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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1003017
by frosty
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Death · #1003017
One man's obbsession, leads to 4 people's deaths.
Gone To Far

Crazy186: hey baby!
HoTnSaUcY45: who's this?
Crazy186: i love you
HoTnSaUcY45: wut?
Crazy186: i love you i always have
HoTnSaUcY45: who is this!?
Crazy186: your secret admirer i loved u since the first time i saw u.
HoTnSaUcY45: wut r u talkin about?
Crazy186: i cant live without u
HoTnSaUcY45: dammnit who the hell is this?!
Crazy186: i want to be with you forever
HoTnSaUcY45: leave me the hell alone
Crazy186: oh its too late 4 tht
HoTnSaUcY45: wut the hell is that supposed to mean?!?!
Crazy186: i love you
HoTnSaUcY45: shut up!
Crazy186: ur gonna see me sometime...tonight.
HoTnSaUcY45: try it you son of a bitch!
Crazy186: see you soon
HoTnSaUcY45: go to hell!
Crazy186 signed off at 10:38:42PM

She didnt know what to think, wether it was just a joke or not, it was still creepy. She slept with her sister that night because she was afraid. Although it seemed a little juveinile to look for comfort and protection from her little sister, she didnt care. She had always found comfort when she was near her sister. She figured she wouldnt be able to sleep, but becasue she was thinking about all that had happend she quickly drifted off to sleep. Later that night around 1:00 she woke up to the sound of banging on the window. She looked out, and saw it was only a tree branch. With a sigh of relieve she rubbed her eyes and tried to slow her racing heart. But, as her vision cleared,she realized she wasnt in her sister's room anymore, she was in hers. To tired to come up with any decent conclusion and consumed by exhaustion she fell asleep once more. No more than a half an hour later she awoke to what she thought was a muffled scream. She climbed out of bed and staggerd to her sisters room, grabbing her lighter and a pack of smokes on the way.She found the bed was wet and smelled horrible. She lit her zippo and held it over the bed. Her eyes went wide with terror, and her pulse began to ring in her ears, the bed was coverd in blood. It was everywhere thick and red running off the bed into a puddle on the floor. She paniced and ran into the closet. Soon after she heard footsteps and saw a shadow through a crack in the door, but it was too dark to see who's it was. She clapped her hand to her mouth to keep herself from shreiking. The footsteps gradually got louder as they drew nearer to the closet door. She closed her eyes hoping this was all a bad dream. She heard the familiar sound of a drag on a ciggerette. Ashes hit the back of her hand, she tried to scream but before she could a fist broke through the door and struck her in the temple knocking her out cold...

Jennifer Greene and her younger sister Alex were found by there parents brutally murderd. Alex was gagged, strangeld and stabbed in the heart and Jennifer was found skinned, and hanging in the closet. Ther parents were away on vacation and returned the day after the murders.Mrs. Greene was pregnant at the time and 7 months later gave birth to a boy named John who was given Alex's room. At first Jennifer's room became the guest room, but then was later used for storage. On John's 15th birthday at around 10:30 he found an old computer in the storage room. He brought it into his room, hooked it up and logged on...

HoTnSaUcY45: Hey lil bro happy birthday!
Sk8erBoi: whos this?
HoTnSaUcY45: its me Jenn
Sk8erBoi: Jenn who?
HoTnSaUcY45: oh comeon u no me
HoTnSaUcY45: Jenn ur older sister
Sk8erBoi: i dont have a sister
HoTnSaUcY45: ...what? yes you have 2 me nd Alex
HoTnSaUcY45: what mom n dad didnt tell u!?
Sk8erBoi: tell me wut?
HoTnSaUcY45: omg they didnt.....
Sk8erBoi: wut r u talkin about? tell me wut? who is this?
HoTnSaUcY45: i cant believe they didnt tell u...
HoTnSaUcY45: u did have sisters we were murderd in ur room 15 years ago.
Sk8erBoi: thats bullshit my parents would have told me about it so jus stfu
HoTnSaUcY45: u dont believe me? check in the closet i carved my name in the floor the night i got murderd
HoTnSaUcY45: neway i g2g, i love u so much lil bro.
HoTnSaUcY45: and for wut its worth....im srry
HoTnSaUcY45 signed off at 10:38:42PM.

John checked the closet and there it was "JENNIFER GREENE, GOD, PLEASE HELP ME" next to the message was a faded bloodstain that showed the efforts of someone trying to scrub it clean, and made a dark rust color through the fading of time.

That night John looked up everything he could find on the internet about a murder that he didn't believe happend. The stories he could find weren't clear enough to confirm anything, but the fact that he did find them was enough to send him to the verge of tears mixed with an uncontrollable rage. He then went into his parents room to try to prove to himself it wasn't real and found an old shoe box. Contained within were two pictures of teenge girls that looked too much like him to deny. On the back of the picture of the older girl he read "Jennifer Greene, our first born".In the box, burried under dozens of pictures he couldn't bear to look at, was a newspaper clipping:

Greene sisters murdered anonymously

In 1993, two sisters were brutally murdered in the small-town community of Plainfield, Wisconsin. Jennifer Greene, age 19; and her sister, Alex Greene, age 15; were attacked in their parents' home on the night of October 3rd, at approximately 1:30 AM. Alex was found stabbed, Gagged, and strangled in the bed where she had been sleeping. Her sister Jennifer was found hanging in the closet, skinned alive. Police conducted an extensive investigation, but to no avail. The motives for the attack were never discovered, nor was the attacker ever found. The only lead athorities had was a log found in Jennifer's computer, showing a series of threatening messages sent through an Internet Relay Chat service...

John woke up the next morning and found both his parents skinned and hanging in his closet. Under their bodies, a messege was carved in the floor:


© Copyright 2005 frosty (frosty4098 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1003017