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A man thinks or his horrific actions. We're all capable...
Held by my arms. I was falling again becoming something I had despised for years. This was the end of it. I had never thought there was any excuse for such acts. Believing in something that's not can be distressing. Every day your heart whines from lonliness and all the images play over and over in your head. I always pictured myself higher than the average person. The problem was that there was no average person. I felt low at sometimes thinking of the next step to take.

Murder had never ran in my mind. My hate had escalated but never to such a point. I was staring at the lifeless body of my wife. With a knife pinned tightly into her chest. The men behind me didn't understand. No one understood. No one knew the story behind me. This wasn't the last time I was to see her. My tears choke me as I scream from guilt and sadness. It only takes an ordinary person to be a killer. I'll watch my temper but it was to late for that. My head banged against the car as they pushed me in. This was truly the end.
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