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Weekly Editor's Letter:

Make of It What You Will

Imagine for one glorious moment how easy writing could be if you, the writer, were presented daily with fresh, new story ideas.

Yes, every possible genre, and then some is covered.

Would you like to know how to find this never ending resource of fresh, new story ideas?

No, it is not another book, website, or magazine subscription service for writers.

Very simply put, it’s the multitude of daily Newspapers, from around the world, and most are available on the Internet.

For example, the story published June 21st, 2005 in the New York Times:
Searchers Find Lost Boy in Utah Wilderness

Use the above story as a starting point (luckily this story has a happy ending), or as an inspiration, write a story about a young boy’s adventures in the wilderness, or a young girl’s adventures in a wilderness. Be as descriptive as possible, because how many young boys and girls, who live in the inner cities across this country, have the opportunity to experience wilderness. The story has no limits, as it can be written like a fantasy as was Peter Pan, who lived in Never, Never Land with the Lost Boys, or it can be based in reality – either way, as a writer, the choice is yours to make, and make of it what you will.

Are you getting the picture?

Concerning conspiracy theories, and what writer do you know that would not want to author a book as popular, and well read as The Da Vinci Code? Christopher Hitchens believes Dan Brown’s book, The Da Vinci Code, is lame.


Quote from aforementioned link:
“A man named Morgan Reynolds, a former chief economist at the Bush Labor Department and now an instructor at Texas A&M, has proof that the World Trade Center was laid low by a "controlled demolition" and not by the hijacked planes.

While I have been advised by good friends to stay away from writing conspiracy theories about the Sept. 11th attacks on the Twin Towers, fact or fiction, there are still people, with credentials, writing about it.

“Art imitates life” or vise-a-versa.


So in my mind, all that is needed to spark any writer’s imagination is the opportunity to read a newspaper, assuming, of course, if a person can read, a person can imagine.

For instance, I have been working on a story that came to mind based on two very different articles about two very different goings on. One article discussed the Human Genome Project, where scientists are decoding DNA, and the other article discussing the new technology being used to examine ancient Egyptian mummies. In my story, it seems that while some scientists were decoding human DNA, they discovered a virus attached to a specific pair of human genes. Now the rush is on to put a timeline on when the gene like virus was actually introduced, by who, and how. These geneticists believe that this gene is responsible for many medical problems, and for creating the most evil despots that every walked the face of the earth. Some of these geneticists are strictly motivated by enormous potential profits from their discoveries, others sincerely want to cure human suffering, and save mankind from evil dictators.

Is my story any good? I don’t know, but I certainly entertain myself with the writing of it, especially when there is not a damn thing worth watching on television. And I have plenty of stories similar to this one - in that the inspiration came from reading newspapers, and combining unlikely possibilities - unfortunately none of my stories every seem to get finished. Yes, I am generally talking about writing that is generally referred to as Fiction, but throw in enough reality to make it seem almost a possibility, and I believe that makes for a productive writing experience.

And you’ll know exactly when, as a writer, you have successfully turned truth into believable fiction, and been recognized for your efforts.

You ask, "How?"

Well, when a whole group of people dedicate an immeasurable amount of time and energy, and put it all together on a website to document and prove what you have been writing about has actually been a widely published hoax (or to my way of thinking, an excellent work of fiction) as the following link demonstrates:


I certainly did enjoy the movie, and it never once crossed my mind to care if any of it was true or not. LOL

So, my hope is, anyone who dares, is free to turn fiction into truth, or vise-a-versa.

Our current President does it all the time!!!

Write On!!!


The Critic

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Writing Prompt:

Pick a news story, any news story, or combination of news stories, and use what you read as inspiration to write a story that is all your very own. Just imagine...


"If I become President, I'll make every piece of information this country has about UFO sightings available to the public and scientists. I am convinced that UFOs exist because I have seen
one." President Jimmy Carter during his Presidential campaign.

This week's quote is taken from the following link:


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