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God is the ultimate Terrorist in the world. Why? Read on...
September 11. Everyone knows what this day is known for. The world’s huge disaster of this century happened on this day. It raised a lot of questions on World’s Peace. This attack raised a lot of questions in my mind also but in a completely different angle about the “God and the Self“ and meaning of living in this world.

“Recall” you will recall something only if you have forgot it, yes we all have forgot the day. It is not because of the time it is because we have faced a lot more disasters like this after that though not as massive as this. Especially the recent Kumbakonam* incident, where 90 kids of 3-5 years old died (rather fried) due to a fire accident in the school building disturbed me a lot. Here is a debate between my soul and my body. My soul says, “Celebrate Death and Mourn Birth” and my body says, “God is the Ultimate Terrorist in the Universe”.

Soul: God created everything and he rules everything in the universe. God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient and all merciful.

Body: Okay, You say that God is there and he created everything and you said that he is all-merciful. But what is the purpose of our birth, why all this terror happens (some 90 kids of age around 3-5 died in a fire accident in a school, terrorist threats in Iraq, Sept 11 disaster) and the world is without peace and going worse everyday. Why all this discrimination and why is he partial? If at all such a god exists he must be a sadist. And the real truth is “God is the Ultimate Terrorist in the Universe”

Soul: Let me explain in detail about the purpose of birth. The earth is a prison. The birth in this earth is punishment given by god. Earth is a place of punishment and also a place to rectify your mistakes. But if you again do mistakes in this earth you will have re-birth in this earth again and again which means you are punished. That is why a baby cries at the moment it enters this sinful world from its mother’s womb. Definitely the question “What good deed that we have to do to avoid rebirth in this world?” arises in everyone’s mind. The best way is to do your duty and serve the almighty. Serving in the sense serve people and all your fellow beings, don’t do harm to any living things around you. Make the life of your fellow beings “Peaceful” which in turn brings “Peace” in your life. I am stressing the word “Peace” because Peace is a neutral state no happiness, no grievances, no expectations, no disappointments and mere search of god. Success in life is not leading a happy life instead the success lies in leading a peaceful life. But remember serving people means not giving them food and money. Instead, service means to change the bad desire of people by which they are out here and give them the Love of god. That is the best service. If you do the other way, you would acquire some pious credit. You have to take birth again to enjoy those benefits along with the inherent sufferings of birth, disease, old age and death.

Secondly there is a wrong assumption that death is the end of life and death is the punishment. Neither birth is the start nor death is the end of your life. The mortality is only for you (physical body) and not me (the soul). The soul is immortal. The body is a temple of soul. The earliest you die (naturally) the earliest you are out of this punishment. People don’t realize that.

A poem strikes my mind now called “Night and Death” and I don’t remember the name of the poet but the poem says that “When Adam and eve entered this world they saw the daytime first and as the time spanned it all started to become dark and everything started to vanish from their sight and they are scared at looking this but once the complete night arrived with a chilling climate, blossoming flowers smiling, sound of silence, stars twinkling in the sky they realized that night is more pleasant than daytime and they realized that it is foolish to get scared about night time”. Similarly our life is like daytime we are not aware of what we see or how we feel after death but the truth is, after death is more pleasant and peaceful than life like night time.

So, Celebrate Death and Mourn Birth. But that death should not come by any external means it should occur naturally. There is no right to anyone to kill oneself or the other. If such a death happens they have to give birth again and suffer again. Okay, if your cry is for their next birth it is acceptable but if it is for their present death it is ignorance and moreover stupidity. Finally, what I mean to say is the biggest punishment given by God to us is “Ignorance, We are ignorant of the real meaning of everything happening around us” What we think as our brilliance takes us for miles away from real brilliance and make us fools in reality.

Body: Wait. You said, “Ignorance is punishment” but always we refer our childhood days as the most peaceful period of our life because of our ignorance at that age. There we mean to say, “ Ignorance is bliss”. Which ignorance are you talking about?

Soul: Exactly. But in childhood we are ignorant of both spiritual world and material world and so we partially enjoy the peace because we are ignorant of materialism.

Body: (Bursts out) Let everything human emotions, love, ignorance be punishment to mankind. I love to suffer if loving and being loved is a suffering, I love to suffer if birth is a suffering, I love to suffer if crying for a fellow beings death is a suffering. I love to live if this Life is a suffering. Life is a beautiful rose with thorns. I am an ordinary human being who is ignorant of the entire illusionary spiritual world; I can’t live abnormally to reach an illusionary destination, which I have, no clue of existence anywhere. I love to live in the present. I can’t laugh and celebrate the death before 2800 dead bodies of WTC victims and I can’t laugh and celebrate the death before 90 deep fried flesh of Kids died in a fire accident in Kumbakonam. A mother can’t cry after her newborn baby. Let us be ignorant and enjoy the life till the end. I think God is a split personality; sometimes he does good to mankind and sometimes becomes a Terrorist and attacks his own creations. Still I believe “God is the ultimate Terrorist in the Universe”.

Soul: Hey what you think as illusion is reality and what you think, as reality is an illusion. This is what I called Ig….Why to say it, you know it well.

Finally you said that god is partial and he is a sadist and you have gone to an extent of naming him a Terrorist. Do you know the real meaning of Terrorism.


The major ERROR in mankind is Illiteracy ( of Spiritual Science) , Science and Materialism which led to TERRORISM

Anyway …..these contradictions never comes to an end

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