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Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Romance/Love · #1005093
A love poem about two hearts reaching out to one another.

The Highland Princess was dreaming,
Of a Braveheart man one day,
With long red hair a streaming,
In a land so far away.

Her Scottish blood,
Cried out today,
In a wistful,
Sort of way.

When out of the blue,
A Highland Prince came riding,
Straight into her heart,
With bold hope filled tiding.

He can see her brown hair,
And her soft hazel eyes,
But most of her charms,
Are still in disguise.

The curve of her breasts,
The softness of her thighs,
The seductive looks,
That can come from her eyes.

But her greatest charm,
That makes his heart sear,
Is the intellect that lies,
Between her two ears.

A tall Highland Prince,
And his Princess so fair,
Running their fingers.
Through each others hair.

It is now just a dream,
But dreams can come true,
Maybe one day,
Straight out of the blue.

R.H. MacCullough (for Cait)
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