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Nothing like getting dumped the day before a major holiday.
PROMPT: Your significant other breaks up with you on the day before Valentine's Day. Why, and what happens next?

“Look, we’ve had a great time. But you… you’re holding me back. I can’t afford to have you hanging on me anymore.”

I stared at my boyfriend, now apparently my ex, as he gathered up some of the things he had at my apartment. “So you’re just… leaving?” I asked.

“We both know it wasn’t working anymore.”

My jaw actually dropped at his words. “It wasn’t working because you cheated on me!” I exclaimed.

“Oh, sweetheart, it wasn’t me, it was you,” he said in that condescending tone I’d learned to hate.

“You know what?” I said. “The only reason you’re breaking up with me is because I didn’t have a chance to break up with you first. Get. Out.”

The door slammed behind him and I held my breath, waiting to see if he would come back in. I was sure he was going to slam back into my life as easily as he’d slammed out, but the door remained stubbornly closed. When it didn’t move, I threw my hands into the air and wiggled around. It was as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Dancing around the apartment, I let out a yell as I realized I was free. I wouldn’t have to be at his beck and all anymore. I had been considering telling him to get out for weeks, but hadn’t had the opportunity. I actually felt relief that he’d dumped me.

Scooping up my cell, I scrolled through my contacts until I located my best friend. As soon as she picked up, I almost screeched, “Roger just dumped me!”

“Um. Are we mad or happy about this?” Claire asked.

“We are ecstatic! What are you doing?”

“I… have yoga class?” Claire suggested.

“No. We are going to party!” I did a little wiggle as I answered her. “Come over here so we can plan our night. I’m not sitting at home after all this. We’re hitting the town and partying.”

She laughed in response to the excitement in my voice. “All right, Paige. I’ll meet you in twenty. You decide where we’re starting.”

When Claire arrived, I had half my closet spread out across my bed as I tried to decide what I was wearing. She picked up a slip, showing it to me. “Somehow I think this is the wrong choice.”

“So what’s the right choice?” I asked.

“The first question is where are we going?”

I flung my arms out. “I want to party. I want to dance and maybe drink. And forget I wasted two years with that fuckhead.”

Claire grinned. “Well, all right then. Sounds like we need to go to Rush.”

I grinned. Claire had been trying to get me to go to the dance club almost since it opened, but Roger hated when I went dancing. None of it mattered now though. “You’re on.” I waved a hand at the array of clothes. “What should I wear?”

Her eyes drifted over the choices until they landed on a dress I’d bought on a whim, but never worn. Picking it up, she handed me the siren red fabric. “This one. You’re going to wear this one.”

Laughing, I took it from her and headed into my en suite to change. As I returned, I tugged at the hem as I attempted to pull it down. “It might be a bit short?”

Claire slapped at my hand. “It is not. Now let’s go. We’ve got some celebrating to do!”

Linking hands and giggling, we left the apartment, making more plans for the evening ahead. I looked forward to celebrating my freedom.

Word count: 604
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