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A beast hunts
It stood on the bank of the frozen lake, thin tendrils of mist billowing forth from its nostrils, deep blue eyes scanning the lake that spread before it. Thick chestnut fur hung frozen to it's frame. Its hands probed the bank slowly testing the strength of the ice, fierce claws scraping along the surface, the eyes narrowed and a thin expression of concentration set in. Somewhere out there was its prey, running helplessly, fueled by fear. The taste of fear in the blood was pure ecstasy.

Suddenly his head jerked up, there was movement to the left. The beast reared up, swinging its head back as it let out a horrific scream then it was off. The claws of its feet enabled it to run at full speed along the smooth icy surface without fear of losing its footing.

The frightened woman glanced over her shoulder and saw the beast, she let out a stiffled cry of fear and quickened her pace. Just a little further, she thought. The beast's ear piercing cry rung within her ears. Her fear almost making her lose sight of the task at hand, but to do that would mean all was done in vain. None of that mattered now she was there and all she had to do now was survive.

The beast's quick pace was closing the distance between them at an alarming rate, it saw the prey turn, the cold fear plastered on its face but eyes sharp and defiant. It raised its right arm, its razor claws advertised. Then they collided; the sheer weight of the beast threw the helpless girl off her feet, the sharp claws dug into her shoulder and pain lanced through her body. She let out a cry as the thick crimson liquid spewed from her shoulder. The beast's lips curled up in a snarling smile, obviously it was enjoying her grief. Then its lips parted and a long sinewy tongue emerged from the beast's mouth; her face flashed with fire as the course tongue tore off flesh, replaced by thick crimson patches that quickly hardened in the cold.

A deep thunderous crack resounded through the air, and the monster reeled back in pain. Blood shot forth from its side as it frantically searched for the hidden attacker. Two more shots followed the first and the monsters neck exploded, tiny bits of flesh plastered the girls face. Blood sprayed out of the newly made gaping whole in the beast's neck. Then the beastly eyes saw them, and its mind slowly grasped the concept that it had been tricked, baited into the open. Then darkness closed in and its body slunk down and fell onto the icy surface.

The girl stared in horror as the last of the beast's blood beat out onto the snowy ice, staining everything it touched a dark crimson. She stared at the thing as the last twitches subsided and the beast lay still. Then, and only then, did she feel safe enough to give into her own injuries and the weakness that was quickly claiming her body and mind.
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