quickly, I played possum with Annabelle.

“What things specifically?” I asked.

Annabelle was agitated and the she was fidgeting “my chest……”

Tears were forming at the edges of her eyes, she was looking at the floor.

I was thinking of exploiting the situation but I hate seeing a girl cry. I dissolved rather quickly in Annabelle’s tears.

“You weren’t meant to be back for another month?” she asked.

“Yeah, but I didn’t count on getting heat stroke either…”

“Does Tanya….”

“NO! And you must never tell her!” Came the panicked reply.

She basically wanted to swear me to secrecy. While I was willing to agree, I also wanted my pound of flesh first. Together with Tanya and Manny she had pantsed me and seen my dick. I wanted to see her naked too.



“Yup. I quite like the girl I saw this afternoon. I want to see her again. Naked. You’ve seen my private bits. I think you can let me see yours.”

“But you’re a guy! It’s not fair.”

“Choice is yours Annabelle, I leave it to you.”

She looked at me with pleading eyes but I looked away. There was no way I could have resisted her otherwise. Slowly, her shaking hands reached up to her neck and she undid the top collar button…

Without the padding, her bare breasts were small, barely an A cup. She had big areolas with large prominent protruding eraser sized nipples. Her top was not at all in proportion to her wide hips and round bubble butt.

“Wash the make-up and show me your freckles?” I asked.

I have this un-explained thing for freckles that I find extremely cute and irresistible. Maybe because it is not a common thing with Asians.

When Annabelle came back I was mesmerized. Standing before me naked, I thought was a latina. The frizzy afro hair and olive tone was all there. Her face was totally freckled over. The poor girl was shaking. She was extremely nervous.

“Like this, you look latina”.

In a shaky voice, she replied “my grandmother is Cuban”.

Ok, I thought to myself. The sounds I normally wake up to on a typical Saturday are that of Tanya moaning and her bed creaking. As Tanya reaches a crescendo with whomever she dragged home the night before, a whirring sound normally begins. Surely a dildo? Manny’s room was down the other end of the corridor and Tanya was getting the real thing anyway. Surely Annabelle? I continued the questioning.

“On Saturdays I hear a whirring sound sometimes. Is it?“

Annabelle was shocked. “You mean you could hear?!”

“Yeah. Dildo?”.
I swear I could see her turn color. She was too embarrassed to answer and was shaking even more profusely. She merely nodded her head.

“How long has it been since you had a guy?”

I’ve see too much of Tanya’s and Manny had a girlfriend. I did my business elsewhere. I had never seen Annabelle with anybody.

“4 years…”

There was a brief silence… I was surprised to get answers out of her so easily. Removing her “armour” basically removed all her reluctance and resistance along with it as well.

I didn’t know what came over me next. Despite the risk of getting slapped or getting charged with molest, I pulled Annabelle towards me and stared sucking on her left nipple. She resisted initially but gradually relented. Then, she let out a soft moan…

I felt her nipple harden between my lips. A my mouth went to the other breast my fingers went south to Annabelle’s gash. She was already getting wet. As my fingers entered her pussy I could feel her body tremble. She pushed my hand away.

“Not here. Come to my room” she whispered to me.

“Tanya should have some condoms in the bathroom cabinet.” I understood what she meant.

By the time I reached her room she had spread a large bath towel over her bed. She was lying on it with her legs wide open. She was clean shaven and I could see her moist pussy glistening. The pink lips and strong feminine scent left me in a haze. I dove over her into a 69 position and started to lick her pussy lips. She tasted so sweet.

I turned round and slowly worked my up to her neck and then her lips. She was bucking up and down, rubbing her gash against my thigh. It was all wet.

I don’t remember how my underwear came off but as I was putting the condom on Annabelle said to me:

“Go easy Mark. I’ve not had a real cock for too long…”

I teased the opening of Annabelle’s opening with the head of my cock, then rubbed the length of my shaft against her crack. I the put the tip in halfway before withdrawing again. After a couple of times teasing, Annabelle suddenly pulled my butt cheeks in and I slammed all the way into her. She let out a load gasp.

“I want you to fuck me Mark. Make me feel so good tonight. I want you to make me feel good. Please make me feel good. I wanna feel so good….” her voice trailed off.

Annabelle’s breath became shallow and her back was bucking up against me. As she lifted her hands over her head to play with her frizzy hair it made her tiny tits look even more non-existent. Her big brown nipples stuck out invitingly like volcanoes on a flat desert plain. I laid my body down on her and we shared a long tender kiss. The feeling of her rock hard nipples rubbing on my chest was electric.

As I took her in doggy I learnt why some men were so into butts. I had never experienced such a firm round butt before and not since. The sound and feeling of my groin bouncing off Annabelle’s derrière could have come straight out of a porn movie. Plop, plop, plop.

We changed positions a couple of times before I was almost ready to cum. As I was working myself towards climax, she suddenly stopped and ripped the rubber off. She quickly put my member deep into her mouth and sucked with all her might. I exploded within seconds.

As I crumped onto the bed Annabelle got on top of me.

“Finish me Mark. Fuck me with everything you’ve got. Use that Asian dick of yours…”

I didn’t know where I found the strength but I did as I was told. It didn’t matter anymore that we were raw. Tanya may moan loudly but Annabelle was absolutely a screamer. As she continued to work me in cowgirl I could feel a tremendous pressure building up inside her, against my penis. Suddenly, she fell backwards and with a long, high pitched, satisfied scream I saw a stream shooting into my face. Annabelle was a squirter!

Annabelle slowly worked her body around and laid her head on my chest. While we were both spent I will always remember that moment as vividly as yesterday. Both our writhing bodies were covered in sweat and Annabelle’s juices. But it didn’t matter.

As she laid on top of me I can only recall the feeling of her nipples on my body, her warm wet gash on my thigh, the sensation of her breath blowing across my chest and the sweet smell of her womanly juices as we both drifted off into slumber. For that brief moment, we were in absolute bliss.

Before the semester began we slept together a few more times.
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